Dull's shall we Brushadance build?
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Build summary High endurance stat build that uses dull's rats ring, and heaviest set in game, while still being able to roll fast without using Ring of Great Strength.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level SL 140

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 70
Strength 45
Dexterity 12
Magic 6
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Strongest heaviest physical defensive Armor; The Full brushwood set

Shields: Tower or Brushwood(If using tower, need the ring of great strength to equip if you choose to use a heavy weapon, ex;claymore, Guill, Great Axes', etc…
Do not use adjudicators shield since it will defeat purpose of staying dull rat's mode.
(This build isn't for purpose of being such a nuisance that you are constantly grassing.
It is one to challenge your skills in PVP!)

Rings: Eternal warriors/Dull's.
I would not recommend using ring of great strength versus eternal warriors. will roll fast, but yoru stamina will defeeeeeeniteelly be slow in recovering. Remember, point of going past 40 makes no sense if making any other melee build. You do not gain more stamina past this number. What you do get is the ability to utilize two rings in body form without the need to use the ring of great strength to roll effectively.

Weapons: Any +10 , or crushing weapon buffed with Black Turp, SWS.
Recommend: Mirdan Hammer(not as heavy as one would think), knigh'ts sword Mace, and Morning Star. (These two are by far not the strongest of weapons but challening ones to win with.).

Here is where the extra bonus kicks in. Although I was hesitant to put this build here since many turtlers will use is for exactly that reason, it is kind of fun to have this build when up against trolls.
Recommended equipment when you happen to cross paths which you will: Towers shield, winged spear combo.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Warding.
Since you only have 14 invested in this build, would be annoying to caste second chance using Silver Coronet, than spicing back up to cast warding. By the time you would do this in a fight, you would have already lost the battle. Your vit is soooo low, not worth investing in Second Chance. You will die from physical weapons more easily than you will using warding.

Miracles: SC-This is a build that does the opposite of most. casts warding first.
If you are a daredevil, cast warding initially as you wil get the chance against any physical weapons up against if your health gets down to the 30% area. Reasons are for one, backstabs on you do less damage(far less) than if having Second Chance equipped

That being said, can't leave Nexus without SC. If you do see a magic user invading without a second to think, caste SC. It seems contradictory and against the true essense of why SC is better than warding with almost every single other build. There are always exception to the rule however.

The one and only time you caste SC before even blinking is when an obvious torpedo head or player equipped with a catalyst invades you. (use that telescope good old boy Ostrava gave you so you can see from a distance whether they have kris blade, or any catalyst equipped.
I'm not going to say if you use SC, you won't be able to get that extra kick in effect of dull's rats.
The chances though are less likely as skilled players will backstab and break right through SC before you can even see the flashing of the ring go off.

Gameplay tips and progression

While in all seriousness, armor has little impact in PVP on one's defense, the reality is that when using the Brushwood, and dull's rat's ring, your physical defense that kicks in in hyper when your health is under 30% is extremely powerful. Reason why warding is essential versus second chance when going up against katana users who use curse, or any physical weapons. Magic obviously goes through you like water and your armor regardless of usinjg dull's. Hence, this build is one that is really difficult to win with especially against any player with decent skills.
But….I feel it's a fun one, intimidating looking to newbies, and the wins you do get will be shocking to the opponent, but pleasing to you for your accomplishment.
It's like having that feeling of completing DS back in the day(before something called duping began:):)
Annoying build to face due to dull's rats. However, while not a fan of any hyper mode, I give this one a break. I mean, with this little vitality, who would have an argument against one using that ring with this??
Spells wise, purpose is to try casting warding over Second chance.
While many players do have some magic in their builds, most will still use the duel kat's with curse or other weapons that dish out physical damage for most part.
That's why before you begin the duel do not wear any armor.
If you are up against any respectful person who bows when they invade, equip armor after they buff(I know seems rude, but it's all in good jesture:)
Having full Brushwood, Tower Shield equipped is no joke defense wise to begin with.
Plus at this SL, not to need to use Ring of Great Strength for some newbies can look quite intimidatttiinnnnngggg…
This is one of thos LOL builds I wanted to create since this is actually where endurance past 40 can be used effectively if good at dodging multiple hits, escape combos,etc…
While I know that regardless there will be a slight stamina impede even with 70 endurance do to the armor and shield, eternal warriors will slightly help speed up stamina recovery.
You could save a ton of that issue to being with if choosing to use Full Old Doran's armor. It as well has incredible physical defense when dull's kicks in. Brushwood slightly has more phys defense however, and looks crazy when at this SL you can see someone rolling fast using it!!LOL
Side note; With 45 in strength, have less invested in that stat than a typical crushing build. However two handed still dished out good damage, Do not rely on just using weapons two handed throughout a duel. Swith it up from two to one and back again. Very important to buff While one handing crushing weapons with 45 in strength (especially if not buffed) dishes out relatively puny damage(like pee-wee herman's muscles:):) due to not having the extra bonus in effect that comes with strength stat, it is for harrassment and pure strategy to be able to wield a crushing weapon with one hand and two. Remember that. You will easily get parried two handing one and it defeats the purpose of any defensive play for the most part of using the gigantic, heavy shields. Defending(not turtling) using shield is essential with this build. That is not Turtling however since you should be playing aggressively while being able to block at times. Turtling IMO accounts for those who sit back, relax and relax and enjoy blocking passively, while poking. Dullllll, and annoying!!!! Oh, did I mention, annoyinggggg!!!!! No one likes this(unless you are a turtler yourself),a nd quite frankly it makes this build quite BORING to use.
Fun build peeps, not strongest, not the best. FUN!! If by chance you do come across this build on here, please judge by creativity and not how strong of a build it is.
Thanks all!


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