Meat Cleaver Build
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Build summary a build using a meat cleaver and owning with it.
Recommended starting class(es) barbarian
Recommended Soul Level 122

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 25
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40
Strength 26
Dexterity 26
Magic **
Faith 36
Luck **
Recommended equipment

right hand: meat cleaver
lava bow (ammo: holy arrows)
left hand: dark purple flame shield +5
talmisa of beasts

armor: officals cap
ancient king/binded/ black leather

rings SF: ring of great strength/ friends ring/ foes ring/ theifs ring
cling ring

rings BF: ring of great strength/ thiefs ring
ring of avarice/ ring of magical dullness

items: full moon grass (for in battle healing)
half moon grass (for after battle healing)
old spice (for healing mana)
black terpintine (so MC can have all three attack powers)
soul remains (fun to play with)/ secret throwing dagger (interup heals)

Recommended spells/miracles

spells: warding (to protect yourself)
posion cloud (to weakin healing)

miracles: second chance (really helps with the really hard badies)
cure (status effects can be annoying)
evactuate ( really helpful if you need to go back to nexus)

Gameplay tips and progression

at 1-1 make sure to get goddies like the purple flame shield. after 1-1 got to 4-1 and beat ajuctor so you can soul farm in 4-2. rasie your stats a bit then go throw the rest of 4. soul farm at 4-4 and get cloud stone for sheild and souls for stats. once you have stats for meat cleaver beat 2-2 flame lurker and get Meat Cleaver and Lava Bow.


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