Tower Knight
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Build summary A build centered around the Tower Shield, and dealing damage with the DBS
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 40
Strength 50
Dexterity 24
Magic 10
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Equipment before you get Tower Shield/DBS:
*Steel Shield (or Purple Flame Shield if you want to try for it)
*Talisman of God
*Silver Catalyst
*White Bow
*Starting armor set

Equipment after you get Tower Shield/DBS:
*Tower Shield (Adjudicators Shield on switch for health regen)
*Talisman of God
*Silver Catalyst
*White Bow
*Armor set of choice (Black Leather for resists, Mirdan, etc)

Recommended spells/miracles

*Enchant weapon (Light weapon later)
*Warding (your choice, do not really need)
*Second Chance
*Evacuate (For farming)

Gameplay tips and progression

#In world 1-1Get Cling Ring and Thief Ring, use both.
#Once at bridge where dragon is, make sure to have your armor off for max move speed, and when you hear the dragon just starting to fly towards the bridge, run to where he and the other dragon is, and loot the Purple Flame Shield which you can use in place of the Steel Shield if you want (gives 20% more flame resist, steel gives 70%, but I use Steel for looks). Pick up the Ring of Great Strength too if you'd like. NOTE: It is not required to use either, for by the time you need the equip strength to wield all the other items, you should have the END needed to use them.
#Go and kill the Phalanx.
#Next, go to world 4-1, and pick up the Compound Long Bow, and the Crescent Falchion, which will make killing the skeletons a lot easier until you get your Catalyst.
#Pick up the extra Talisman also to use as trade for Colorless Demon Soul farming.
#Pick up the Adjudicator Shield and Regenerator's Ring along the way.
#Buy some arrows from grave robber Bilge, should need only around 100 for Adjudicator, and kill him using your bow and Thief's Ring.
#Go onward to world 4-2. If you can kill the Reaper in the room with your bow, then do so, and save Saint Urbain to learn your miracles later on.
#Head towards the Hidden Black Skeleton, and pick up the White Bow. Use that bow for now on.
#Head back to the nexus, and head into world 2-1 to pick up your Steel Shield.
#Kill the Armored Spider using bows and arrows, loot soul, and head back to the nexus
#Next, go to world 3-1, and carefully make your way through the level, picking up the full Black Leather Armor set, and pick up the silver Catalyst.
#Make sure to pick up the key to save Sage Freke, and do so before you fight the boss
#Kill the Fool's Idol, loot soul, head back to nexus.
#Learn Enchant weapon from Sage Freke, and have that equipped, along with Fire Spray.
#If you have the mats to do so, level up your Halberd 1 or 2 times to keep it worth using until you get your DBS.
#Your next choice is if you want to go to world 4-2, and killed the Old Hero for Second chance, and then continue on for a easy farming area, or go to world 2-2 and 2-3 to kill the Dragon God to acquire your Dragon Bone Smasher. If you go to world 4-2, continue on. If you go to world 2-2 and 2-3, go to number
#Make sure to take your White bow with you before going to world 4-2, and Enchant weapon for good measure.
#Stock up on arrows for the fight, buy enough to be around 300, or if you are going to melee the Old hero to death, do that instead.
#Kill first reaper, continue down. Lure the skeletons one at a time, kill them, continue.
#Lure the gold skeletons one at a time, continue on. (During this whole time, you should have Enchant Weapon on to max dmg against the skeletons)
#Kill the Reapers from easy sniping positions, with the second reaper only spawning when you pass through the first fog gate. Watch for the assassin ghosts!
#For Old Hero fight, if you are using arrows, just keep your distance. For melee, make sure to have your weapon enchanted, or if you have turpentine, use that instead. Beat the crap out of him!
#Loot the soul, head back to the nexus.
#Now to get your DBS! Make sure to get second chance from Saint Urbain, and have it equipped, and have Fire Spray and Enchant weapon equipped also.
#Go to world 2-2, cast second chance, and take the shortcut down the pit. It is much easier if you just have your armor off until you can do fast rolls, makes it easier going down.
#For the Flame Lurker fight, have the Thief's Ring equipped, and run to the right side of the area, behind a pillar. Recast enchant weapon as needed, and whack him to death.
#For the final boss, check to make sure your world tendency is white, and check to make sure you have 20 units of weight available to pick up the Dragon Bone Smasher. If you do not have Fire Spray, Second Chance, or Enchant Weapon equipped, do so now!
#For this fight, it is your choice if you are alive, and for you to use the regenerators ring, and a cling ring if in soul form, if not in soul form a ring of your choice (NOTE: Thief's Ring does not help you in this fight!)
#Cast second chance again (if it is not on), and run into the portal. Watch his eyes when you fight, for when they turn red, he is going to attack!
#Hide behind the first pillar, heading to the right first. Use your bow to aim at the debris, and use fire spray to take them out, clearing the way.
#Run all the way to the end, and shoot the first bolt thing into him. Run down the stairs, and repeat step 32 until all the rubble is cleared.
#Run all the way to the end, fire the 2nd bolt thing into him. Run down to his head, cast enchant weapon, and whack his glowy spike thing to death, making sure to not be in front of him when he breathes outward.
#Before you leave, Head back to where you entered the area, and take the left path instead. If you have white world tendency, the rubble should be gone, and the DBS right there! MAKE SURE TO HAVE 20 WEIGHT SLOTS OPEN BEFORE YOU TAKE IT! If you do not, and you leave the area, you CANNOT get it again until your next play through.
#Now go to step 19 and clear world 4 for farming purposes.
#After doing that, kill the tower knight in world 1-2 which will be a joke, get the Iron Keys from world 1-3, and return to 1-2 to get your Tower Shield. HAVE 30 WIEGHT AVAILABLE FOR THIS, OR YOU CANT GET IT AGAIN TILL THE NEXT PLAY THROUGH!


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