Zexoqu's Mage Build (Female)
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Build summary A SL 120 mage that can effectively use close and longe ranged fighting types.
Recommended starting class(es) Priest
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 29
Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Magic 36
Faith 36
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Old Raggedy set along with the Three-cornered Hat. If you are a male, then use Sage Freke's clothing, the Vernable Sages Robes.

Soul R1- Cling Ring/ Ring of Magical Sharpness
Soul R2- Friend's Ring/ Foe's Ring
Body R1- Ring of Magical Sharpness
Body R2- Fragrant Ring/ Thief's Ring

L1- Talisman of Beasts
R1- Moon Uchigatana +5
R2- Blessed Knight Sword +5

Recommended spells/miracles


  • Homing Soul Arrow - The obvious choice for mages and with your Magic barely passing the highest requirement, you can summon 5 soul arrows.
  • Ignite - Quick, powerful, and close-ranged spell. What more do you want? A very usefull spell too because most PVP players don't expect it.
  • Relief (Optional) - Can help out your teammate if they begin to have troubles or have ran out of grass. NEVER use it on a Hyper mode character!


  • Second Chance - Obviously, if you are not expecting an attack and get pwned, you come back to life with 50% your max health.
  • Recovery (Optional) - More powerful than Heal and is useful if you're low on grasses.
Gameplay tips and progression

Reasoning for Stats

  • I did not include Firestorm because Homing soul arrow and Ignite take up 4 of the 6 slots you can have so you'd have to take up a ring slot to increase your maximum spells to 7 slots which then only give you one option for a ring.
  • Faith and Magic are equal because at 35 mag and faith, the Talisman of Beasts begins to equal out the damage the Insanity Catalyst can do without the intelligence hinderance.
  • I chose a Moon and Blessed weapon because while slicing away with you Moon Uchi to scare BPs away, you can easily switch to your Blessed weapon and begin regenerating the HP you might've lost and still attack with your ToB.
  • The stats above are bare minimum to wield the weapons effectively with one hand. If you so desire, you can lower the stats so that you can wield the weapons with two hands and pour those points into something else.


  • During your run of 1-1, remember to break the chains and grab the Old Raggedy clothing. Spend your souls on int and evenly spreading it on mag and faith.
  • Once you kill the Phalanx (And Tower Knight), head for 4-1 and grab the Uchigatana by the Vanguard past the first Fog Gate.
  • Once you've gotten that, head for world 5 and beat the first level. Remember to take the shortcut so you can pick up the Blessed Mace +1. This will serve as a temporary Blessed weapon. DO NOT UPGRADE.
  • If you have enough souls, level up strangth and dex as much as possible or until you reach the limit.
  • 5-2 might be difficult going solo, but if you are able to summon, try and complete it. Kill all ticks and mosquitoes.
  • After 5-1 (and if you beat 5-2) go to world 3 and get all the way through until you meet Yurt in 3-2. Release him and kill him. Make sure you do not die at all in world 3. To prevent this either complete the world in soul form, or have 1 really good blue phantom or 2 good phantoms with you. You'll need pure white world tendency later.
  • You can get the Three-cornered Hat in 3-1 with PWWT right by Rydell or by killing Yuria, which I highly NOT recondmend.
  • A Knight Sword can be found in 1-4 before King Allant where the Blue dragon is on the castle entrance. A shield can be found in the same place as well, which you could put in your L2.
  • To get the Talisman of Beasts, once Yurt is dead and you are PBCT, on the second floor of the Nexus, Mephistopheles will give you missions to assassinate people in the Nexus. By either doing this endgame, or having all spells and miracles you desire, you can get the ToB by killing Ostrava who is one of the last people you must kill. (EASY METHOD: If you save Ostrava throughout the game and have not done 1-4 yet, get to the end when assigned the mission and he'll be sitting on the stairs. KILL HIM. If you talk to him he'll commit suicide which will NOT count so you must kill him yourself)
  • After this, you should have everything you need besides the stones and colorless Demon's souls for weapons and Recovery. Check out the farming section of the wiki for further help.

If there's anything wrong or something that should be chaanged, please help me. I made this build on paper an hour or two ago but had the idea last night and started working on it. I know it's an effective build since I've seen it be used before, but never actually "owned" it. Feedback is appreciated! :D


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