Under Construction II: Captain Hook!
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Build summary Dustin Hoffman has invaded you world!!!
Recommended starting class(es) Royal (even though thief makes more sense) [Female rather important]
Recommended Soul Level 77

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 25
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 20
Strength 9
Dexterity 20
Magic 30
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment


After being struck by the crock-clock-tower during an epic battle with the vile Peter Pan, Dustin 'Hook' Hoffman was resurrected in the Nexus by the Maiden in Black. The intro conversation was a little different though something like: "I tried bud but if you wanted to be a man in the afterlife you probably should have covered your junk a bit better from those croc. teeth. sorry."

I'll mention right off the bat that this is a stretch but I have put enough thought into this. This character is mostly based on looks & hilarity, however there's still kill power. There's a chance you'll win your battles from your opponent being in sheer hysterics for a number of reasons… so steal his kids.

Some other things you should know… I've made this build a girl so that it looks the part. While making the toon you're going to want to push the bar all the way over to the male side & then try your best to fudge the skin/face until it looks like she is a he and made entirely out of eyebrows & mustache… For a reference here's a link to my childhood: SHMEEEEE! fetch me more brows!

Little known fact: Hook's vessel was the first pirate ship to have sails made out of the captain's eyebrows. Right so now that you've got the face down, or eyebrows up… you're going to want to get dark & scraggly hair, probably long wavy but you could go just long. black. Bump up the Shnoz a few sizes and you're ready to start. Btw: girl toon with massive mustache + eyebrows = ugly monster you can possibly make on Demon Souls


Right Hand:

  • Epee Rapier / Crescent Rapier
  • Silver Catalyst

Left Hand:

  • Needle of Eternal Agony (2nd choice but by a long-shot was Crescent Shotel)
  • Talisman of God


  • Head - Three Corner Hat
  • Torso - Rogue's Clothes
  • Arms - Dull Gold Gauntlets,Black Gloves or Rogue's Gloves not sure yet.
  • Legs - Still undecided either: Wizard's, Black Leather, Rogue's or Ragged.. probably Wiz or black.

I understand that you are displeased with the armor not being red, invading should take care of that. Some of the bits don't fit, the gloves & boots are a sort of shenanigans but if you remember that epic the same way I do he has an undercoat that is quite similar to the majority of the Rogue's Clothes. All & all I'm pretty pleased with this

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells, Miracles & Justification


  • Fireball or Flame Toss
  • Soul Sucker


  • Second Chance


This build isn't done..

  • Greatest Stat Efficacy
  • Full Combos can be match winners
  • Hi-AR can Punish Grassing w/o Backstabs
  • Versatility in play style (when you get bored of MC)
  • Smaller stamina pool makes every whiff costly. (Variation 1, only)
  • Prone to OHKOs (Variation 1, mostly)
  • Relatively Buff Reliant


This build is not complete; so come back later.

Gameplay tips and progression


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