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Build summary Build that uses both sharp and blessed weapons in your arsenal of tools for PVE, and PVP
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 140

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 38
Strength 16
Dexterity 50
Magic 6
Faith 40
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Ladies first(I'm a gentleman;) Binding, Gold Dull Helmet armors.

Males-Any combinations of these I recommend-Old King Doran's, Black Leather, Sage "let's get FFFaarekkeeeee, yeah baby yeahhh!!

-WHILE the plated head piece(forgot specific name, I apologize but looks like a motorcycle helmet made from metal) looks very very coolio, it may cause a sllight stamina impede.
Sure, with 38 endurance, probably makes no difference, but stamina is one of the most important pieces that go with pure melee builds.
Speaking of which, if you can go without 38 go for it. Put more points elsewhere.
I personally am not comfortable with anything less than 36! I did 38 because I was able to put in a couple of extra points towards stamina. I chose not to invest in Strength and take it to 18 because I am not a uchi user.(many pause in disbelief that someone doesn't like using uchi;)

SHIELDS: Adjudicators, Knight's, DSS+5

RINGS;:Body-Eternal/Regen, Ring of Magic Dullness/Regen
While there are other options such as dull's and clever's rats, not something I personally recommend as it is a part of PVP I sway away from. Remember, all about trying to increase your learning curve whether skilled, just starting off, or mediocre playboy/playgirl(ooops, I mean player.
Blue-Friends/Regen/magic ring of Dullness with Cling
Black-Foes/Regen/Ring of Magic Dullness with Cling(for both blue and black, using cling for extra vitality is crucial!!! Always equip it with one of the other rings mentioned.
Regen in the case of blessed builds can be at times more effective than friends or foes do to faster HP recovery. Because this is not a pure faith build, using regen is still useful, but really depends on your playstyle.

WEAPONS:Variety of choices.
BLESSED WEAPONS: Knights, Mace, Mirdan Hammer, Long sword, Morning Star
Alternatives:Guillotine and Claymore. You may be wondering why I wouldn't prefer claymore ver many of the other main blessed weapons. Reason is due to the strength requirement. While with 16, you most certainly can use either clay or guillotine, you have to use it two handed.
If you want to use knight's shield for blocking, one handing these bad boys does punny to none damae. Not worth taking that chance.
If using adjudicators shield, and want to start off using guillotine or Claymore before using sharp weapon, than it could be ok.
Both weapns can be used effectively when just sparring with another player, or co-oping as blue/host.

SHARP WEAPONS: estoc, kilij, SAIS(Scythe)
Sex it up using SWS, Black Turp or the heinous Curse weapon. vicious.
As a last resort(against jumpers, cloud spammers,etc…Dragon Weapons when equipped with clever, ring(morion for extreme cases such as against extreme trolls:)
Dragon weapons while at this SL range are basically useless for anyone with decent endurance(prob 20-25+, and even below that takes awhile to kill someone soley on using this(exceptions ofcourse if parrying someone)
By using Morion, clever or even clever itself, this dragon weapon becomes a vicious little killer.
Two, three hits, say adios to that spam grasser if you hit hyper mode.

Side note: Unfortunately,( though I myself do not like using uchi, but know many players do)with 16 strength, hiighly NOT recommended to use even two handed. Yes, it is true using a hitless two handed can kill and even a sharp uchi for that matter. With 45 vit, even with regen, it won't keep you from dying using the Hitless if you are spamming it(which you shouldn't either way) but each swing that effectively hits opponent takes away some health. You also have to include not just the HP loss hitless did, but any counter or effective combos that the other player does on you speeds up the process.
next thing you know, you're about to take a swing and BAM! on the floor dead!
To add on to this, while I am in no way a user of the uchi, I do know some simple neat tricks many players do know, but some may not be aware of.
Email me if interested and I will explain various techniques on how to use the uchi(space wise, timing, hits, etc..)

Special call out to my man Mr. F Bommmbb!!!! firebombs. yes, Firebombs! Ever wonder(maybe you have) when or why firebombs should be used? While many feel some weapons put into the game are pointless, which I totally disagree(with quality, sharp builds, fatal mail breaker can break SC with a parry, and no I'm not joking!) , the only only only only only item that slows it's role but comes out to play for one tiny piece of the game, is firebomb.
5-1-Against infested, disgusting little rodent creatures. Throw five, six their way, and you've got some mess of rodent juice, LOL
All honestly, firebombs will destroy them in no time. While there are other ways stronger weapons, spells, use instead, this method is not only fun, but does damage as well.
If you are in NG, Boletaria 1-1, dredglings are also fun to throw these firecrackers their way.

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles: Second Chance, God's wrath.
You can also use SC with Regen after Sc breaks to substitute for God's wrath.
At 40 faith, while blessed weapons serve it's purpose, god's wrath will not be used to hurt another player.
Rather, if you choose to use it, while it is already difficult to cast due to slow casting, increasing the chances of your opponent or environmental enemy from hitting you, preventing you from casting on time.
However, god's wrath for example used in 1-1 I find very very very useful.
Areas with alot of walls between yourself and enemies god's wrath blows them away.
I can't tell you how fast and fun it is to use this in NG+ boletaria 1-1.
Also, 5-1 is the best area to use this remarkable and underated miracle.
Try it out if you haven't.

Gameplay tips and progression

Yes, there are many ways you can stat this caliber of build as with any:)
Although it still is not one of the most popular used builds out there, it seems apparent that I have come across a few recently.
What's unfortunate, is that this build I've used since a year back, yet no one seemed to feel(at least I'm assuming since no one else used it at time) that it would work.
Many players I co-oped with would question me about the kind of build it was since they wre quite impressed with vareity and mixup of weapons.
I actually have another version using 20 in strength and for co-op, had Great Axe and a Sharp kilij combo going on.
This build is pretty cooky. Whether good, bad or indifferent, I've always tried to mix a roo things up. Sway away from cookie cutter builds.
This build I've had for the past year. Many may feel it is not the right set up due to the difference in damage output(blessed, sharp)
I can assure you my friend, in the right hands, you are wrong.
Just a tip on how to play PVP flavaaaa-
Example setup:
Adjudicator +5 and Talisman of God(god's wrath) or TOB(Talisman of beast used for anything else) in left hand slots.
Right hand: Sharp Estoc buffed if you want(cursed, SWS, or BTurp) along with a niceeee blessed MH, knights, Mace, or any blessed weapon within the confines of a 16 strength arena.
Note: I would not recommend using claymore, guillotine axe as much as I love using them. This build would not mesh well due to stat limitations and not meeting the requirements to one hand claymore or guillotine.
While in PVP co-op beating levels, or PVE straight up, using both those fine looking sexy weapons two handed does meet the strength req's, wouldn't suggest trying to pull out a fast one when PVPing. between switching weapons from sharp to blessed, than having to two hand rather than one in between trying to set this up, you probably will be getting creamed, stunned, and blown away.
Hence, not a wise choice when against human controlled players.
As a final note, the vitallity is somewhat below the average players tend to have which is 50.
Because of the regeneration stacking with this build, 45 will do.


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