NRegalia's High IQ
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Build summary SL 125 invading build using Northern Regalia with clouds, and warding
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level SL125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 70
Will/Intelligence 24
Endurance 40
Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Magic 12
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Rings:This is a Sl 125 invading build, phantom vs. phantom, or co-oping as a blue.
If invading or red stone: Foe's, cling
Co-op, or Blue: Friends, Cling

Shield. Adjudicators, DSS, Knight's.

Armor; Old Doran's I highly recommend. Heavy armor that feels light due to no stamina imped. With 40 endurance will be able to roll fast with full armor, adj, knight shield and weapon.
May need to take a piece off and substitue if using DSS shield. Good choice is the black leather armor pieces.
Females: Binding

Weapons; one and only NR as main, secondary weapon, Baby's nail +5.
Baby's nail has good plague damage when backstabing another player, and feels refreshing when using it against grass spammers who constantly have the munchahahunchhhh…

Recommended spells/miracles

Four slots for spells: Always have on warding at all times equipped which leave two free slots.
Clouds. Poision, Death recommend against grassers.
Acid-Only on specialy special special occasions. Against players that put you in a position where you are no longer in a one on one duel(if you know what I mean) and against Scrap Spear users.

Miracles: Famour and most important for protection. Second Chance baby!

Gameplay tips and progression

PVP based build(or one I put together to be used eventually such) to be used either as invader(for most part) or if you prefer pure white char tendency, co-oping with others and having FAIR PVP duels versus a black phantom(can be set up with people you trust!)
Progression wise, when starting off in game, increase vit and endurance as much as possible. Than get enough intellilgence when you have beated world 1-2 to get warding.
From there, play each world however way/order you please.
Be sure to get demonbrandt and Old Doran's Armor however by rescuing Ostrave in very first level of game you play(Boletaria palace, 1-1)
This is especially important due to getting the masuleum key from him which gives you access to Old Doran's dorm room(LOL)in 1-1.
The key in playing and building stats for this build is to get Pure white character tendency first.
Reason is, you can't get the Northern Regalia until beating the game first.
Therefore, Demondbrand requires having PWCT in order to get most damage from it.
Due to this, I highly recommend not killing Ostrave or any NPCs getting your tendency towards black.
Once you rescue Ostrave, and he gives key in 1-4(get it after defeating blue dragon), go to Old Doran's hideout and he will ask for more or less a test of one's will, moral. If your tendency is near Pure white, and have enough vit(first game 30+ body form will do) go to him and fight! Initially after a few hits, he'll stop, applaud you young knight, and give you the Demondbrandt.
However, in order to attain his armor(you thieft, pig!haha) must kill him.
This is wear trouble can brew for you beginners.
I won't talk much about effective strategies(both tough and hard ways to beat him) for I feel that would be pointless in giving you the true essense of challenging old doran first time ever!
hence, alls you should know is take the first half of damage he dished out when you were on friendly terms, and now multiple that by 1,000x's! Even with 50 in vit, SC on, two hits, you can say goodbye to that sweet face of yours(movie anyone?:)
It is very rewarding, yet difficult for me at least when I first defeated him. Such a proud, noble swordsman, and great king….Anyways, back to topic.
What I will say is get the NR before starting your NG+!!!!!
This can be done after defeating the last boss and using an archstone right after.
You can then go to Baldwini(if you gave him Flamelurkers red hot demons soul after beating him in game, hence allowing baldwinster to convert certain weapons into more powerful ones.)
Take your Demondbrandt and the other special weapon(you get this right aftre beating last boss, but won't tell ya the name eithaaa:) , give and combine both weapons to Baldwin and whallla!! Zest fully done! Bham wham thank you NR!!!
You now go back to area you beat last boss in, wait until ending, start new game, and begin your ugly vicious transitioning into the dark siddddee!!
Information about how to go about doing this…wellll, you will be good enough to figure that part ouit my kind hearted friends. It shouldn't be too hard in all seriousness since you have gotten knolwedge by now in beating the game, and will be able to use that troubleshooting brain of yours to figure out the puzzle behind properly getting the foe's ring. The foe's ring is for invading others.
Having pure black character tendency as an invader is essential to get most damage.
Two advantages in invading against a host(as in a single host) High vit, so with cling ring on host HP being a tad higher than yours since he/she is in body form means nadaa baby.
Other advantage. NR dishes out a ton of mag and physical damage. With foe's equipped you just got yourself 20% increase in offense and defense from beg of match until the end.
NOwwwwwww…here is the true meaning behind the 24 Intelligence.
As it seems, a decent amount of fairly immature agewise, or shall I say on a mental one)
When you see two, three people(host, eitehr with one blue or two) running towards you when you invade in 4-1 especially since it is a place where many of so called good morals are the exact opposite of what the true meaning of their character is supposed to represent!
Warding comes into play heree. You do NOT, I repeat WIll not, no matter how bad the players are(jumpers usually are, hence they don't play by themselves but need the comfort of knowing one has their back).
Warding's fairly quick in casting immediately.
Once you have, try dodging from any spells since it doesn't protect from that but physical damage, and dashing ot other side of board.
Now's the time to pick the other's off one by one.
Either by a backstab with NR which can one shot their SC, than one kill them with another simple NR swing, or take time to caste SC if you have space between you and others once warding wears off,
Be annoying, grassmuch, spam whatever..Use acid cloud if you have it, poison, or poision dealth cloud combo, or deathcloud ac…you get the point:)
Trolls are part of DS and since it is better to ignore their bullying(cyberspace ofcourse) use your actual skills and experience against their lack of. Troll them back with force like non other.
Best feeling other than beating the game first time ever. Trolling back a trollalolloololllll.


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