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Build summary Blessed build that uses fire spell in combo with the mighty blessed GAXE
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level Sl130

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 37
Strength 20
Dexterity 12
Magic 18
Faith 50
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

MALES:: Old King Doran's full armor or using other pieces such as from black leather, or gloom.
Head-Silver coronet for casting Second Chance as well as a tiny piece of MP added on to your magic bar. Sage freke's plated helmet or brushwood(they cause slight stamina impede but hardly anything to worry about) can be useful if you can roll quickly, meaning having your burden items below the 50% mark.

FEMALES: Binding, dull armor. I apologize since I never used a female character. If anyone has suggestions I am definitely open to adding!!!

ARMOR: IN discussing what best armors to use, sometimes though if invading or even hosting rarely, you can quickly change to another amor best suited to weaopns opponent uses.
Option: torpedo fugly hat, but it's a choice that only you can choose.
yes, furtehr increases magic damage but at a cost. Losing some spacing, peripheral vision, hence making it more difficult in determining at times when to caste or not to.

DISCUSSION ABOUT ARMOR: Although it can be difficult to quicly change armors before a duel, whether invader or host, I mention this because certain armors though they give off higher stamina impedes than others, based on the opponents weapon and buff(curse being a major one) can help with increasing your defense if using for exampole a chest piece with high blunt damage if hit by a blunt weapon buffed with curse.
While armor is calculated into determing how much damage you take per hit by curse, it is only a minor element.
Still could actually make a difference between an extra hit….

Spell Assistant: KRIS BLADE +5
RECOMMEDNED WEAPONS: BLESSED UPGRADE to +5: Claymore, GREAT Axe, Crescent, Knight's sword.
-KNIGHT"S SWORD IF you prefer shield and board play is fast, decent range and backstabs.Same with guillotine Axe. Short range but if you catch someone in a stunlock that's too late for them to escape, they will be in a world of pain.

ALTERNATIVE WEAPONS TO BE USED INSTEAD OF KRIS BLADE RHSLOT2:: sword if Same with guillotine Axe. Short range but if you catch someone in a stunlock that's too late for them to escape, they will be in a world of pain.
Mace, Mirdan Hammer, Morning Star, baby's nail.
The MH is competitive damage wise with some of the top tier weapons in the blessed upgrade.
It has gotten a tone of criticism for being a noob stick which to some extent I agree with as losing to a player with no idea how to use it, especially not knowing that you can use R2 instead of a constant R1 Spam, can be very frustrating, LOL.
However, sometimes even if you are good at combining the R2 with R1, being sneaky with the timing of hits, a great player can most of the time find a way to parry your behind.
While this infamour weapon has returned by some skilled and ofcourse the inexperienced of inexperienced, it can be a vicous weapon used by a someone who knows what they heck they are doing, avoiding trying to be parried immmediately!!!

SOUL FORM AS BLUE: REGEN/CLING; While foe's is an option, it makes honestly no sense with a faith build to use, especially with large blessed high damage weapons.
What's good about soul form is you gain faster HP than in body. take advantage of this my friends.
BP/INvader or red soul form;REGEN/CLING (look at what I said about foe's right above)

BODY FORM: Eternal,/Regen, or Eternal/Magic ring of Sharpness. PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to not use spells for certain duels(I say only a certain amount because if you are not plainnign to use spells, there;'s no point to make this build to begin with:)
You can use the ring of Magical Dullness for extra mag defense.

Speaking of ring of Magic Sharpness, you may be thinking, What the F is this person talking abouit? Wow, faith build using magic ring of sharpness. Sounds a bit weirdooish don't ya think.
True, because while you have good magic defense, by using magic sharpness, you are definitely lowering your MD, hence, taking away a big part of why you use a faiith build.
That being said, even with ring of sharpness, Kris blade you lack a huge part of what a faith build offers, your blessed weapons are not effected by this ring. The Great Axe is comparable to any strong buffed weapon out there. Two, three hits breaks one's Second Chance.
Personal preference is to use eternal which is quite useful using large weapons for stamina recovery, and Regen. All I ask is please don't get hungry, and start ggggrrrrrhiggghhhhhhhhgggrrrass spammer and get the M-U-N-C-H-I-E-S, ha yeahhhhhhh)only for those 18 yrs. older should get this;)
Stay in school, don't grass, Use this build with skill not as a regenerating slow, passive machine.
Remember, Fireball used as a secondary tool with blessed weapon in catching and stunning those off guard.
Worth the 30 magic.
While ring of magic sharpness and Mr. Torpedo head can increase your magic power, could be costly and simply not worth it.
But with all my builds, I like giving options that can be deemed reasonable.

