Infamous LSOS used as a PVP Quality build.
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Build summary Build primarily uses by a host for PVP duels do to it's high SL at 140 investment. Quality build focusing on using quality weapons and LSOS
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 140

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 28
Strength 40
Dexterity 48
Magic 6
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Any Light armor(full sets) that has no stamina or very little impede(shaman's, black leather with Sage Freke's hood,etc..)
Females: Not sure since I never played as one, but would binding be good? Rogues? I ask since with only 28 in endurance, may be a bit low to use full set.
Example: Old King Doran's armor. With only 28 endurance his armor is too heavy/stamina hungry with only 28 endurance(Will not be able to roll fast unless equipping ROGS with this armor which quite frankly is a waste of ring slot)

Since this build is at SL 140 will be used for hosting.
Choice of ring slots: Basically any. (Except hyper rings. I am a fair PVPer that likes challenging myself) However, since to each their own, I won't disgard the fact that dull's and rat's could essentially be used with this build like every other.
Recommended. For extra extra long lasting stamin:), Eternal Warriors. Regen with adj in back is refreshing…and nooby, haha but is nice to use in comb with eternal.
Magic dullness ring, flame resistance, can come in handy depending on whether you get that chance to feel out what your opponent likely is equipped with.

Weapons: Infamous LSOS(Strong physical damage telling ya:), with any quality +5 weapons. These include all of the ones that also could be upgraded to sharp or crushing. Example: Estoc, Kilij knight's Great Axe, poles, etc..)

Recommended spells/miracles

Warding-De-level magic back down to 6 once you learned this from Sage Freke(need 10 in magic to learn his spells. After you delevel, simply go to Yuria the witch to attain warding instead of Sage Freke. You will be able to do this since it was already learned:):)

Miracles; Easy enough. Second Chance. never leave the Nexus without it!

Gameplay tips and progression

I'll give you my untold story of the slashing and whooping I took that lead to my death. Speaking from heaven:
Once upon a time(about two days ago) in a far far away land in a place called Shrine of Storms, a woman, athetic build, luscous scrum didiliumptious lips with the body of a gymnast invaded my territory. On her, was an extremely withered dow, moldy, disgusting looking sword that had thorns coming out of it's blade.
I laughed, knowing in my past fierce thousands of duels I've had in my lifetime, that particular weapon was the noobiest of all. I thought to myself once again, I'll be dishing out a butt whooping of hurt on this horseman and send him off to never never land.
We looked at each other. Two seconds in, I whip out my cursed purple colored crushing knight's sword and take a good swing..miss…next thing, I'm hit across the face thrice in less than two seonds, deleting 50% of my HP. Little did I know, it took away that much of my health since a weapon of that caliber has never done anything remote to that kind of foolish damage.
Five seconds later..I'm on the ground, my final moments on this earth thinking about how foolish I was underestimating the power of…ThE LARGE SWORD OF SEARCHING>.
All I could see was the darkhorseman walking slowly past me only to be seen moving further and further away into the sunset…

If ianyone does read this and get's a good kick out of what I've said, trust me-you die to this weapon in PVP, don't feel embarrassed. I've played against mainly noobs that use this weapon, hence when I encountered this player for the first time, I figured piece of cake.
five minutes later…on ground, dead as host….
10minutes later after another four battles…on ground…LOL>
Maybe it could be that this weapon is so unlikely to ever be seen in the meta game of DS in 4-1.
Maybe it is one where like every weapon you have to get accustomed to timing and space.
It could be I'm a very aggressive player, and do not like wasting time.(I admit, can be a great flaw that has cost me many of fights. Sometimes, my instincts kick in before my patience, and brain, haha)
If you want to be a devilishly daring person, make a quality build, and use this weapon as a secondary one.
yes, this build is a quality one and you should use weapons of that pathway in killing your opponents, sometimes in seconds. However, be unique. use the might LSOS, one that has never truly be looked at, but rather thrown in with the rest of the Needle of eternal agony's.


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