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Build summary A Realistic Knight
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 89

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 40
Strength 40
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment


  • Fluted Helmet
  • Fluted Armor
  • Fluted Gauntlets
  • Fluted Leggings


  • [R1] Knights Sword
  • [R2] Blessed Mace
  • [L1] Knights Shield
  • [L2] Secret Dagger (or any dagger will do)


  • Regenerator's Ring
  • Clever/Dull Rat's Ring
  • Thief's Ring (Good on World 4 and beyond)
Recommended spells/miracles


Gameplay tips and progression

This build will not be easy. You will not have the assistance of magic or range of any kind. You will die often if you are careless. You will want to give up. You must persevere. With the help of the Blue Phantoms, those you save, your skill, and pure luck, you will conquer all that stands before you.

Starting out as a knight will give you fluted and a long sword and kite shield, which are good alternatives and can be upgraded decently, so you should be set until you acquire the weapons specified.

The Knight's Shield and Sword are located at the bottom of the stairs under the Blue Dragon in 1-4, but if you are having trouble getting there, you can farm blue-eyed knights by constantly using the Tower Knight archstone and running back for backstabs.

A good way to open the fog gate to 1-3 is to play World 4 and run through, the bosses are easy and the archdemon can be killed quickly, also a Regenerator's Ring is located on 4-1, on a cliff near the end, you can see it from the right side of the gate, behind a wall. You can also do World 5, it is the same way, just more poison and plague, but you can also find a Blessed Mace +1, after a drop to a bridge down to the rat room, behind a tick. The mace makes World 4 much easier as well.

World 3-1 is where you find the Clever/Dull Rat's Ring. The Clever ring is on the walkway with the arrow machine, shut it down and get it from one of the corpses. You can get the Dull ring by rescuing Lord Rydell. On world 1-1, you can get the Thief's Ring behind Ostrava, after jumping down after the 2nd fog gate.

For skills, try and upgrade evenly, you can put some into dexterity and luck if you wish, but I don't use it. Also, consider putting some into faith, the magic resistance is always nice.

Upgrade wise, use hardstone and try to fully upgrade the sword, use faintstone for the mace, hardstone for the dagger, and, when you have it upgraded enough, cloudstone for the shield.

For PVP, this class can be used well, you would want your Endurance higher so you could quickly roll, but the Knight's Shield is 100% Damage Reducing, so you can hold your own. I used this and on my first playthrough, it took me one try to beat the Old Monk's Black Phantom, and he was using full Brushwood, could roll in it, and utilized magic well. It took damn near an hour, but it was done and I held my own.


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