Near Pure Mage
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Build summary Just a step short of a pure mage in exchange for weaponry and defense
Recommended starting class(es) Royal / Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 35 / 37
Will/Intelligence 40
Endurance 15
Strength 16
Dexterity **
Magic 40
Faith 40
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • If you do not want variation in your melee, or more specifically, don't want to use a spear, stick with the "Knight" starting class.

LH 1:

  • Rune Shield +5
  • Dark Silver Shield +5

-The Magic defense may not come in handy in every fight, but it is indispensable in others.

*The Knight's Shield +10 may be substituted when fighting against foreseen, purely physical attacks. Works well with PvE

LH 2:

  • Kris Blade +5

RH 1:

  • Moon Winged Spear +5 - Exact same stats as the knight sword
  • Moon Knight Sword +5 - *See Above*

- These two weapons are interchangeable and only have tactical differences. (I.E. Arc Based Strikes Vs. Shielded Pokes)

  • Moon Kilij +5 - Weapon of Choice

RH 2:

  • Talisman of Beast


Soul Form:
Slot 1: Cling Ring
Slot 2: Ring of Magical Sharpness

Body Form:
Slot 1: Ring of Magical Sharpness
Slot 2: Ring of Magical Nature || Thief's Ring || Dull/Clever Cat's Ring


  • Full Venerable Sage's Set ("minus" the hood)
  • Monk's Head Collar

- Augite of Guidance*
- Dark Moon Grass*
- New Moon Grass
- Old Spice*
- Fresh Spice

*=Bare-bone set up. Actually my prefered but sometimes grasses and spices are scarce.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spell Sets:
- Firestorm, Ignite, Soul Ray [O] - This is one of my favorites sets because you essentially have close, medium, and long range covered, doing excellent damage and allowing for use of your weapons and spells appropriately.

- Homing Soul Arrow, Ignite, Death Cloud [D] - This set is excellent at keeping pressure on your opponents while evading or using your weapon. Ignite is a personal favorite, but it would only be used as a CQC measure so using [Firespray] and [Poison Cloud] instead of Ignite is another option.

- Firestorm, Fireball, Cloak [O] - A semi-ninja fireball would have devastating effects as well as a hidden firestorm allowing for massive damage, but this would rely on closer fighting with your sword and better timing.

- Fireball, Warding, Death Cloud [D] - A decent choice , this will rely on your sword skills and dodging more.

- Firestorm, Soul Ray, Warding [O] - I feel "meh" about this because of the limited magic attacks, but being able to avoid a death by combo allows for a better position to cast magic and strike

W/ Ring of Magical Nature:

- Firestorm, Fireball, Ignite [O] - Timing is beyond key in this set, but once you get that down, it devastates the enemy.

- Firestorm, Soul Ray, Ignite, Cloak [O] - This is a full blown ninja mage and ignite as well as soul ray become so much more lethal due to the lack of knowledge people will have on your position of attack. *This spell set is not compatible with Second Chance*

- Firestorm, Ignite, Soul Ray, Firespray [O] - By far my favorite set because this really just seems to have it all in terms of offense and truly captures the strength of a mage. You will be able to easily keep up the pressure with this build.

The spell choices are really limitless, but if you choose to make a selection from these sets, be aware of the [O] and [D] markers as they stand for offensive and defensive respectively. The spirit of this build is manifested in the offensive sets, but the defensive ones can be effective if used tactically. (although I advise them much less due to the fact that they would be more suited for a sort of spellsword build)


  • Second Chance
  • God's Wrath

God's Wrath is easily interchangeable with any other miracle the user wants

ANOTHER NOTE: I've found that having to cycle through so many miracles and spells can cause blunders during PVPs, so it is a good option to just keep second chance if you also feel like you suffer/will suffer from this. (although I had two extra miracles on at the time)

Gameplay tips and progression

Quick Start Guide:
1. Start up your character; Beat 1-1
2. Level up Vit and Mag and blow through 4-1 by using the crescent Falchion and make sure to obtain the kilij near the vanguard.
3. Once Vit is in the 20s, keep focusing on magic and intelligence and beat 3-1, remembering to obtain a catalyst (if you started as a knight), the ring of magical sharpness from the coffin(s), free freke, and shards of moonlight stone (I suggest duping for ease if you're just trying to quickly pull together a build); learn soul ray
4. Beat 2-1, making sure to grab the Kris Blade; use the stones to upgrade the kilij to +6 and take the moon upgrade path
5. Beat 1-2 and 1-3; Rescue Yuria keep focusing on magic and intelligence, but try to start capping Vit as well; Use armored spider soul for either ignite or fire spray (Or both if you choose to dupe)
6. At this point in time, your magic and intelligence should be high enough to blow through the flamelurker
7. Obtain enough colorless demon souls to obtain a +5 Kris Blade; Continue putting points into intelligence but now begin putting points in faith as opposed to magic as much
8. Continue on and beat 2-3. Again your faced with a split decision about firestorm or fireball.
9. Obtain the talisman of beast (I do it by killing BP scrivir)
10. You should now have a decent bases for a mage from which to grow off of.

Strategies can be seen in the spell set description partially. I'll most likely add tips later.


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