Recommended spells/miracles

KRIS BLADE + TOB(Talisman of beasts)
If casting God's Wrath always use Talsiman of God, TOB gives punnny damage compared to the TOG. However, if you do decide to use God's Wrath with TOB and do not want to cause damage but knock back opponent, this will do the trick.
but decent enough used as again alongside a melee build. Miracle happened here, I whistle a happy…ah, back to the topic…
Four slots ya get; recommend: Second chance and…tadaaaa..nope not God's Wrath, but ANTI_JUMPING MAGIC SPELL> Yep, this should take care of any issues with someone being a you know either jumping or bumbrushing you with RFS or any glitch when you are hosting.
Yes, it does happen with invaders(it is not only hosts and blues who jump in 4-1)
Because 4-1 actually has experienced players, word to the wise. God's wrath will be extremely tricky to use. At least for "fair Johnny boy play" which I define as not using god's wrath post backstab. Some may disagree, but again, I go by skill. Using that after a backstab=sometimes lag, sometimes being a shmuuuu__KK, sometimes feeling it's fair play.As the saying goes, "do it to me, I do it twice back to ya"(I made that bad boy quote up, hehehe)
Honestly, anti=magic, while causing lag is worth every bit. Simple try to use daggars from a distance, firebombs(all for psychological mindgames) and whip out your Scrrrapppiinnnnggg….na, they aren't worth it for you to be like them.
Instead use your blessed versus there puny puny HP and endurance and go to work for approximately one minute.
If for some reason their butts aren't in check by than, recast for double annoyance and keep on working. IF by chance there butt is stil not in check well….you suck than….Haha, j.k.
KRIS BLADE + TOB(Talisman of beasts)
IMPORTANT: AS mentioned, God's wrath is not what I would recommend using especially for serous PVPing in 4-1. However for co-op play in areas such as 5-1, even 1-1(Find it great to use just have to find the areas in Boletaria where you basically can one shot anything from a certain angle, wall,etc..
If you decide to use God's Wrath, use TOG(Talsman of God) over the TOB.
Offensive miracles to do any damage rely on TOG. If you are using TOB just for knockdown opponent/enemy reasons, it will do the trick.

SPELLS: (Two slots) here is where you have to decide whether to make a pure faith, or like I did, increase my magic to use Fireball as a secondary weapon.
Using firebally against skilled players, you have to truly understand lock off, on mechanics, rolling, targeting, when not to target and how to cobmo it effectively using a large weapon such as Great Axe.
It can be vicious in a combo, stun and kill.
While not a pure magic build by any means, still good with ring of magical sharpness and if you can pull it off on time, switching from Blessed GAXE9you don't have to buff which is huge here) to Kris blade with the TOB.
Further damage using tornado, torpedo fugly hat, but it's a choice that only you can choose.
yes, further increases magic damage but at a cost. Losing some spacing, peripheral vision, hence making it more difficult in determining at times when to caste or not to.

