Very strong Fth/Dex build
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Build summary This build mainly uses blessed/sharp weapons in combo, with option of using the mighty Meat Cleaver
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 136

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 36
Strength 18
Dexterity 45
Magic 6
Faith 40
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Males-Old Doran's Armor, Black Leather, even Brushwood legs, black leather for arms, Shaman's chest, and chains, Soldiers helment, and Venerable Sages' look cool and have good physical/magic overall defense while being able to run, roll fast.

Females; Dull Gold Armor, Binding, Rogues.

Shields: Steel(works great against duel Kats;)), Knight's, Dark Silver Shield, and Buckler(good for parrying)
Istarelle, Large Sword Of Moonlight(LSOM has much more magic damage than Istarelle with 40 faith, so I recommend using that over Ist.

Rings; Host: Eternal, Regen, Eternal, Magic ring of Dullness(it''s ggggrrreeeeattt against BBSworld users)

If you do try invading and are successful at this SL range: Foe's, Cling or Regen(if using Adjudicator's shield on back), Cling

As co-oping blue phantom-At Sl 140 you can still get summoned quite a bit: Cling, Friends(if having pure white CT) or Regen, Cling..

Weapons: Blessed weapons, Sharp weapons, parrying daggar used instead of shield.

Meat Cleaver, Blessed Great Axe-With 18 strength, you can two hand these weapons without suffering a penalty. The meat Cleaver buffed with curse, BTurp, SWS is deadly if it connects!!

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells:Curse. If you at times prefer not using curse as buffer, you have three free slots available. Remember, if you take magic in the beginning to 10 to learn Sage Freke's spells such as clouds and definitely warding, de-level to 6, and attain use of the same spells through Yuria. (She does not require given amount of magic to learn her spells) Warding, any clouds, Demon's Prank, and other ones you can equip that requires only one stat and does not stack with magic, I recommend.

TOB-Cracked version(not meeting requirements of 18 magic, 18 faith. As with any buiilds having a cracked version of TOB when using curse as buff is in one's best interest as it decreases the amount of HP per second your HP bar loses during buff.

Miracles: Four slots:Always always always equip Second Chance for buffing pre-warding if you do have warding equipped as well. Warding only casted after SC breaks, and against trolls.
Anti-Magic field vs. God's wrath. God's wrath in 4-1 where most fair PVP takes place is rather difficult to time the casting. I personally do not like backstabbing one than casting God's wrath as for me that's a DIc_Move!!! if you do see grass spamming occuring, than I'm all for casting God's wrath whether I backstab them or not!!!:)
Other possibililty to use instead of God's wrath- Anti-magic. Works great if timed right against annoying infamours young, childish immature trolls who use running firestorm to for most part, compensate for their insecurity, lack of utter skill.
That being said, if you are a build that uses over 200MP as a pure magician but not one to use glitches, do me a favor. Use the glitch back on them. While I know how to use it, I never do whether PVE or PVP. True chumps do!! Period!!!

Gameplay tips and progression

While I know that a Dex/Faith hybrid build is nothing new to me as I've been using this mix before most felt it was even worth investing stats into. It is one of my favorite ones to use in the SL 135- 140 range. I host and invade, but for those who play PVP, understand soul level ranges, of both a host and invader, than SL 140 as you know would be considered moreso a host build.

BTW- While LostMyHeadache, someone who does not know beforehand that I have ever used this kind of build, nevertheless I give credit to , because he/she did discuss this and introduce reasons about why this build is viable for PVP. Again, I reiterate there is no connection between me using this in game and LostMyheadache coming up without any inkling from me or suggestions. I only know due to postings written by LMH. Therefor, if anything, I want to thank LMH for spreading good word about how a build like this does in a PVP setting.

There are many variations to this build. Whether it be tweaking your vitality, faith, even dex in a way that makes you feel most comfortable using this build/weapons is up to you.
For the sake of it, this is my preferred method on how I stack my faith/dex build. While there are tweaks here and there one can do with this type of hybrid, one other thing worth mentioning is increasing vit if taking it to SL 140 if hosting.regarding Intelligence, if choosing to use just use SWS or Black Turp, save a few points, and lower Intelligence to 15. While taking it to 11(using SC and Silver Coronet) can buff Second Chance, that's just straight up cheap IMO, haha:):) and lower endurance, or vitality a few notches.


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