Angelic Harpoon
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Build summary Pvp build for use of Istarelle
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight (Priest for Minimalist)
Recommended Soul Level 122

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50 | 79 | 84
Will/Intelligence 15 | 14 | 11
Endurance 40 | 35 | 35
Strength 18 | 16 | 16
Dexterity 18 | 18 | 8
Magic 6 | 6 | 8
Faith 50 | 30 | 30
Luck 292 | 256 | 234
Recommended equipment
Note: Luck should not be raised (from 7) & Instead of posting ** or 7 I' have scribbled in the 1H AR (of Istarelle) that you can expect from the different variations

++++SL/Build Variations:

  • SL 125
  • Ability to 2H Great Weapons & diverse backup-weapon/shield selection (including Steel shield).
  • Good base hp & max stam pool for decent survivability.
  • SL 125
  • Can't effectively wield Great Weapons; ability to use Dark Silver Shield; Silver coronet or catalyst in order to cast SC or God's Wrath
  • Hi vitality & good Stamina pool for effective turtling.
  • SL 120 (In case 125 is too high for your invasions)
  • Can't effectively wield Great Weapons, Istarelle is cracked & may bounce off blocks; ability to use Dark Silver Shield; Silver Coronet & Catalyst are required to cast SC, God's Wrath
  • Hi vitality & good Stamina pool for effective turtling


Right Hand:
Left Hand:
  • Male: Ancient King's, Venerable Sage's
  • Female: Ragged, Binding
  • Filler: Black Leather
Note: If you're using 11 int you'll need to have Silver Circlet equipped, if there's a hat you're particularly passionate about you may raise you intellect to 15 to wear it.
If you're interested in the 30stamina variant which can be effective you'll want to invest in armor sets that do not further impair your stamina regeneration. The best of which happen to be gender specific and are Ancient King's & Binding sets. For more information on this see Stamina.
Recommended spells/miracles



*Body Form: Second Chance, Banish

Spells Note: Spells will be doing awful damage but will still be useful in nature, firespray may cause evasive/defensive players to turn aggressive, soulray can interrupt grassing & warding will allow you to have greater defense temporarily vs physical builds if your SC has cracked.
Gameplay tips and progression


I am not especially knowledgeable of spear class weapons, but I've had great success with the Maxistarelle stat set-up. I'm still learning the spear swing set, range & best methods of practice but so far my main insight to the build is that chosing your backup weapon carefully & making good use of both 1 & 2-handed grips is essential in bringing the versatility required to beat a veteran foe. Due to the low weight of the weapon a great weapon & two shields can be used as backups when low on hp or uncertain of a foes' strengths. Turtling is a must vs mages, but as far as foes go they seem to be at a great disadvantage vs this build. Be careful about how & who you turtle against. Be vigilant of parries & roll-bsing, executing & avoiding these are equally as important & will play a major roll in your fights vs more learned duelists.

Stat Justification


Really haven't testing this build thoroughly as of yet, but the first variation shows some promise… The build may be versatile by incorporating the strengths of a regular faith build. ToB/G can be swapped out with Adjudicator Shield after SC is cast as well as a backup blessed weapon can be used to regain all the regen & damage qualities.

  • Great Magic & Poison! Resistance
  • Full dmg Faith weapon backups (~95% that of 50fth build)
  • No reliance on buffs
  • Large hp/stam pool for great survivability
  • Hp regen on backup weapon/shields
  • Variety in weapon/shield set-up (Eg: Spear/DSS & GA/Adj.)
  • No regen /w Istarelle
  • Low-AR, no OHKO ability (excluding potential back-up weapons)


This is another build using less popular weapons, however as far as ridiculous uniques go the Istarelle seems to have real potential besides the low damage the requirements aren't all too demanding & the low weight allows for Great Weapons &/or multiple/heavy shields to be used.


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