The sexy one.
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Build summary A build that uses +10 light buff weapons casting fire spells and using NR as a backup tools all in one. Sounds delicious if you ask me. Pass the NR over will ya.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 140

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 24
Endurance 40
Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Magic 48
Faith 18
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Males-Old King Doran's arm, chest, mixed up with gloom, black leather.
Head-Silver Coronet,
Females:Binding. Silver coronet
I highly highly highly recommend using Silver Coronet due to the fact it gives even that little tiny weeeennny bit of extra MP which could be a lifesaver.

Weapons: Small +10 weapons buffed witth light spell; daggars, knight's kilij and estoc, while primarily do physical damage are very viable for use when buffed with light and doing heavy physical, plus magic damage. Unlike curse, light spelll tearrrrrs warding appart, (and your friend too:) Anyone get that from what movie:)??? Can also use lighted uchi if that is a weapon you are comfortable using one handed mainly, and Guillotine Axe(can use one or two handed, better obviously with two hands. Great damage, stunlock if you can catch oppooent in it. Six hits with Guillotine Axe kills opponent most of time.
The great thing with this build is using moon upgarded and crescent as well.
For example in place of shield a crescent and moon(crescent may outdamage moon with 48 mag, or maybe not, uchi, crescent estoc or dag for parries.

Northern Regalia-As backup once light wears off. Must have PW or PB CT. in case of hosting and co-op strongly recommend keeping Pure White Char tendency.

Rings: Body form. At all times, eternal warriors, magic ring of sharpness.
Best two choices with this build for faster stamina recovery already having a full tank in 40 endurance. and devastating magic damage with ring of magic sharpness.
Alternatives things you can use: Tornado head though blocks vision, Stick with Silver Coronet even if it is just for a sllight increase in MP bar.
Only other ring you should use(not a hyper fan, so cancel that out please), would be regen.
Even then, use it if up against faith builds and with the adjudicator shield +5.
If you use the Adjudicators shield, recommend using regen ring.
Eternal warriors is great in body form for faster stamina recover. Refreshingly awesome actually in combo with regen ring.

In Soul Form: Black phantom invaders; Cling/Foe, Cling/Ring of Magic Sharpness
Co-oping as blue;Cling, Friend/ , Cling/Ring of Magic Sharpness

Recommended:Kris, Blade +5(can be used as a backstab weapon besides as a catalysts right hand man:) The magic damage from a Kris blade when backstabbing is..surprisingly decent!!

Right Hand Slots: NR, Kris Blade +5
Left hand slots:Insanity Catalyst(that is a definite, keep it in one of the slots at all times), Left Hand Slot 2: light weight shields used for magic or physical def blocking, and parrying(Knight's, Kite, and DSS+5),.
If you equip Regen ring, Adjudicator's +5 is useful for HP purposes. Stacks with regen ring.

Steel shield thought I do not recommend at all. NR reach lame, and even if you can block tons of cursed Kilij, Katana damage using it, it doesn't bide well with the NR.
Steel Shield is quite heavy too, offering a nice increase in equipment burden(not a good thing, so watch whether it overburdens you carefully. You have to be able to roll effectively with any build in PVP.
If you prefer not using Shields: TOB, TOG(a must in order to cast Second Chance Miracle. an additional MP towards your Magic bar.

Other Left Slot: Insanity Catalyst

While I highly DO not suggest not using the Kris blade, should you want to use another weapnon in combo with the NR, dragon upgrades while not the strongest, have some decent damage(especially against mag's with low endurance!) Baby's Nail, mercury, tearing, and fatal weapons.
*Note; While using any upgrades that bide with Dex(mercury, tearing) it really doesn't do much damage poisioning, or causing bleeding. Reason being for most part, someone can easily poparooo Dark Moon Grass, ridding themselves from any neg status.
Other reason: Quite honestly, if one does that to me, I am going to pull our a Dark Grass, meaning my health is fully replenished. I prefer not grassing, and dealing with grass spammers. You areactually aiding someone to grass when using any weapons/clouds that provide some sort of negative status ailment.
Hence, while I am honest in wanting to mention certain weapons that could be used under the right circumstances, I also feel that giving you my honest feedback is viable in understanding how to best use this build effectively.
Fatal-As I mentioned with other dex stacked weapons, because your dex is not high, while backstabsbing using for example a fatal estoc in this build will do better damage than the other upgrades listed above, it comes no where near the effect it has when used with high Dex build.
Trust me, Kris Blade +5 FTW.

