Quality build
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Build summary highly effective build for two handing weapons
Recommended starting class(es) Temple knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 11
Endurance 35
Strength 34
Dexterity 46
Magic 6
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

All Quality weapons you desire.

As for rings, i would go with: (soul form) cling and foe's/friend's depending if going as blue or black phantom.
(body form) would be: regeneration/ eternal.

Recommended spells/miracles

second chance ( must use coronet and silver catalyst )

This build is non- light weapon or cursed weapon buffed.
You can either choose sws or turp.

Gameplay tips and progression

I know there's been lots of Quality builds done in so many ways and LOL'd qualities, but this build would be more all around doing out-put high damage 2 handing weapons for pounding great axes or swiping the great sword, hitting home runs xD. The other great part about it is that you don't have to down size your endurance much, you get the 35 endurance to meet some effective melee and you'll have the 50 vit to maybe survive some cursed/LW buffs, so then you wont have to shave off points from there.

If you're familiar with streg and faith builds you'll be more than happy with this one. The plus and gain of all, you'll get to use every single weapon that a faith and streg can't have.

Another big tip, if you're not all ok on 2h these weapons you could always get ur dex (sharp) weapons handy just in case you want to mix it up and control your AR. exp: 2h quality uchi vs 2h sharp uchi= quality wins/ 1h quality uchi vs 1h sharp uchi= sharp uchi wins

Note: Penetrator sword/Meat Cleaver, does decent dmg w/ this build -SWS-

A little preview of the build ( MH for the win) xD



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