Mage (SL 121)
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Build summary A pure mage that is designed to have the best stat efficiency for the ToB at the lowest SL possible.
Recommended starting class(es) Royal, [Knight]
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45 [40]
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 8 [11]
Strength 9 (10) [14]
Dexterity 12 [10]
Magic 50
Faith 40
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

-Kris Blade+5

-Morion Blade
-Crescent Estoc+5
-Crescent Falchion+5
-Crescent Kilij+5 (10 strength, hits quite a bit harder than the falchion or estoc for 1 more sl)
-Geri's Stiletto+5 (can be enchanted with light weapon and sucks 20 mp per hit. Against another mage, that is an extremely potent combination)
-Blessed iron knuckles+5 (useful regen, so-so damage, deadly when used right)
-Iron Knuckles+10 (apply LW)
-Large Sword of Moonlight+5 (perfect for turtles)
-[Blessed Knight's sword/ Claymore+5 (both are quite effective and HP friendly)]

-Talisman of Beasts

-Adjudicator's Shield+5 (just use the passive regen)
-Phosphorescent pole+5 (1mp/sec regen, VERY useful)

Monk's Head Wrap
Rogue's Set (best magdef for light armors)
Black leather Set (the lightest of all armors)
Leather Set (very light, nice defense, small stamina penalty)
Venerable Sage's Set (heavier, but better magdef than the leather set)
Ragged Robe's Set (" ")
Binded set/Ancient King's set (wear as much as possible while still being able to roll)

Magical sharpness (body)
Eternal warrior's ring (body)
Foe's/Friend's (PvP/co-op; stacks with magical sharpness)
Cling ring (soul)
Clever Rat's ring (either)

Recommended spells/miracles

Soul Ray
Homing Soul Arrow
Ignite (has some hyper armor, very powerful, unpredictable, very short range, but a great spell for tight spots)
Light weapon (adds an incredible amount of damage to anything it's put on)

Second Chance
Regeneration (+1%hp/s, quite useful in some spots)
God's wrath (ToB>ToG w/ 50 mag and 40 to 50 fth)

Gameplay tips and progression

Okay, this is about as good as a mage gets without decimating vitality or intelligence for damage. Here's the breakdown:

30 intelligence provides plenty of mp if you keep the phosphorescent pole on your back and a crescent weapon in 2 hands between bursts of spellslinging. 5 spell slots is perfect because you can have firespray, ignite, and either homing soul arrow or fireball. The one you gain from going to 40 is useless in my personal opinion. Going down to 24 is not recommended because you lose one spell slot and a fair chunk of mp.

The reason faith and magic are NOT equal is because you would actually lose a little bit of damage output in that split (assuming scaling between faith and mag is equal on the ToB). The reason MAG is at 50 is to reach the effective hardcap where it reaches it's optimal potential as a damage stat. The reason FTH is only at 40 is for a few reasons. While FTH and MAG scaling on the ToB are roughly identical between 30 and 50, you gain a small bonus from MAG that you do not from FTH called Magical Power. It's that number you see when you're leveling up magic (it's 5000 with 50 mag). The bonus is small, but overall, it's still one small advantage over adding to faith. Another advantage is that you deal the best damage that you can with your crescent weapon. NOW, DO NOT EXCEED 50 MAG. If you want to take the damage up further and get up to a hosting SL, add to faith because it also hardcaps at 50, get vitality to 50, and add a little endurance if you'd like. Stay below 140 and you'll see plenty of action.

Overall, normal playthroughs should be pretty easy because you can hit everything from a distance. Now, for PvP, your damage is quite high, especially once you get the Monk's Head wrap. Firespray damage is variable, but w/ 50-50, ignite ranges from 700-1100. Fireball is 500-800 usually. HSA will one-shot just about anyone, but it rarely connects and costs a lot of mp to cast. Even so, it could give you some breathing room to spice if played correctly.

Using the Adjudicator's shield and Blessed iron knuckles for their regen is a great way to keep your hp up. In addition, blessed iron knuckles work great for landing a direct hit from ignite if you use the headbutt move to push them first. The damage bonus from the push is 200+ over just using KB. If you use a knight, you do push the SL up quite a bit, so I recommend that for hosts.


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