Gameplay tips and progression

I apologize if I am bringing this up on the builds section, but being someone who is not a foum member, I really wanted to mention something that has been bothersome for me after reading several post from expeienced players about how a host CT and especially their world tendency effects how strong a host is.
Again, knowing this is off topic, I will remove it if I am asked to.
In it's simplist form, understanding Character Tendency whether PVE or PVP is this:
Soul form stacks, body form doesn't.
based on that, we can assume a host having a certain CT does not matter in terms of how strong or weak they are against an invader. Likewise, it doesn't determine how strong or weak an invader becomes.
While a pure white world tendency makes the game's(environmental) enemies weaker due to less HP, this is not true of an invader.
Your HP doesn't decrease based on a hosts world tendency.
If anything, an invader doesn't have a huge advantage in a hosts white world tendency hence, just having more damage being in soul form than a host has.
HP wise, for the most part, a host has an average 50 vitality.
An invader has an average of 50 vitality.
If you break that down, when in soul form, that is a considerable HP difference.
Yet, playerrs have never discussed the fact that since it is a big HP difference why invaders can survive with 50 vitality.
The answer is based on the difference in damage whetehr backstabs, parries, critical hits, etc..This is where invaders have a big damage advantage over the host.
It still is I feel a bigger advantage over the host's having more HP.
As discussed, the developers had no idea PVP would become this big.
They never really delved into this on any forum, website the adv vs disadvantages of for example a very skilled invader, versus a skilled host.
Their concept without using the term "jumping" being a bitmroe politcally correct, was the same as what jumpers actually do today in the gaem.
Being totally against jumping,and greatly thankful for those players who kind of restructured the entire PVP fighting system towards one vs one phantom duels, or phantom host duels, there are still errors involved in one's thinking.
If you go by an inexperienced host vs an inexperienced invader, one can say that the host is at an advantage. I agree with this thought.
However, due to the difference sometimes in skill level between these two or even two phantoms(blue, red in neutral world tendency), if you think of the fact that invaders are in soul form, already having the advantage regardless of the SL difference(reasons why their are the SL restrictions) the invader has two major advantages. Power per hit ,on top of spells, and melle ones(cursed, light(especially), backstabs, critical hits, parries gives them a big advantage over a host with 50,60, vitality who is a non-grasser(I am not into grass spamming hence I am giving an analysis on what a "fair" amount of exp pvpers go by.
Foe's ring whiel only giving the phantmo one ring slot in itself is better than any two rings a host can use. Faith builds, can use regen instead of foes due to the fact they get quicker recovery in soul form versus a host because of the less damage taken.
Hence, first reason phantom have the advantage is the amount of power they give out.

The second advantage is the fact that unlike the game's environmental enemies losing HP when a world is pure black.
If a host would(I have no idea why unless having no idea about PVP0 leave their world at Pure Black, they would have a huuuuuggggeee disadvantage. Pure black is what makes the invader stronger, unlike in PVE Pure white making one stronger in soul form.
This reason in itself should answer questions pertaining to a host having any advantages when a world is pure white.
What gives the hosts any chance is when they have a world tendency white or pure.
With even neutral, the invader has somewhat more power.
This is something unfortunately that is not clairified due to the fact that many felt what was deemed as true regarding the subject is good enough and logical for them to understand.
What I'm saying is even with a host having an advantage in HP, these days in DS, cursed, lighted weapons for example a BBS in phantom form with PBCT in PWWT, destroys a host with 90 Vit!!!! Please note this has nothing to do with whether someone can dodge, or beat this kind of build based on skill.
I am going strictly by who has teh advantage based on power. IF a host has a SL range of 130, the invader can soemtimes be 129. While I've heard many many times after beating someone who just started PVP, how "I won because I have more health, a higher SL, blah blah blah" this has become a nuisance due to the lack o f undestanding from the top to the bottom(Trickle down DS theory:)
You never know unless you ask the difference in SL and even then based on the level restrictions, the one thing the developerrs I believe took inot account was that with the restrictions they have, it doesn't give the host an advantage.
It is a reason why when the PVP section was initally discussed, the terms blue phantoms helping you defeat an invader was based on very simple understandings of how the invader while being strong in soul form can be killed if ganged up on.
I hope that should anyone who disagrees with me reads this, to PM to discuss.
I have alot of other points I want to make that deals with certain things such as body form and defense, breaking curse weapon down when it comes to damage a host takes,not just bsed on armor but also the built in defense systems that could be a possibility as to why a host, should keep PWCT. Please dont' misintepret this as me saying body form stacks with CT. While it has no stacking with how strong a host is, it could effect the damage they take by an invader using cursed weaponis, spells that due to this built in system would incresae the damge a host takes if their CT was not pure white.
While I us the word "built in" system loosely, if anyon has good understanding of how you break down defense in body form against invaders that would be helpful@!!
I am not criticizing anyone that has mentioned their understandings of hosts ina pure white world differing from mine.
Like me, I don't feel you purposely are manipulating others to believe something, but rather because this game doesn't provide a large portion of PVP CT and the effects in PVP that may differ than PVE, people have come up with their own feelings that the majority deems true.
That's all.
Back to my build. All the info needed is listed wayyyy above:):)


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