The Defiler
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Build summary Use Penetrating Sword like a Boss!!
Recommended starting class(es) Knight (Royal & Temple Knight would also be acceptable)
Recommended Soul Level 119 | 125 | 130

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50 | 50 | 50
Will/Intelligence 18 | 15 | 15
Endurance 40 | 35 | 40
Strength 22 | 22 | 22
Dexterity 16 | 30 | 30
Magic 30 | 30 | 30
Faith 16 | 16 | 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Soul Level/Build Variations:

Young Offender:
  • SL 119, Use as Phantom.
  • Starting build, for learning how to effectively use Penetrating Sword & its range in your favour. Extra spell slot & good hp/stam pool provide excellent survivability & variety in tactics.
  • If you're unfamiliar with fighting as a fiercely underpowered build & unacquainted with the range & moveset of the Penetrating Sword I would suggest using this build to develop those skills.
The Defiler
  • SL 125, Use as Phantom.
  • This version of the build offers increased unbuffed/buffed damage with an additional 48 base AR. Thus the developed skills from the Young Offender can be put into action with greater resolve.
  • Slight reduced survivability with less Vit/End, which means you'll be at greater risk of OHKOs. You should however be versed in the arts of the Penetrating Sword at this point, allowing you to prevent OHKOs and counter-attack.
Body Penetrator
  • SL 130, Use as Host/Body form.
  • Body Penetrator is the revived version of The Defiler, with 50,40 vitality & endurance which ensure good survivability & decent stamina pool for executing full combos.
  • This build suffers from low damage due to remaining in body form and can be difficult to use. Especially prior to developing skills to determine max range of the Pen.S. I am at heart an invader but if you're set on being in body form this is the best solution for slightly increased SL. If you were to increase SL still you should know that both LW & the Penetrating Sword provide terrible gains beyond 30 magic & dexterity, respectively.


Right Hand

Once SC is cast you may choose to replace ToG/B with your choice of:

Left Hand

& your choice of:


I usually stick with brush helm because it's the closest to the penetrator's spike I could imagine (gloom would be 2nd choice /w two spikes) & AK/Venerable sage's gear. Some good choices are:

For Devastating Style: Brush helm, Fluted Torso, Black Leather Gloves, Ven. Sage Legs (be wary of equipment burden because you'll still want to roll quickly.)

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells / Miracles:


As Young Offender extra spells is best used as:

Gameplay tips and progression

Stat Justification

Move Set:


The Burden of the Defiler:

The onus to transcribe this build has been on me since I first thrusted the long, rigid shaft of the Penetrating Sword into an opponent's chest directly after swatting their abused polearm from my face. I knew at that point the penetration offered the great humiliation and loss of appetite that no other could offer.

My foe torn asunder, spread on the ground, gurgling and clutch at nothingness as they parted ways from their world. I would be forever powerless against the addicting urge to thrust my shaft into every foe's backside. So it begins, the quest of The Defiler.

PvP Gameplay/Match-ups:

You're much less likely to have a mirror match however LW and BBS builds are very similar in nature. In almost every match you can consider yourself at a disadvantage, and are going to be in an uphill battle. Due to the low damage output of Penetrating Sword as a main hand it would be optimal to use Moon Uchigatana in the left hand for Push-lock combos whenever a shield is not preferable.

In every duel you're going to want to use your range advantage constantly. Avoiding enemy strikes (especially cursed weapons) and counter-attacking from outside of their range is a necessary part of any battle you want to win. Use of the large arced swings prior to entering enemy's range are just as important and require good/practiced timing to fend off backstabs or charge strikes.


“Other than looking great, it has no desirable qualities.” –DS wiki

  • Phenomenal Range
  • Variety w/ interchangable spell slots
  • Has Both Stunlock/Pushlock Capability
  • Effective vs. Warding
  • Great aesthetics / Relatively original / Humiliates defeated foes / Great fun!
  • Low damage, split damage; majorly magic damage
  • Tendency to feel 'Holier than thou'
  • Reliance on Buff & Shallow mana pool
  • W/o Acid Cloud build fares poorly vs Jumpers

Alteration Choices:


Using exclusively two-hand grip saves stats by reducing the strength requirement. I found in general this is a less viable option due to the reduced swing set. The 2H straight sword swing set is very limited & can easily be avoided for the duration of LW buff. I had plenty of victories with a 15 str set-up but against no means of difficult players.

Dirty Wizard

The dirty wizard was what I had planned on calling my 18 Intelligence + Ring of Magical Nature variation of the build. This set-up would grant a slightly larger mana pool & access to either Fireball, Ignite or a combination of soul-ray, firespray & a cloud spell (I would recommend fireball).

However the low intelligence, magic stats & the lack of spell damage buff equipment mean that these spells will be doing far less than their potential. This combined with the loss of foe's or cling ring in soul form make this alteration less viable.. Although those players willing to goto higher soul-levels & playing in body form may consider this alteration more reliable because the additional spell slots can make you a much more versatile & less predictable opponent.



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