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Build summary A magician type class with a focus on heavy combat. Saturated with Awesome, Not for the Faint of Heart.
Recommended starting class(es) Magician, Royal
Recommended Soul Level ANY

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20
Will/Intelligence 50
Endurance 50
Strength 50
Dexterity 40
Magic 50
Faith ANY
Luck ANY
Recommended equipment

Combination of either the Bastard Sword or Flamberge held in the right hand, coupled with a Scimitar, Kilij, or Shotel in the left hand. Secondary right hand should be a wand of your choice (to suit your play style) and secondary left hand should hold a shield - try to work your way up to the Tower Shield, or Large Brushwood Shield. Your large right hand weapon will do the talking, while you can slip in a few blows with your curved weapon which serves as your parry (R2 while in the left hand). The shield is for versatility between an offensive and defensive set. Battlemages need both!

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells to fit your playing style - however I would recommend Firestorm and Acid Cloud. Don't worry about protection spells unless you really like them, as your gigantic shield should do the job quite nicely.

Gameplay tips and progression

Start out as either a Mage or a Royal. Remember to spend the majority of your souls on Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity - these will make you a Battlemage rather than a plain old magician!

Begin by first defeating the Small King's archstone levels up to the Tower Knight boss. The Bastard Sword can be found in world 1-1, so keep an eye out (see walkthrough). The Tower Knight can easily be vanquished by the Soul Arrow if you have some Spices to replenish your MP (Royals start with Soul Arrow). You can learn Soul Arrow and other spells from Sage Freke's Apprentice on the bottom floor of the Nexus. While you are here you will also want to slay the dragon that tries to fry you as you cross the bridge. Yes, it is possible. Stand on the first tower and target him with Soul Arrow as he flies by. You will need about 50 hits with your spell, and it will take a while so remember your Spices (Old or Fresh)! The reward is well worth it - 8,000 souls and a Small Flame Scale Demon's Soul.

After defeating the Tower Knight, skip the Burrower King's archstone and head straight for the Ivory Queen's archstone. Make use of your spells here - most enemies can be vanquished quite easily if you know how to take cover. If you need help, look for a blue soul sign. There's a lot of loot for a magician to find in the Tower of Latria (LVL 3-1) here also you will find your first medium-grade armor set. (See walkthrough). A knight's starting armor is hidden on this level, use it to start your Battlemage kit. In world 3-2 you will find the Flamberge (one of the recommended right-hand weapons) grab it!

This is a crucial time in your character progression, you need to now focus again on your Intelligence and Magic skill sets. Remember Sage Freke's Apprentice in the bottom floor of the nexus will teach you new spells - but he can only go so far. You need to rescue Freke himself or else find Yuria the Witch to teach you the advanced spells. From here on out the choice is yours. You can defeat world 3 completely, move back to the Burrower King's archstone, or go to the Shadowmen's Archstone if you've got the stones for it. Remember that you need to balance your magic and physical attacks now or else you may find yourself becoming a knight!

Remember: Have fun with it. Not all of my suggestions are set in stone as I myself am still working my way through the invention of the Battlemage build. Feel free to stretch out as far as weapons and armor go, and the best of luck to you!


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