The Dark Samurai
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Build summary A cursed build of fearsome power
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 34
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 40
Strength 18
Dexterity 50
Magic 10
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Temporary Equipment:
Leather Armor(Lightweight, thus allowing you to roll until you get 40 Endurance)
Black Leather(Even lighter, and also gives poison resistance, useful in world 5)
Kite Shield(100% Physical DR)
Wooden Catalyst(Useful for Flamelurker Boss)
Bastard Sword(useful in 1-2 to kill the red dragon, otherwise put it away)
Crescent Falchion +1(VERY useful until you get Sharp Uchigatana +4 and about 25 Dexterity)
Lava Bow(Useful until Sticky Compound Longbow is fully upgraded and 25-30 Dexterity)
Thief's Ring (EXTREMELY useful in world 4/5 PvE)

Final Equipment:

Armor-Ancient King's (Male)/Binded Cross(Female)
Left hand slots-DSS+5, ToB
Right hand slots-Sharp Uchigatana+5, Sticky Compound Longbow+5 w/White Arrows (Around 200)

Rings (Body)-Regenerator's Ring, Eternal Warrior's Ring
Rings (Soul)-Cling Ring, Regenerator's Ring/Friend's Ring/Foe's Ring

Recommended spells/miracles

Temporary Spells:

Soul Arrow(Useful for cheap-killing the Flamelurker)
Poison Cloud(Useful for killing Body Form Doran without CT loss)

Final Spells:

Spells-Warding, Cursed Weapon
Miracles-Antidote(Adventuring), Evacuate(Farming)

Gameplay tips and progression

Stat progression:

Strength to18
Dexterity to 16
2 points in Intelligence, 1 Point in Dexterity until Intelligence is 30
2 points in Endurance, 1 point in Dexterity and Vitality until Endurance is 40
2 points in Dexterity, 1 point in Vitality until Dexterity is 50
Remaining points in Vitality

Equipment/Game Progression:

[Note, yes, I mention duplication, but do this at your own risk. Also, duping souls? come on…]
1. Get Bastard Sword, Cling Ring, and Thief's Ring(1-1)
2. Get Crescent Falchion +1, Uchigatana, Compound Long Bow, ToG, CDS#1, Leather Armor and Regenerator's Ring (4-1, trade ToG with Sparkly for CDS#1, use your fist on silver/gold skeletons, kill the Adjudicator to unlock 4-2)
3. Kill the dragon in 1-2 for more souls(Optional, but recommended)
4. Get Wooden Catalyst and Compound Shortbow(1-2)
5. Get Iron Demon's Soul (1-2, Required for Warding)
6. Learn Soul Arrow
7. Get Hard Demon's Soul (2-1, Required for Lava Bow)
8. Get Red Hot Demon's Soul (2-2, Rquired for weapon upgrades)
9. Kill Dragon God(2-3, Optional, but recommended to get DBS and Pure Greystone from PWWT)
10. Get CDS #2 and ToB (2-1 & 2-2, PBWT without returning to nexus, farm crystal lizards for Spider/Hardstone while in PBWT (or dupe them if you're feeling lazy ^_-) )
11. Upgrade Compound Shortbow to Lava Bow (Reqires 30 Shards, 11 Large Shards, and 1 Chunk of Hardstone, along with Hard Demon's Soul)
12. Upgrade Compound Longbow to Sticky +5 (Requires 25 Shards, 9 Chunks, and 1 Pure Spiderstone (The lava Bow is fine until NG+, though I'd switch out once your Dex hits 30.))
13. Upgrade Uchigatana to Sharp +4 (4-2, Requires 26 shards, 6 chunks, and A LOT of patience to get Chunks of Bladestone from black skeleton (Again, duping is fine!), clearing 4-2 is NOT recommended at this time due to low Magic DR!)
14. Get Black leather Armor and rescue Sage Freke (3-1, use your new Lava Bow to torch the Mind Flayers, kill the Fool's Idol for more souls)
15. Learn Warding and Antidote(Replace Soul Arrow)
16. Get Wriggling Demon's Soul (5-1, use ranged on the Giant Depraved Ones, required for Poison Cloud)
17. Kill Dirty Colossus for more souls (5-2, again, range is your friend!(Isn't Antidote nice?))
18. Get Dark Silver Shield (5-3, talk to Astraea after killing Garl Vinland for more souls, optionally kill BP Garl Vinland at PWWT for more souls after completing world 5)
19. Upgrade Dark Silver shield to +2 (Requires CDSs 1&2)
20. Kill Old Hero and Storm King for more souls (4-2 & 4-3, optionally get Makoto and talk /kill Satsuki while you're at PWWT for more souls)
21. Get CDS #3 and Pure Bladestone (4-2, PBWT, again, PATIENCE! (Also, you might want to kill BP Satsuki for more souls and CT boost)
22. Upgrade Sharp Uchigatana to +5 (Requires 8 shards, 6 chunks, and that pure Bladestone you just picked up)
23. Upgrade Dark Silver Shield to +3 (Requires CDS #3)
24. Rescue Yuria and Get Silver Demon's Soul(1-3, Required for Curse Weapon)
25. Learn Cursed Weapon (We still have a bit to go, so you might not want to get used to it being in your spell slots….)
26. Talk to Ostrava in 1-4 for Mausoleum Key (Kill the three BPs and the blue dragon for more souls (You can TRY taking on Allant now, you have everything you need))
27. Switch out Cursed Weapon for Poison Cloud (Or Warding, if you're feeling lucky…You need 4 slots to have CW and Poison Cloud, but only 3 with Warding and Poison Cloud)
28. Kill body form Miralda and get CDS #4 (1-1, Pick up her armor if you're female, and WATCH YOUR STEP WHEN YOU GET THAT SOUL!)
29. Use Poison Cloud & Thief's Ring on Old King Doran and get his ring (1-1, pick up his armor if you're male (And why not get the sword behind him?))
30. Get CDS#5 (1-3, optionally kill BP Miralda for a CT boost and more souls)
31. Finally Upgrade Dark Silver Shield to +5(Requires CDSs 4&5)
32. Set your spells to CW and Warding
33. Attain PWCT for the Friend's Ring, or PBCT for the Foe's Ring


Dexterity-based weapons get little to no benefit from 2H. Only use 2H to break Guards. The shield is there for a reason.
When fighting stronger opponents/BPs, Use Warding and Cursed Weapon to increase physical defense/offense.
Keep the shield up AT ALL TIMES when fighting Magic/Fire builds. Warding only protects against PHYSICAL damage.
When fighting heavy weapon builds, Dodge>Block. Otherwise, Dodge<Block


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