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles: Second Chance
Spells:Ligjht spell, and either Fireball, or Ignite(both good choices depending on which one suits your style.
Ignite is great if you can get in that hit before after hitting with a buffed +lighted weapon and mixing it up.
Use Nr immediately after buff wears off.
Instead of using either of these spells: Daring??? Try HSA. Hitting enemies in game; Excellent choice for most enemies.'
Against other human players. If you get hit, say goodnight to them baby.
Probability that it hits an avg to anything above AvG player. Have you won the lottery lately? If you haven't good luck. Get the hint?!!:)

Other spell choice to use if not using any spells??Wait…What??Not using any spells? Doesn't make sense? You're right, it doesn't
But if someone wants to take that chance, turning this build into vanilla plane Jane NR cookie cutter build, you're forgetting one thing: Your vit isn't like that cookie cutter build being only at 50. Stronngglyyy against usinjg Warding. Can it be used? Sure. Against opponents that use only Physical weapons, warding using your NR can win some battles.
You'll also be trying to guess whether that same opponent does a switcharoo, swiping his physical to a magical, or blasting your a__ with a spell of their own.

Gameplay tips and progression

This caliber of build offers a variety of different stone upgrades while using an extremely powerful melee spell, casting (ignite and fireball) and a certain weapn that teears apart warding users(and grass spammers if you get that backstab in with this) the almightty, ytet short reached Northern Regaliaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
Having light +10 small light weight in comparison to heavier type melee weapons are far better with light spell than the slow heavier ones. Claymore if you get a swing or two in does huge damage on opponent, but because it would mean only at most two, three hits, with light spell on a physical weapons, you want to be able to do multiple hit damage. Using daggars are great. While one swing doesn't do great damage, five, six, seven plus you bet can finish with the NR as the cherry on top:)
Go out there now and get the job done. Play , play and play more. Sex it up with your new NR style build, You are the sexy one. Umbassa baby, umbassss!!

Recommendations: Ofcourse I am not telling non-experienced DS players they can't use this to be successful. But in a way, this build shouldn't be used as an initial build for beginners. It deals with many valuable type of weapons, when used under certain circumstances. Understanding the game's list of various weapons, what each upgrade does, whether getting moon stones, pure, dragon,etc.. gives you an initial step towards gaining the exp needed to PVP against skilled players.
What goes well with certain weapons, what buffs are good used with certain weapons as well as builds. Difference between warding versus Second Chance which may seem elemtentory to some, but I can't even begin to tell you how many players who are very experienced PVer's starting off PVPing ask that question. It is because PVE and the weapons you use sometimes being the ONly weapon you can't do necessarily in survving the evils of PVP and the fantastic journey you experience.
Through time, patience and perseverance, you will slowly undestaned the fundamentals of all areas involved with PVP play.
Another example, that specifically I had to deal with after playing countless NG+++++++++I in PVE ,but never PVP was what the H_l_ is cursed weapon? It doesn't seem to be working, increasing my statts at all, while Light spell looks like it adds tones of damage. I also feel I will die trying to buff anyting with curse since I see it drains my HP bar and rather quickly. Those were the good old days of not knowing what any of these things do. I felt it didn't much matter, which many would probably agree it didn't.
PVP is a whole different beasts.
That si the reasons behind not recommending this build for beginners.
Moving forward, when using this build, you should know when to be methodical, strategize,l and not be overly aggressive. When using lock off is better than when locked on to enemy. When you should use even a different weapon than NR(moon, crescent upgrades) and ofcourse the different builds you are accustomed to having built and played one yourself ro going up against them.
For example, while faith builds can have great magic defense, ignite and fireball does not fall under the category of spells that faith builds take less damage when casted.
In actuality, one's endurance affects fire damage defense, and even with 40 ignite and fireball are still very deadly when hit with.
Hence, reason behind using fire for this build, aside for the fact Soul Ray is tough to hit opponents with, and HSA…HSA..HSA..well, put it this way. Win the lotttery lately playboy?
Cause it will take you some biigggg time luckaroo for you to hit a skilled nevertheless average joe straight up with the Homing Soul Arrow.
Ofcourse if you do hit, that opponents chance of survival if taken all five is negative zilch.
I wouldn't chance using HSA unless for fun.
nevertheless I prefer not even going into pushed anything, or related to headbutts using any weapons.
To everyone who plays DS> My mentality has been whether raw, fairly inexperienced, beginning to gain some exp, average, experienced, or overkill god-amn fuc-in pro, Only way I believe n getting better in PVP against other players is by utilizing what you know and understanding their's always that learning curve. If you truly like pVP than you will truly take advantage of not using things that make an easy win at times. People who use Hyper arge that they take high risk hence high reward by winning. BS. BS, and furtehr proof of BS.
A high vit fire dragon breath halitosus son of a gun who has hyper when hitting with draong MH who says this DOES NOT UNDERSTAND PVP or likes being a you know what.
NR vit gouged builds with taht nice looking thing on one's back called Morion spells trouble even when used against extremely raw players.
Ignore usiing anything that gvies you the advantage against a player who uses nada in the hyper department and gives he/she a crutch. Remember: If you win with hyper morion you won because the other person didn't use hyper or made a mistake in losing to your sorry butt:) All jokes aside, don't use it. Against the DS law(at least the law of how to gain skill in DS.)


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