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Build summary Strong faith build that uses faster smaller blessed weapons combined with God's wrath miracle in dishing out deliciously heavy out delicious, heavy damage
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125-130

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 36
Strength 15
Dexterity 12
Magic 6
Faith 70
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

The following weapons can be used with 15 strength:
Blessed Knight's plus 5
Blessed Mirdan Hammer plus 5
Blessed Guillotine(recommend since two handing this weapon is better than one)
Blessed Claymore_Can only use this two handed as like the Guillotine need 20 to one hand) I personally find claymore lacking in speed which against skill backstabbers will pose a maaajorrrr problem. That is why I feel there is no need for it in this build

Shields: Adjudicator's Shield, Knight's Shield +10 for Parrying and strong physical resistance(good shield for blocking against physical not magical weapons)
With 15 in strength, that means I can't use the Dark Silver Shield! Yep, correcto. Unlike the Adjudicator's the DSS is used as a blocking mechanism. while I believe it also increases magic defense(not sure about this, can someone answer that:) you can only use it one-handed with 16 in strength.
I can't argue with this fact, since I would agree that some people do find that having the DSS is part of their style of play and is a necessary tool to have.
If that be the case, luck have it! Take a stat from faith, add to strength, and you now can use the Mighty DSS +5!

Recommended Armor: Old King Doran's, Black Leather, Shaman's.
Even if you wear heavier armor and still under the 50% equip weight, I highly recommend not to use:Looks are deceiving:) Heavier armor=stamina regen penalty=lack of blocking, ability to combo effectively.

Rings: Body Form;(different combo's that go well equipped together): Eternal/Regenerator/Ring of Magical DullnessRing of Sincere Prayer, Ring of Magical Dullness/Dull Rat's, Dull/Magic/ ring of Dullness,
*Ring of Sincere Prayer- While it does give extra damage and speeds up casting for miracles(God's wrath in reference to this build), I highly recommend using other rings instead.
With 70 in faith, God's wrath is already strong!

Options to choose for your RH2 slot(backups) Aside from using two blessed weapons in both RH1, and RH2 slots, you have other options to choose from . All these go well with mainly all builds as secondary: Baby's nail +5, Mercury Estoc +5, or even fatal dags/Estoc.

TOG-Used to cast SC and offensive Miracles(god's wrath)
TOB(Talisman of Beasts for casting warding, or clouds against turtles, spammers,etc..)
recommend choosing one or the other, not equpping both at once.
While purpose of this build is to have higher miracle spell damage, with 70 faith, you still have higher than the average faith build in magic defense and a bit of extra damage output from blessed weapons.
This can be a difficult choice young jedi's to choose.
If you honestly are more comfortable using warding, instead of God's wrath, this build probably isn't the best for you.
The reason I even mentioned warding and clouds as a possibility is if you were to increase mag to 10, learn Sage Freke's spells, than de-level back to 6.

Recommended spells/miracles

Must: Always equip Second Chance when PVPing. While regen miracle is great in PVE, it doesn't cut it compared to Second Chance in terms of survivability. Unfortunately you can't equip God's wrath, SC, and regen unless giving up a ring slot for "ring of Devout Prayer" which is definitely a no-no!!! hence, leave the good ol Regen Miracle safer and sound with St. Urbain only to be taken out during fun PVE or even co-op play(That DOES not mean phantom vs. phantom.)

Spells; Two slots
Warding by far I recommend equipping over the others. Can be good if using TOB instead of casting miracles with TOG. Always good to have on you! Can be even a life saver for fierce battles that happen throughout your journeys)
Second choice; Always a HOWEVER here:)- If you happen to be constantly invaded or invading the same host who is creeping by grass spamming, scraping spear, trolling la la land, or using Acid cloud, igo back to that little Nexus, equip poison(1 slot to use) or Death Cloud(2 slots needed) and use that baby the first chance you get!

Gameplay tips and progression

Please look at other fellow faith builds that have been mentioned on this forum.
I feel they can give you all the info necessary in how to go about building up stats.
As with many other builds mentioned, de-level to 6 once you learned Sage Freke's spells(all clouds and warding)

This build is ton's of fun for PVE, and also used for competitive PVP(duels, co-o, red stones…)
One thing I'd like to emphasis are two weapons that are underated: Large Sword Moonlight and Istarelle.
Istarelle, while dealing pure magical damage(do not need to meet dex req's since there is very physical damage this spear has even with requred dex. using two +5 Istarelles are alot of fun when co-oping in world 5(valley of defilement)
They do stack and give a poision resistance of over 3000+(while having this much isn't necessary, still cool to go through level not using lotuses at all)
If anything, recommend substituting adj shield with Istarelle and +5 Blessed for main hand.

large Sword Moonlight. Two ways to use this in PVE-Against the red eye knights and versus other PVPers in duels.
The obvious being that with a faith stat at 70 , since this sword stacks very well with Faith, t
This is a great weapon for use of that RH2 slot against: Grass spamming turtles that just like to hind behind shield and poke. It is also good to use against estoc,shield users which for the most part, are not turtlers. There's skill involved using this one versus the former. Just MY opinion, agree or disagree is up to you.
While this is something I do not suggest as it serves no purpose for the overall way this build is specifically designed for, is using clever ring with Istarelle or Large Sword of Moonlight.
If hyper activates, and you have either of these two in your RH2 slot, it does alot of magic damage against any non-faith players. Even against other faith builds, do to the extra damage from the high faith stat, this is when it pays off.
Many feel that going past 50 in faith is uneccessary and a waste of stats.
While I agree going past 50 does minimal to no extra damage for blessed weapons, the same can not be true with Istarelle, Large Sword of Moonlight and offensive miracle, "God's wrath."
Because a faith build generally wants to take a fight into the deep waters and incrase there HP regen rather than wait to go down to under 30% into hyper territory, it isn't common to see LSOM or Istarelles used in hyper. Try it out. You will see what I am referring to my fine friends:)


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