3in1`(NR, BBS, Crushing)
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Build summary Build that uses buffed crushing +5 weaps, BluebloodSword(cursed) and NR
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 135

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 36
Strength 50
Dexterity 18
Magic 18
Faith 18
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Armor:Males-Old King Doran's Black Leather,
Females(rogue, blind sets)

Since for PVP, likelihood at SL135 is you will be hosting:
Rings: Eternal, Regen or Eternal, Dull or rats(against trolls who grass spam naturally:)

If by chance you are able to get an invasion in, I'd recommend being in PBCT, using foe's.
NOt recommended since getting back to PWCT is annoying(unless you have tons of patience:)

Weapons: here where things get interesting.
With 50 strength you can one hand crushing weapons and still get a good boost from stats.
When buffed, use curse, black turp or SWS for crushing.
Here's where the "interesting comes to play"
Light spell used on BBS are best used in phantom versus being in body.
Reason is soul form=increased in spell=foe's ring=increase in further damage stacked onto it. If Blueblood is cursed, because it gets a "D" rating in Strength which while that isn't a great rating, compared to other areas this sword statcks with, it is the highest(aside from Luck which when broken down feel it givese more of a magical boost. Because this build emphasizes using "cursed" most of the physical comes from the strength stat.
A good set up combo hence would be as follows:
For main curse that blueblood sword up. Have the NR as a secondary weapon to use(or a crushing unbuffed since it has decent damage without)
While many may feel using blueblood cursed is the wrong method and approach to take, at SL 135 and kind of a "paladin" build, I disagree.
Blueblood cursed or even with Black Turp used o nit(gives it all three damages;magic, physical, fire) you can break one's SC with a three, four fast swings of the blueblood.
Because it is a fast weapon, with cursed, the damgae adds up.
having three, four hits on an opponent in a row before they can blink is no laughing matter.

Lotuses(widow, poison for heal purposes) Dark moon, and Kunais' are all your friends.
Kunais,even daggars and firebombs can stun opp temporarily while they try grassing or using spells like firestorm.

BTW- If co-oping which at SL 135 I have been able to be summoned always use friends ring regardless of build you have.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells(three slots specifically used for cursing it up.)
However if you want to swtich things up every now and then,, just use SWS or BT to buff weapons, and warding or clouds to substitute curse)
BTW-Clouds do cause LAG! I stronigly recomend if using, only against annoying faith builds that grass spam!

Faith-Two Slots. Reserved only and I mean only for Second Chance.
Life saver with 16 faith. Use SC with every build to survive against skilled duelers.

Gameplay tips and progression

While this would be seen as a typical strength build, the added points into Dex, magic, and faith are all relevent to reach requird stats for use of NR, and BBS.
IS it worth the investment? Just for yoruselves playing with this caliber of build.

As for gameplay/tips:
Not much here to emphasize.
By now, giving any gameplays or tips would be "cookie cutter worth":):)
There are some great explanations on how to progress through the game if just starting to get involved in this addicted yet excellent RPG.
That being said, for skilled or exp players, I will leave it up to you as far as how you build your stats up.
For beginners or those unfamiliar with how to build up stats for creating strength builds, always, always increase these two stats over the others until you feel comfortable with the right amount to begin building strength up.

Vitality-Important as it will save you from PVE and PVP.
endurance-Important so you can,have stamina to be able to take damaga and dish out a good combo yourself without stumbling or being killed by a pushlock due to drainage of your endurance bar.

For those who should read this build: Do me one favor:) if you have never tested this build out but are going by a clearly "clinical" critique based on hearing or using another version and most common blueblood build(light weapon) I would ask to please not judge right away.
I use this buld and have won many battles.
Like any other build, strategy is involved. Be patient(just not too since you want to hit with curse buffed lit up!:) but also very very aggressive(especially against faith builds) when you have openings to strike.


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