Princess Ostravia
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Build summary If Ostrava was born a girl, instead of a girly-boy.
Recommended starting class(es) Female: Priest (Optimal), Knight (2 stats sub-optimal, but allows use of Knight's Sword / Claymore for game progression)
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45 (50)
Will/Intelligence 24
Endurance 36
Strength **
Dexterity **
Magic 50 (45)
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment


Right Hand:
Left Hand:
Note: Kris Blade & Catalyst may switch positions if you're interested in utilizing shield between casts, however Kris Blade is unable to thrust or push in left hand. It's a matter of personal preference.
Recommended spells/miracles


Gameplay tips and progression


Ostrava's a good guy, he gave us those dark moon grass and that neato telescope for spying on Maiden Astraea during her bubble baths. We all have to admit it would be nice if he could maybe let you know about these hidden passages he keeps taking though.. I mean if I was with you maybe you wouldn't be in need of rescueing all the time? Why were you still holding out on me after I rescued you for the third time.. If you know a way to the castle without having to deal with a big guy trying to penetrate me and a dragon trying to melt my face off I would appreciate it.. .. But I digress.

This build is the embodiment of an Ostrava that exceeds expectations, wielding the legendary Rune Sword and Shield with balls; even though she has none. That's right the Princess Ostravia isn't just a mean looker in her completely decked out gold attire, she's also a master blaster causing wide spread disaster, wielding insanity and blowing more than minds.

Stat Justification


The runesword/shield is a very limited set-up, with very limited damage. But disimilar to most Ostrava builds I chose to throw the remaining stat points into intelligence/magic for variety and devastation. The combination of spells I have found to be most accommodating as of yet are Fireball and Ignite; Fireball for wake-up phase & general ranged combat, Ignite for a powerful close range strike. The best combination is backstab/riposte > Fireball on wakeup > Ignite while stunned, landing this combo will always crack SC, and often finish off weaker opponents.

I would suggest using Insanity Catalyst for greater damage however if the mana pool is not large enough for your personal preference the wooden catalyst is an excellent 2nd choice. With the Insanity Catalyst you should be selective of when to use your spells since the halved mana pool only allows you to cast three fireballs and one ignite before the mana pool is completely depleted.

Casting fireball while an opponent is in mid charge may result in stunning them near enough to land a follow-up ignite. This combination is fairly common, relatively easy to land with practice and can demolish a health bar. However you do not always waste too many fireballs or leave yourself open to a strike while your shield is not out so the most valid opportunity to strike with a fireballs is during the opponent's wake-up phase.

Ideally you want to maintain enough mana for a Fireball incase you land a Backstab or Riposte. Consequentially conserving your spells might lead to making mistakes or missing opportunities however it is very important to keep alert & maintain a guard while enemies are buffed. It would be ill advised to drop your shield for a Catalyst or Kris Blade against a Light Weapon buffed enemy.

  • Devastating on Wake-up! (Post knockback, backstab or riposte)
  • Effective vs. Magic Damage Builds (BBS, NR, Fth, SpellSword)
  • Versatility /w Spells (:. Viable at Range & in Close Combat)
  • Multiple Damage Types (Vs. strong resistances)
  • Solid Gold Princess (themed build; your call)
  • No Reliance on Buffs
  • Obliterates Warding
  • Limited Weapon Choice / Moveset (Both weapons straight swords)
  • Rune Shield < Dark Silver Shield (lower hitres & magic reduction)
  • Slightly Impeded Stamina Regen. (In Dull Gold Armor)
  • Shallow Mana Pool (Accentuated by Insanity Catalyst)
  • Neglectable Physical Damage (maybe a con?)


I hope you've enjoy this build I would be glad to further discuss it with anyone eager, thanks for reading.


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