Dark Samuri Build
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Build summary Fast and deadly samuri build
Recommended starting class(es) I would start with royalty
Recommended Soul Level 75-120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 25/30
Will/Intelligence 20/25
Endurance 30/40
Strength 30/40
Dexterity 30/40
Magic 20/25
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • Equip A

Uchigatana+5 x2
Silver catalyst
Shawman top
gloom gloves and boots
Circlet you get from starting equips in royalty
Any talisman
Thief's ring
Ring of great strength
And either Lava Bow or White Bow

Recommended spells/miracles

Now these are crucial to the samurai's build
curse weapon
Second Chance
Soul arrow
Poison cloud

Gameplay tips and progression

This is a dual wielding build, so thats where the major end. comes into play, you will be moving a lot and waiting for the right moment to attack, as all samurai, we are patient.
This is a fast and deadly class, which is very great for pve and pvp.
With second chance, it gives you time to get use to the class, and in case you goof up its there to save your life. The Uchigatana can be used as a 2-handed weapon for when you need more dmg to kill tougher things, but if you really want a challenge just use the dual Uchi's
The reason you should start out with Royalty, is you already have soul arrow, and you can already learn Miracles. This class combines not only high maneuverability, But strong attacks also.
This class has only let me die 5 times so far, and i made it through ng with out dying once. and i am currently in ng+
One last tip, dont goto the second world untill you have already got most of the equipment and spells. as it can prove to be quite a challenge.


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