Veiled Arcanist
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Build summary Stealth based Mage, meant for invasion pvp/pve with equalilzation against jumpers and nuicance builds.
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 33
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 32
Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Magic 35
Faith 36
Luck 7
Recommended equipment


Left hand1: Talisman of the beast.
Left hand2: Dark Silver Shield + 5 (loses stealth).
Right hand1: Moon Flamberge +5. (lightly armored op.)
Right hand2: Moon Mace/War pick + 5. (heavily Armored op.)
Really a +5 version of any moon weapon will do, these are just my preferences as I like range and variety in my play-styles and the moon specialty path is second only to quality in the number of weapons that can be used, I believe.


Head: Silver Coronet.
Thief's set
Rouges set
Ancient kings
Binded Set


Body Form
Thief's Ring
Ring of Magical Nature
Soul Form
Cling Ring.
Friend/Foes Ring.


Dark Moon Grass
New Moon Grass
Old Spice
Blue/Black/Red Stone
Ed's Grindstone

Recommended spells/miracles

Invading mode
Acid Cloud
Second Chance

Homing Soul Arrow
Acid Cloud
Gods Wrath
Second Chance

Gameplay tips and progression

The first thing about this build is that it is not meant to be played by people who like to rush into things headfirst without analyzing a situation. This is meant to be played strategically, with observation and skill rather then blindly rushing into a waiting trap. Players on the my servers seem to have no concept of fair-play at times, 3 vs 1 on a Red SS, attacking during a bow, attacking while fighting enemies/ sub-bosses have all happened to me and it got old. Using stealth is not cheating to me, using acid cloud on jumpers or Scraping Spear users is not cheating to me, using running Firestorm Glitch when between a DW Uchi wielder and Vanguard, is FAIR. Don't even try to tell me it isn't. So if you hate rate it just because it uses acid cloud, stealth, or firestorm please keep in mind that these tactics can easily be replaced and there is no reason not to go with poison cloud, Magic Damage Up and whatever you want, this is just my preference as it came out after having been successful for me many times as both a PVP and PVE build.

1. Start out beating 1-1 as usual, learn flame toss and then proceed to 3-1 save Freke and beat the Boss, (shes the one who's HP bar doesn't show when you click on her) to grab the Doll soul and use it for Soul Ray. I usually get the Flameberge, free yurt and proceed to clear out the level until the end for the ring of avarice and gold mask then go back to the nexus.You can go to part 3 right now if your worried about invaders but remember to kill Yurt after the next boss you defeat if you let him live, as that's when he will start murdering people.

2. Go back and kill Miralda or Old King Doran with Soul ray for their armor or melee if you want it, then kill the tower knight for warding. Next take out all of Stonefang for access to the Dragon Demon Soul. How you spend this is up to you at this point but I prefer Firestorm if invading and Fireball if not. Now clear out all of World 4 if not going with firestorm or 1-3 using warding until you get Yuria then go do World 4 getting second chance.

3. Take out World 5, using fire attacks. On 5-2 you could just go with light armor and a thief's ring, hang to the right and walk to fog without fighting then go walk in a 45 degree angle until you see a light in between second fog gate and the Giant's Isle for Dull Gold Set then head to the fog gate without a single battle. Next get the Eroded Demon Soul for Acid Cloud and this build is done.

P vs P: There seems to be 4 ways people do PVP here so this is how I approach them.
1 vs 1 Honor-Able: Fight honorably using your homing soul arrows and Fire Balls after you attack with weapons as it gives your opponent less time to pressure you into exhausting your stamina. If we're equal and it goes on for 10+ min then I usually just give it to them or help them with their level clearing.
1 vs 1 Honor-Less: This is against Scraping Spears, push-lockers, and glitched CW users, Acid Cloud as a wall and a means to make sneak attacks/cloud their vision so they have to lock on to find you or so you can use either SC or GW. Homing Soul Arrow and Hit and run tactics.
1 vs 3 Honor-Able: Your opponents attack one at a time usually going blue, blue, host. Treat as 1 vs 1 Honor-Able with second chance active.
1 vs 3 Honor-Less: Do what it takes to win, No matter what you have what it takes to fight back, escape, and crush them if you use your head and stay calm. All you have to do is take out the host to Win and they will usually stand there watching if they cant see you.

Please Do Not Use This Build To Be An Annoyance But To Have Fun With People Who Play The Game.


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