Penetrating Sword Build
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Build summary A build for fun or seriousness, combines long of PS with SWS.
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer
Recommended Soul Level 123

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50/45
Will/Intelligence 15/15
Endurance 40/40
Strength 22/22
Dexterity 45/50
Magic 8/8
Faith 16/16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

RH1: Penetrating Sword +5
RH2: Talisman of God
LH1: Adjudicator's Shield +5 / Dark Silver Shield +5*
LH2: Backup weapon of your choice, Curved Swords or Fatal Weapons for backstab/parry
*DSS is good if you have a low magic defence, are somewhat skilled with parrying, and it still offers 100% protection against physical damage. Adj Shield is useful if you have a status ailment as it will somewhat offset it.
Armor: Anything you can roll in, Ancient Warrior's set is the most useful, but light armor such as Black Leather, Shaman's, Saint's, Venerable Sage's, Binded, or Old Ragged sets are good substitutions.

If you want to be like the Penetrating Sword Black phantom from 1-4, his armor is:
Chain Mail Helmet
Fluted Plate Mail*
Fluted Gauntlets*
Fluted Leggings*
*The Fluted Armor Set is heavy armor and will impede stamina regeneration. To help counter this and provide you with increased equip weight, substitute the Regenerator's Ring for the Ring of Great Strength, which provides 50% equip weight. At 40 END with and equip weight of 69, it will boost that 69 to 103.5. If your equip weight is above 50%, you cannot roll, and the Ring of Great Strength will help with that.
Body Form: Eternal Warrior's Ring and Regenerator's ring/ Ring of Great Strength
Soul Form: Eternal Warrior's Ring and Cling Ring
Blue Phantom: Friend's Ring and Cling Ring
Black Phantom: Foe's Ring and Cling Ring
Consumables: Sticky White Stuff, Grass, Spice

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles: Second Chance (YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS BY NOW).

Gameplay tips and progression

This build is more just for fun, but it can be deadly if mastered for pvp. It combines the Penetrating Sword's longer reach than other straight swords with SWS, buffing your weapon to give you an advantage in pvp situations. The Wanderer is your starting class; it provides you with a handsome amount of Luck and Dexterity.

Starting out, this build is going to look weird. You can't get the Penetrating Sword until you've beaten an Arch Demon from one of the other 4 worlds and even with that the level it's in is a common place for invasions. BUT, since this build can also be considered a Dex build, take full advantage of using other weapons that scale with dexterity ex. Curved Swords, Katanas, Sharp Weapons, etc…

The Penetrating Sword +5 will has an A rank in Dexterity, giving you an excellent physical dmg bonus from the low base of 90. SWS will provide you a 110 magic dmg bonus, which will provide very useful for pvping users with Warding or againsts Bosses with low magic defence ex. Flamelurker. A PS +5 has a long reach and better piercing attacks than most Straight Swords, giving you an advantage against enemies weak to pierce attacks.

Not much need for upgrade stone farming
2-Handed attack stunlock combo, same as BBS
Weapons are not too difficult to get, no need for Char/World Tendency Change*
Common but Unique
Easy to Master, given this is not your first character
No need to create unique weapons with Demons' Souls
Colorless Demon's Souls are required, hard to get all in NG
Outclassed by other Straight Swords that are customized
Deals damage in bursts
Magic Damage comes only from SWS

Have fun with this class, make the Penetrating Sword a deadly weapon.


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