LSOS 's magic touch
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Build summary using a shofar- looking weapon in combo with fireball or ignite( your choice)
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 36
Strength 34
Dexterity 37
Magic 30
Faith 13
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Since SL 140, host build.
Body form: Eternal, Ring of Devout prayer.
As you can see, in order to allocate stats properly, had to take faith to 13. While many including myself admit it could be a deterrant, I am not at this point of time a fan of using any hyper gear whether soul form or host.
This is why I am comfortable using ring of devout prayer which gives you the slot needed to use Second Chance. Cast always first ,so you have enough using wooden catalyst and Kris blade for spell.
Ring #2: Ring of Magical Sharpness. Basically, these two rings are your lifesaver.
The fact that you shouldn't really use any other rings with this build is tricky. Not nearly impossible to effectively use however, so have some faith in yourself playa:) Using both these rings shouldn't be an issue, especially if you aer confident in your skills to not use hyper which you should definitely be using this build in PVP.

Co-op- ALWAYS cast SC using ring devout prayer, than switch to either friend's or ring of magic sharpenss. Other ring equipped at all times-Cling ring.
As blue, always use either friend's or ring of magic sharpness with cling.
due to the SL, this is mainly too high for popular PVP invading. Co-0p however is a definite.
You can be summoned with SL 140 by a lower level host.

For Red Eye duels; This build should never take the chance of being summoned by another player you do not know. reason is simple. They summon you as blue, and have their red phantom buddy awaiting to jump ya, taking away a soul level.
You have no time to cast SC as it is a much slower casting time than warding.
Warding you dont' have on you due to having two slots reserved for your firespell.
Be aware of that if you want to have red eye stone duels. Know your host!!!:)

Important: Character Tendency: Should always keep it pure white. reason is for co-oping, and having the most benefit in using friend's ring, should always keep CT at pure white.

This I am not sure of, but some have said the friends and foe's, while they stack with ring of sharpness are actually offensively not as strong as it.
The good thing with friends/foe's is while the ring of sharpness decreasess mag defense, the former do not.
I am only about fair duels. Hence, if you have red/blue duel, Neutral World Tendency way to go.

Sorry for the jiibberish, but on to Armor:
Light, light and light:
Head-SC, or Sage Frekes
Chest: Black Leather, Old doran's
Leg's Black Leather
Arms; Black Leather, or Old Doran's

Shields: DSS+5(be sure to have Wooden Cat in other left hand slot.)
Shield used for magic defense and parrying.
Use this shield along side the Wooden Catalyst(use this catalyst in other left hand slot)so your spells do not decrease in damage. Knight's-For physical defense and parrying.
Adjudicators. While it can be used, I highly DO NOT recommend. Serves no purpose unless you don't want to use any shield for blocking.

Large Sword of Search(LSOS)-Right hand slot.

Kris blade +5-A must!!! Use in other right slot.

Note: Insanity catalyst I would not recommend using at all! Reason is cutting your little MP in half you have already, and hence, only at most getting to use spell once without the need to respice.
Wooden Catalyst, while not as strong in combo with the ring of sharpness and Kris blade +5 works. If you prefer by the way using Mr. fugly Torpedo head instead of the above head pieces, be aware that while it does increase your damage, it blinds your peripheral site to an extent.

Another choice instead of usuing shield is the tearing shotel.
Trust me, underated and by alot! I have killed people with a quality build using tearing shotels, kilij's and the mighty sharp scythe with tearing plus +5 weap. It depletes opponents' health quite fast, and it's not the bleeding. It's the fact it has a bonus near 180!!
Total around 310. Not a joke, nor used for just defensive reasons.
Very very underated upgrade!!!!

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles: One and only Second Chance.

Spells: Two choices I highly recommend.
You only have two spell slots, hence can only use one at a time.
Fireball or Ignite.

Gameplay tips and progression

This build is pretty unique, and not for the inexperienced of DS players(at least I wouldn't recommend)
That being said, this is more of a report(sorry for my novel on certain aspects of the game than a guide on how to allocated stats. Everyone by now shuld be comfortable in how they want to spread their stats durign their journey in tthe game.
What is more imperative is this:
My experience using LSOS has been a positive one. Even against the most deadliest weapnos, this long ranged, bleeding machine is fast, quick and dishes out a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, on your opponent, where all of a sudden, they are lying on the ground out of nowhere.
I've decided maybe with a fire spell that does some good damage in combo with the LSOS would be an interesting build to use.

Here are some notes I've scrambled up for your perusal:

Some key notes on build:
This build is not to use magic as a main tool. Rather, with the magic stat at 30, and the ability to use a wooden catalyst, kris blade +5 combined with the ring of magical sharpness, you could potentially have one deadly combination.
Speed, agility, understanding how to use fireballs, locked on and when not to, spacing, timing, basically all the ingredients that make you a good PVPer. Add on this difficult build to master, and it can be one that tests how good a PVPer you are.(aside from lag, which honestly I believe does not effect most of the time whether someone beats you 9, out of 10 times.
The odd stat numbers of Dex, and strength many may feel is spreading yoru stats to never never deadland..
However, the LSOS scales with both strength and dex equally.
DO NOT be fooled by it's d ratings on both.
The sword's main use is for long reach, yet quick fast combo's in between opponents strike.
It has good stun power, and causes bleeding that quite possibly the other opponent may fail to notice on time before it's too late.
-This weapon isn't obsolete from PVP but rarely seen.
I did another build recently using this particular weapon, but this build focuses on combining it again, with fireballssss!!

-You shouldn't substitue fireballs with warding, HSA's, or any other spells.(Clouds included!)
With only 14 in intelligence invested due to the high stat req's for the LSOS, fireball is a splash spell that is a powerful one when used in unpredicatable manners.

-The ONLY other spell I recommend trying out and if you are very sneaky in using it with other weapons, is the almighty IGNITE. That killer has the potential to stun, cause huge damage, with the added, LSOS.

A bit off topic but wanted to mention: While I am not sure of the exact calculations that go into this, some have said the friends and foe's, while they stack with ring of sharpness are actually offensively not as strong as it.
The good thing with friends/foe's is while the ring of sharpness decreasess mag defense, the former do not.

In conclusion:iannnoooo: -In case some may not know which is fine, a shofar is a instrument used during the Jewish Holdiay of Rosh Hashanna. It is a tough piece of instrument to use. I finterested, you can find out how one does. Quite intriguing actually:)


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