Come on baby light my Kris Blade
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Build summary Fun PVE build that can be used in PVP rather effectively using Kris blade for pure magic damage backstabs
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 130

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 25
Endurance 13
Strength 15
Dexterity 12
Magic 70
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Armor: Very very very light: Full Shamans, Black Leather for males
For Females, recommend any light armor. Binding or pieces of the armor is a good choice.

Kris Blade +5(used as both as a incantation as well as melee weapon), Knuckles, or Claws(moon upgrade)
Insanity Catalyst for casting spells.

Shields: Knight's +10, Adjudicators. The reason I invested one point into strength are for two reasons: Ability to use knight's shield for blocking physical hits, and being able to use a bow(preferrably a long bow+10) for PVE.


Depending on how comfortable you are with a dramatic decrease in HP while trying to help a host beat a level, using ring of sharpness with friends gives a further boost in your spell damage,. Because the Kris Blade is pure magic, it stacks with the ring as well and gives it's phyiscal/melee fighting style an increase in the amount of damage it deals.

Recommended spells/miracles

OFFENSIVE: HSA, Fireball, Ignite are the top three I recommend.

You may be wondeing why choose warding, if you have SC you can use along with not just one by the ability to equip two spells when not using warding.
Well, good question:) and the reason is: Being able to take much more damage from a backstab with non blessed weapons and still live, versus having Second Chance on, most likely loosing it in one shot by a nice strong fatal +5 or even any sharp, crushing, cursed weapon.
Warding is great against cursed crushing, sharp and mostly any melee(blessing is the only exception to never use warding against). It is a great defense spell against physical weapons, but lacks any defense against magic.
Difficult to some whether to bring warding along with them on their j ourney, leaving a spell behind,. By the same token, it is for some a very very easy choice to make. Leave warding behind, take two spells instead of one.

MIRACLES:Second Chance.

Gameplay tips and progression

This is a pretty unique build I came up with. While I wouldn't say it is the strongest by any means, it can cause some big time magic damage on PVP opponents and in game enemies(PVE, or co-op play)
Here's the dealio; Kris blade, while usually not used as a melee weapon but as a catalyst for casting spells.
However, this special weapon as it is upgraded to a +5 gets an "S" rating in Magic.
Hence, while it looks like a tiny whinny little piece of nothing, if getting backstabbed by the Kris blade +5, expect a 50 vit host or phantom to lose Second Chance in one, two hits.
This is due to most builds lacking in magic offense.
Another quirky piece of this build is the extremely low faith, lack of ability to use Second Chance. However, to substitute that, your can re-cast warding several times(I'm not saying to be a troll. However, because you do not have Second Chance, I believe casting warding in a duel up to three times is not or shouldn't be any issue with "fair play"
Ignite or fireball are the two spells I recommend using with this buld.
Intelligence is 25 for reason of using one offensive spell(FB, or Ignite) combined with an defensive one(warding)
With 25 int, it will be no problem using the powerful Insanity Catalyst. Insanity Catalyst, while it serves as a light spell buffer booster to weapons, is actually also a strong spell casting tool.
Yes, I said it. Some say it has no impact on increase in damage of spells. I say and CALL BULLSH__:) Sorry playbooyss, and playgals. This is just nonsense.
Check the numbers when casting and see the increase in spell damage when using this versus the WC.
The setup I use with this build for PVP duels is as follows: Moon Claws+5 in left hand along with Insanity Cat in the other left slot.
Main weapon is Kris blade +5, which using it gives you not just good BS damage, but increases your spell damage, stacked with foe's/friend's/ring of magical sharpness which all increase damage further.
While this build has many pros(strong push into spells combo's, excellent fire damage using fireball and/or Ignite, ability to take huge amounts of damage from curse buffed weapons and BACKSTABS!!! It's important to understand that while warding is only good and "competant" against non-magic based weapons or spells, it can also be a lifesaver against the never ending use of backstabs many many players use in their fighting styles. Hence, take advantage of the ability to take major backstab hits with non-blessed weapons. even fatal upgrades while doing semi decent damage will not kill you with 50 vit in one shot. b
Another great pro this build offers like pure magic builds is the ability to do great damage with your Kris blade backstabs. Since the Blade is pure mag damage, and most builds are based around physical defense, you can expect to take one's 50 vit Second Chance away in one, or two hits. This doesn't mean you kill them as you still have to after taking their Second Chance away!!
This build is extremely funtastic(FUN AS HELLLLL) playing as a blue phantom.
While usinjg foe's if invading, you can use the friend's ring to stack with your magic damage when in soul form and a blue.
Another major pro is the enormous amount of magic stacking you can do and be creative with: Fugggly Tornado hat( fugaroni ugllytastic, but if you like it style wise or feel it gives a huge boost to the already large magic damage you dish out, by all means use it), ring of magic sharpness, which if you are daring and willing to take a huggge cut in HP in soul form, stack it with friends or foe's ring and get even more delicious magic offense:) It is fun when using it just to help other beat a board, stacking all gear that boosts up your damage.

While there are a great deal of pro's, there's also some downfalls that while you can avoid if using this build cleverly, sneaky and creatively, should you get hit for example with a blessed +5 Mirdan Hammer combo, you're pretty much "light's out"
Due to poor magic defense AND low ENDURANCE, you have to be particularly aware of your surrounding(enemies in both PVE and PVP) hopefully getting an inkling of your PVP opponent's tactics before your duel it out, I recommend being understand timing, and space, always be aware of yoru surroundings, be able to dodge spells and combo's from weapons such as the blessed Mirdan Hammer which is a weapon you do NOT want to be hit with even once with this build.

In conclusion my fellow DS slayers, playboys, players, playgirls, sexy mama's, hahaaaa..:/ Don't be scared to use this build aggressivley, using sneaky instant runs, combining lock on and lock off(pivot) backstabs, roll backstabs and even hitting with kris blade(does decent damage with a two three hits combo). Know how to use push into a splsttering, splashing FB or Ignite with the Kris blade against trollocs, escaping and rolling out from combo's and even as a tool to push in "fair duels" yes, I said it. While I am not one that likes winning just by a push combo into another, uchhummm this is directed towards you "silly Katana Pushers" as someone would say. Don't be a wiseass. Winning by Pushing is for kids, just like Tricks. That being said, push with Kris blade is like cereal with milk. Tasty, delicious but with a fair balance when using the two.
Keep that in mind my fine fellow friends.


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