Bleeding Reaper
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Build summary Low lvl PvP (lvl14)
Recommended starting class(es) knight
Recommended Soul Level 14

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 10
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance **
Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Magic 13
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • right hand 1: tearing war scythe +5
  • left hand 1: silver catalyst
  • right hand 2: sharp uchigatana +5
  • left hand 2: tearing uchigatana +5
Recommended spells/miracles
  • enchant weapon
  • 2nd chance (for those holly shit moments)
Gameplay tips and progression

Ok for this build you either have to have a friend give you an uchigatana or have them coppy one for you. You don't need to have to but it makes the build more fun.

You start as a knight for the reason of having just enough magic to use a wand. First thing you want to do is play the journey to the nexis. This will give you some hardstones to upgrade your sword to a +1. Plus it gives you some souls and an extra greys demon soul. Second, after beating 1-1, go straight to 4-1. With your sword a +1 you should kill the skeltons in 3 to 4 hits one handed. once you get throught the first fog gate you will have to kill the grey deamon. It's a good idea to kil the skeleton archers so they dont cause any trouble if any. Kill the demon like you did in the journey to the nexus. After killing it grab the uchigatana. Now if you have the luck of a saint you might of got a uchigatana drop off the black skeleton on the first cliff. If not this is where your friend comes into play. If you don't think you can make it to the end to kill the boss of the level then there is a shortcut. If you go to the tower where you got the copper key you can rill from the top over the wall down to were the regenerators ring is. Thus skipping the hard enemies. Skip the last black skeleton and just go through the fog. Kill the boss the same was you faught the grey demon. Keep in mind you have to hit the sword in his belly and knock him don to hit his head.

Now that you did that, you can go to the second and kill the first reaper until you get a war scyth.

The reason you raised your magic power a little was for the fact that you still have to go kill the flamelurker to be able to upgrade your weapons. But before that you are going to go get the rogues armor from tower of Latria, rescue sage freke and kill the false idol. Learn soul ray from sage freke and your set to kill the spider and the flamelurker.

This all takes time which is why getting a friend to help you makes it easier. I was inspired by the lvl 14 makoto build. I picked up a way scythe and i have it just at a +8 with enchant weapon and i can take on 2 phantoms and kill the host. The only downfall to this build is the lack of endurance. a few swings with the scythe and ur out. But the good thing is a few swings and even a brushwood shield is gaurd broke and the enemie is vulnerable for atack.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to moddify. Id love a little bit higher of a build like this that is unstopable. I feel mean pawning low levels. Any coments would be great.


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