Blessed Minister
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Build summary Cursed Crushing damage on a Faith Build
Recommended starting class(es) Female Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 38
Strength 34
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith 40
Luck **
Recommended equipment

RH1 Crushing Crescent Axe +5
RH2 Blessed Great Axe +5 (Bless CAxe if you want, but it could get confusing)
LH1 DSS +5 / KS+10 / Adjudicator +5

(The build’s very capable with other weapons, including but not limited to: DBS; LSOM; MC;
Crushing / Blessed GSword, Clay, Knight Sword, Hammer)

Minister’s Hat
Rogue’s Clothes
Hard Leather Boots
Black Gloves
(or whatever you want)

Body: Eternal Warrior, Regenerator
Soul: Cling, Friend/Foe

Recommended spells/miracles

Spell: Curse

Miracles: Second Chance
God's Wrath *or* Regeneration

Gameplay tips and progression

Stat Explanation

50 Vit: Many weapons won’t OHKO you on BS.
18 Int: Curse.
38 End: More than enough for the 2H axe combo (R1 1-2-3). Technically, 30 is enough, but
these weps are stam hogs. Don’t go below 35.
34 Str: With the two-handing multiplier, 34 x 1.5 = 51 Strength. A higher stat suffers from
somewhat diminished returns. 34 works well — see damage testing below.
12 Dex: Enough for your weapons.
6 Mag: Broken TOB for curse. Your only spell is curse, which you’ll get from Yuria, so no need
to ever level magic.
40 Fth: Blessed damage and magic resistance on par with a pure Faith build.
7 Luk: Not a BBS.

- 95% of the 2H damage (not AR, actual damage) of a pure Faith build wielding Blessed
Gaxe 5 (test comparison: 18 Str, 50 Fth)
- 94% of the 2H damage of a Pure Strength Crushing Caxe 5 (Comparison: 50 Str)
- Curse for burst damage; Blessed for after Curse expires, or if your SC cracks
- Blessed's split damage mean you’re Warding-proof. Play head-games with a Warded
opponent — use curse for a short time to lull them into false confidence.
- High magic resistance and base regen
- Your choice of Wrath after knockdown or Regeneration if your SC cracks
- All the benefits of the large axe moveset – uninterrupted strikes, 1-2-3 stunlock, rollstrike
AOE, knockdown/knockback, parry-proof when 2H, blunt damage to crush shields
- Acid proof
- Surprising HP and Stamina for a hybrid
- Style points for a vanity build!

- Only top-tier fast wep is hammer… ewww…
- As with any large weapon build, you’ll have to manage your stamina
- Whiffs have long recovery periods – watch out for backstabs
- 1H strikes with your crushing weapons will suffer more damage depletion (riposte with a
Cursed CAxe or Blessed GAxe will still crack most builds.)
- Strength mirror matches are tough. They’ll have a bit more damage and a bit more vit. Faith
mirror matches work great.
- Yes, it’s a Minister without fire spells. If you want to PVP a spellsword using Moon Caxe,
flame toss, and no cone hat, be my guest. On the other hand, with this build, your vanity
armor gives you a little protection with almost no encumbrance, allowing you to roll with
heavy weapons.

Damage Stats
The 34/40 damage stat split is surprisingly capable. I conducted extensive damage testing vs. a
variety of opponents. The following examples are vs. a SL 123 Faith build in NWT, phantom v
phantom. Damage testing yielded the following:
Blessed GAxe
- 2HR1/rolling R1: 515
- 2HR2: 661
Cursed Crushing CAxe
- 2HR1/Rolling R1: 660
- 2HR2: 794
The upshot here is that the 1-2-3 stunlock with cursed CAxe will outright KO a 50 vit phantom
through SC or crack a 90+ vit host. Stunlock isn't uncommon with a cursed CAxe, probably due
to its range.
BS and riposte cracked with both weapons.
Of course, numbers with blessed weapon are even better vs. a non-faith build.

Cursed DBS testing vs. SL 125, 53 vit opponent wearing partial king’s armor, NWT, phantom v phantom:
1HR1: 635
2HR1: 874
The upshot: DBS's high base damage works great with this build. (2) 2HR1’s will crack a
phantom or most hosts.

Key takeaway for other builds: As regards strength, 34 is the new 40, which was the new 50.

- If you want your character to resemble a Fat Minster, try to approximate their features – the
corpse-like pallor, the dead eyes, the signature jowelly leer. The listed armor set looks pretty
convincing, especially with a crescent axe on hand.
- General note: try to get Vit and Faith to 20 before you invest in anything else. Don’t get Saint
Urbane until you have 20 Faith and use it to get a pure faintstone from the woman near the 1-1
archstone. Then bring endurance up to 20ish, then Int to 15 (SC). After that, it’s up to you.
- After 1-1, get the blessed mace from 5-1. Shortcuts shown here.
(Warding isn’t necessary, per the video, and the mace is under the tick monster, not on the
corpse indicated in the video.)
- 4-1: Get the Talisman of God, Long Bow, Adjudicator Shield, a colorless soul from Sparkly
(using the talisman), and regen ring. Kill Adjudicator.
- Consider using Adjudicator’s soul for Regen or to make a Meat Cleaver (with the great club
in 2-1).
- You *must* control World Tendency in worlds 2 and 3. In world 2, you’ll need to get to pure
white for the DBS (so you can show it to Scirvir for a pure greystone) and pure black (so you can
kill Scirvir for the TOB). In world 3, you’ll need PWWT to get the rogue’s clothes. Consult the WT
guide on the wiki ( ) if you’re at all confused, play
offline, and don’t enter 2 or 3 in body form unless you’re trying to blacken world tendency.
- Everything else is pretty standard, so consult the wiki for more info.


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