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Build summary An UNUSUAL BUILD THAT USES BLUEBLOOD SWORD with high magic and physical defense
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 138

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 25
Endurance 36
Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Magic 20
Faith 36
Luck 20
Recommended equipment

Similar to my "havefaithinsword build"(anyone, Bueller…Bueller..>Bueller..Ahh, not sure anyone readddd that, haha, but wanted to follow up with a version that usess the infamous yet powerful against the most popular buff that NOOBBBBSSSSSSSSSS!@!!!!UGGGGG, sorry about that, use:):)WARDING!!!!! BABY!!!!

Let's begin shall we:
Recommended Equipments, weapons…

Men's Armor: Old Doran's for no stamina penalty and good physical and magic defense.
Females; Rogue's, or Binding

Rings: Body Form: Eternal/Regen Eternal,
Please note that ring of magical sharpness DOES NOT add magic damage to the damage light weapon buff deals.
Soul Form: Blue: Regen/Friend's/Cling(With PWCT)
Black: Regen/Foe's/Cling(with PBCT)

RIGHT HAND SLOT Weapons: Blue Blood Sword as Main, Blessed +5 in second Right Hand Slot.(Knight's, MH, Mace, Morning Star.

LH1:Sheilds Adjudicators, Knights, DSS, Steel Shield(Works wonders against duel cursed Kats)

LH2: Insanity Catalyst(always for buffing light weapon), than switch to TOB(Talisman of Beasts) for various defensive miracles, or recasting warding against grass spammers, trollocs,etc..(I don't want to get to into the negative aspects of PVP play, but most people should get the points behind why having TOB is important:):)

Recommended spells/miracles

Recommended: SC against faith spammers. While warding should always in the case of this build be casted first, there is always Second Chance to cast and be equally annoying against grass spammers that looove having the munchies.
Anti-Magic field. hehe, now this is worth having in your stock everytime!!!
Any Raging Spell/FS/Ruler, Storm, etc.. opponent, can you hear me now!
Say goodnight.
Hint: Did you know that you can buff your weapon than cast Anti-Magic and have that same buff do the very same damage and last the veyr same length of time as if you hadn't casted Anti-Magic? Everything that happens before that cast doesn't change;);) Use it wisely!

SPELLS:(Four slots) Warding, Light Spell.

Gameplay tips and progression

Self-explanatory. While I am good at expressive writing(or at least understanding emotions as it relates to articulationg oneself, though my writing has been pretty sloppy I must admit in putting together my builds(No excuse, but difficult when I really have a billiion things going on in my mind I want to mention, am at work so" time is of the essense", plus my mother is an english encyclopedia, but other than that:):)
Here ya go. My homemade recipe that hopefully many players will read and truly understand the power of warding!!!!

The one con to this build:
The BBS is not as strong as a cookie cutter one but makes up for it using warding, having more magic defense and the ability to use blessed weapons that dish out strong magic and physical damage!! 36 fait is not 50 but not something you want to get hit with eitehr baby babe!


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