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Build summary high vit build using backstabs and repos with the power of faith behind them in defeating opponents
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level Sl127-130

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 70
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 25
Strength 16
Dexterity 35
Magic 6
Faith 30
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Males-Full black leather, Shaman's
Ven Sages' hood, Silver Coronet
Females-Rogue, Binded sets(headpiece silver coronet

Shields-DSS, Adjudicator(on back),Knights.

Recommended weapons:sharp upgrades to +5: Kilij, estoc, daggar's, and claws
Fatal-Same weapons used for sharp.
Blessed upgrade to +5- Blessed knight's, Mace, Morning star.

Invading: Foe's, Cling; Cling, Regen, Cling, ring of magical dullness
Co-op or asa blue vs. black duel; Friend's, cling; Cling, Regen, Cling, Magic ring dullness
Body-If choose to host. have option due to being above the 125 invader limit for high PVP play.
Eternal, Regen; Eternal, Clever; Eternal, Dull; Eternal, Ring magical dullness.
Due to having fairly low Endurance, highly recommend saving some stamina using eternal warriors ring. Comes in handy!

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: De-level magic from 10 to 6 to learn Freke's and apprentice spells.
Curse-Primary spell that should be on you at all times. Due to this, no need to use warding or clouds. There are exceptions.
Should you want to not use curse for some reason, at least have backup with warding or clouds to use.
Curse takes up three slots. Hence, reason why can not use along with the other spells at once.

Faith-Total of (3 slots)
Second Chance-Primary and only miracle that you should at all times.

God's wrath(2 slots) due to this, impossible to equip unless using ring of devout prayer to increase slot to four. Highly highly not recommended to waste slot for this.
God's wrath at 30 faith will do nothing as far as power. However, can be fun to use for PVE, co-op. If you do use this, however, recommend using the spell warding, so you have some protection.
If playing PVE or co-op for fun, god's wrath while not strong at all at 30 faith, is fun to play with in certain worlds(1-1, 5-1)

Regen Miracle, cure, and heal miracles-both good for PVE use. Because you do have one extra faith slot, why not use heal or regen after SC breaks? Recommend.

Gameplay tips and progression

Mainly a build to invade against anyone higher than the 130+ range.
Good backstab and repos power from fatal, sharp weapons.
Recommend using small upgraded sharp and fatal weapons due to lower than average stamina/endurance.
Also, daggars, estocs, kilij's do incredible damage when buffed but are also incredibly fast.

Blessed weapons are secondary. While you can get away(sometimes dependin on many things; for example how skilled opponent is in judging space, timing, and your stamina.
Mace, morningstar, and knight's can be used as secondary weapons as they do have decent backstab damage and quite honestly are fun to use!:) Mac, and morningstar I've recently starting using for my high faith build. Getting hit by mace+5 blessed I've been told stings like crazy. Madddd stunlock!!!

As for progression tips, by now there are many good tips from the builds on here that show how to progress using any kind of build.
Start adding endurance, vit first. Depending on what levels you complete in what order, will determine whether you should start upgrading dex or faith.
I recommend at least strting faith since some magic defense doesn't hurt.
I am not a duper, but do not feel duping is bad unless you honestly are playinig this game for the first time.
If youo dupe, you really have no understanding or will until you actually have gone through the constant farming, whether for souls or the almighty sharp pure bladestone. Uchhh, just thinking about it makes me sick. The rewards which when I look back at first pure i got and the feeling of achievement outweights any duping and fast easy way to getting one.
Please. beginners; Try to do it without duping. This game reeps benefits and rewards from doing online and offline. Whether fighting one vs. one duels, or playing against the environment by yourself or with partner, understanding the envrionments of each level is imperative to succeed!!!


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