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Build summary Guide to make an awesome strength pvper in a couple hours
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 139 or 120(Good pvp at 139 IMO. Keep strength at 50 if you want a 120 pvper)

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50---For good survivability---
Will/Intelligence 18---Curse Weapon---
Endurance 40---Maxed out energy meter---
Strength 70/50---Depending on what SL you want. Raise it for scaling weapon damage on crushing weapons---
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith 16---Second Chance---
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Here is a list of weapons that you should be using if you follow the build and I'll be listing them in priority in which I think they are needed. Please note that you can't use these all at the same time and you may need to mix and match these to suit YOUR OWN needs.

Recommended Equipment


Slot One

  • +5 Dragon Bone Smasher I'll refer to it as DBS
  • +5 Crushing Great Axe (Probobly your best choice if you like to roll strike. Always good to have one)
  • +5 Crushing Claymore Yet again I don't use it too much but from the battles I HAVE used it in it was very effective.
  • Meat Cleaver I don't use this for pvp because I think the DBS (Dragon Bone Smasher) and great axe are better weapons, but I know a lot of people use the cleaver to so I'll put it in the list for those guys.

Slot Two
This is where you can put whatever back-up item you wish to use but this is what I use and find useful when backed into a corner.


Slot One
The left hand is typically for trinkets or shields or whatever else you may want so here are my recommendations.

  • +5 Adjudicator's Shield Regains health pretty quickly when at level 5. I usually don't block with it but have it on my back for it's health regeneration.
  • +5 Dark Silver Shield This is for blocking or parrying attacks because it blocks all weapon damage. It also blocks all magic so it's useful against mage builds.

Slot Two
Feel free to use whatever talisman you want but the talisman of beasts is the easiest to cast both your SC (Second Chance) and Curse Weapon. Since this build can't use Talisman of Beasts efectively, it decreases the damage that Cursed Weapon deals on yourself. Thats a good thing!


This is a strength build so you're probobly going to be weilding some pretty heavy weapons so light armor will probobly be your best choice. Mix and match any armor sets that will allow you to roll with ALL your equiped weapons or trinkets. The current armor I'm using is listed below.

With DBS

Without DBS

I play a female character and I'm not sure what works for Males. I think your best bet is a mix of Ancient King's Armor and Black Leather If not using DBS. If you use DBS you are strictly limited to the Black Leather set. As for Female you should use the Binded Cross set so you don't hurt your stamina regeneration rate too bad.



Recommended spells/miracles


As soon as you're summoned, invaded, or invading you're going to want to cast Second Chance as soon as possible. Take an Old Spice to regain your MP (mana points). After bowing or when the fight is about to begin cast Cursed Weapon and take another Old Spice (This will set you up for the next fight or if you want to use Cursed Weapon again once it's run out. It's optional though because it's risky in combat. You may also wanna cast Sticky White Stuff or Black Turpentine if run out of MP.

Gameplay tips and progression


If you follow my instructions you can meet my build's stats in little over 30 minutes! Getting weapons and completing the game (to get beast demon's soul and the Red Soul Sign) may take about and hour or two more time depending on if you're still a novice or are an experienced player. Let's get started!

After you customize your character and create your Temple Knight you will have the choice to go to the nexus or complete the tutorial. Novices will want to take the tutorial for the grass. Whether you completed the tutorial or just started the game, go to Boletarian Palace. You don't need to save Ostrava, of Boletaria but you can if you want his telescope or other goodies. Continue through the level skipping all the monsters possible if you're experienced. Novices should kill all the creatures to progress through Boletaria. Be sure to pick up some Firebombs and Turpentine to kill phalanx faster.
Once phalanx is dead head back to the nexus and talk to The Monumental and accept his mission. You need to accept the mission if you want Friend's Ring.


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