Tob Build (level 130)
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Build summary Simular to most Tob builds but its what works for me.
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level 130

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 40
Endurance 22
Strength 9
Dexterity 12
Magic 40
Faith 40
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

This is a Tob build for females as I have not tested this on a male build yet(least with their armor sets)


Monk`s Head Collar/ Silver Coronet

Binded Cross

Binded Gloves/ Silver Bracelet (If farming)

Binded Boots


Left hand: Talisman of Beasts

Crescent Secret Dagger +5/ Fatal Secret Dagger +5/ Mercury Secret Dagger +5/ or Crescent Falchion + 5 (Any of these daggers work, I prefer Fatal tho second Crescent Falchion is for later ng+'s or if your like me and need a parring blade for those zero mp times)

Right hand: Kris Blade/ Kris Blade +5

Crescent Falchion +1/ Crescent Falchion +5 (For when you have to bust out the blade, since your str is very low and Crescent is primarily modified by Magic stat it helps)

Morion Blade( Hyper mode tob mage only)

Moon Falchion +5( Is also a good choice up to you tho)


Farming: Ring of Avarice

Others To Consider: Ring of Devout Prayer, Ring Of Magical Nature, Ring of Sincere Prayer (If using God's Wrath), Ring of Great Strength (If you want heavy armor)

Body Form Ring Of Magical Sharpness/Clever Rat's Ring/Dull Rat's Ring/Eternal Warrior's Ring (This set is all up to you really, Eternal Warrior's Ring is so we can roll more if needed)

Soul Form: Cling Ring/ Friend's Ring/ Foe's Ring/ Ring Of Magical Sharpness ( Based on if your in Black Phantom, Blue Phantom, Or just in Soul Form)

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: (This steps based on how you feel like playing I'll post what I use)

Fireball/ Homing Soul Arrow/ Ignite ( Take your pick really I prefer ignite for when they get in close )

Warding( Only if not using Second Chance tho I recommend SC, or for when SC is cracked)

Soul Ray/Fire Spray/ Acid Cloud/ Poison Cloud (Soul Ray is strong but a bit slow, Fire Spray is to annoy rollers and to hopefully gain distance as you can run during it, Acid Cloud helps keep people far away but is slow and cheap but still a choice tho not recommended if you want to pvp as most will leave, Poison Clouds work against the dreaded Faith builds once you get it to hit that is)

Firestorm (Also known as your last resort)


God's Wrath (If you want I have it just to have it as you never know)

Second Chance ( Staple miracle)

Regeneration (If you cast this when you see the Black Phantom invade sign this helps you not have to eat as much grass)

Hidden Soul ( Helps you not be spotted so easily)

Evacuate (Farming)

Cure (For World 5)

Banish (If you really don't want to fight Black phantoms but want your body)

Gameplay tips and progression


With Kris Blade +5, Morion Blade/ Friend's Ring, Foe's Ring, Clever Rat's Ring, or Ring Of Magical Sharpness your a monster to pretty much all bosses, enemies, and dangerous vsing any magically weak players.


With some of the equipment you are weak very to magic.

Some armors can be magic resistant this is why I always have a fire based spell for them and regular magic like soul ray for brush wood sets.

You have to be careful of dealing with certain builds as stun lock can kill you before you get a spell off.

You don't have much end as compared to most so use Fire Spray to give you a few seconds for stamina to regenerate if not using Eternal Warrior's Ring .

Game play:

Your basically the walking arsenal of magic, and one of the best support blue phantoms. While in black phantom mode most of your magic can beat players down as long as you play smart.

I normally arm my self with 99 old spice and 99 new moon grass as you never know.

This is my first build so comments and feed back is desired.


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