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Build summary A powerhouse build that has the stats of a faith build with a one added huge bonus. Welcome Mr. Meat cleaver
Recommended starting class(es) Tknight
Recommended Soul Level 140

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 38
Strength 34
Dexterity 40
Magic 6
Faith 40
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Due to decent endurance, but the heavy weight of MC I recommend NOT using Old Doran's.
Just because it doesn't have stamina impede, does not mean it isn't heavy!
Try using a shield with full old doran's and MC, won't get you far!
hence, for males; shaman's or full black leather
Females; Bind, rogue
For both, always always alwayyyyss use Silver Coronet to cast SC(it's a must can't live without it!

Rings: Body which honeslty at this SL you will be. (Eternal, and Regen), dull or clever(I prefer not using hyper as I always state in my builds. Not a fan of winning using non-skilled rings or weapons(Moriion blade) to be a skilled player!!
If by chance you do get someone to invade; foe's cling
Co-op-you will get some people you can summon/be summoned with a SL 140 as i've been summoned over 3000 times in this Sl arena:) Friends with PWCT, cling!!!

Weapons: Meat Clever/buff with Sticky White Stuff or Black Turpetine, blessed weapons. -

Shields:Adjudicators(used on back when two handing weapons), DSS(can use even after casting light spell-will not decrease damage of buffs if cast before equipping the DSS), Knight's +10.

Recommended spells/miracles

Faith(4 slots)
-Second Chance(definite. Always have on you)
-God's wrath(optional offensive miracle. Not too strong with 40 faith however)
-Regen miracle as backup to SC
-Cure(good for swamps in 5-2, but honestly not useful for PVP. Better if playing just PVE)
-Anti-Magic(While can be used in PVE, please DO NOT use in PVP especialy co op, duels. Wll cause MAJOR MAJOR lag!! Just like clouds under spells cause major major major lag!!

-God's wrath using TOG(Talisman of God) and Second Chance.

Spells: Warding.

Gameplay tips and progression

This build uses the Meat Cleaver mainly in body form due to it's SL 140 PVP range.
Black Turp, SWS can cause devastating damage if it connects(especialluy with a two, three hit hyper move combo).
Be careful though as the initial swing can be slow acting, hence, opponent waiting it out for you to make sloppy mistakes, and taking advantage of it.
Because unlike the DBS, it isn't a one, two hit kill, it is less risky to try going for the running, or roll backstab against an MC user.
The advantages of this build are crushing power, has great "ground and pound" using roll R1 into a combo or direct hit.
The HP regen the MC does is extremely minimum. I would recommend however never ever ever to use it when playing PVE for example, in hyper mode. It WILL I repeat WILL take you out of hyper mode. IF you use any hyper set when trying to defeat the game's Black Phantoms that come out and play in a PBWT, should you use Hyper gear do not use the Meat Cleaver(unless you are a seriously vit gouged build and go into hyper when in body form. As little effect as the MC has on HP, it will take you out of Hyper within a few seconds! It's happened to me, that is how I came to the realization, it has some impact on one's vitality


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