Fatal Mistake
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Build summary An invader build that is effective for competitive PVPing in the right hands.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight due to SL4
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 60
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 30
Strength 15
Dexterity 60
Magic 6
Faith 13
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Armor: Men: Shamans, Shamans, and Shamans Pajamas.
Females: Rogue
For armor you want these two mentioned due to their light weight, ability to roll fast(back and forward;) and IMO even though under 50% burden allows anyone to roll fast, I truly feel that Old Doran's while a great piece of armor indeed for physical, mag and fire defense does not allow you to run as quickly as if naked or wearing Shamananadingdong.

-Main Hand(RH1)-Always using fatal upraded weapn in a right hand slot: recommended weapon to use in fatal upgrade: Estoc, Daggar, Winged Spear.

-Second Right Hand Slot: Either Sharp upgraded weapons; Uchi's, Estocs, Daggars, Scythe, Winged and Short Spears, and Makoto +5(good when opponent is down to the lower end of his/her HP. Makoto's uchis are good in this case for surprise tactics such as when opponent is low on health, using thrust/charge for finishing move.

-Shields: Buckler, Knight's. Reason I personally do not use or put in DSS is due to the fact you need 16 to use it for blocking.
The purpose of this build is to use deadly backstab tactics, while at the same time being able to use a shield not just for blocking for parrying.

-Against blessed weapons, spells. Three choices: Dodge..ALOT, roll Backstab, or use parry daggar if you have the BAL__ to try parrying:)(I would, especially against MH users, parrrying is and has become quite easy and fun to do.

Rings:I highly recommend this build either used as blue or invader(black, red eye stone)
If however, you decide to use it in body form:
Rings: Eternal, Regen or Magic Dullness

As blue Phantom: get pure white Character tendency and use Cling/Friends
As red, or black phantom(red being dropping red stone, black representing invader) always have pure black character tendency and equip Foes, Cling rings.

Optional choice of upgraded weapons: Both Tearing and Mercury.
While many of many feel these babies don't work that great, I will tell you in my personal experience, I've had the luxury of killing quite a few with a sexy tearing Kilij.
Mercury Uchi's are slice, and tearing shotels are damn sexy too.
I'm telling ya. These upgrades have and unfortunately will always be underated. Just like the Fatal +5 mail breaker I broke a 50 vit host second chance with. Yes, that Mail Breaker.
A bit off topic, but I wanted to mention that any weapon that is never used, I use.
Any weapon that is supposedly has no business being in the game, message me and I'll argue that(ofcourse in a nice way, but still, will prove that in the hands of many of many, any weapon with EXCEPTION TO needle of Eternal Agony and that crap that Freke gives you(look similar to mail breaker but is magic based) is worth trying.
Heh, do yourslef a favor. If you have a dex build take a fatal mail breaker, parry a black skeleton in 4-1 and you see what happens!!

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Warding-Because I have not included Second Chance in this build(wanted to be creative, not always making builds that require Second Chance.
While I know there are some great builds out there from many players and am grateful for their insightfulness into DS PVP, like them, I try to unique, or at least tweak certain stats at this point of my DS career, LOL in not necessarily using things that most of DS community does. Hence, reason decided to not use Second Chance, but only Warding.

If you want to go butt naked, not using any offensive spells, be my guest.

NOW the ONE TIME AND I MEAN IT"S A BIGGGGG ONE TIME you should go full out in stealth mode, is against hosts with blues(or just hosts) that you know are trolls, and have never seen before. I say this since many new players may have no idea if they are trolling.
By the fifith freakin time you come across these same people, it's time to put warding back in the Nexus with sexy Yuria, give her a nice kiss, equip your Acid and Poision Cloud combo and get going.
Enter there world but nakes(or if you want ofcourse with Shamans since it does not show aura;) and start stabbing, or using tearing and mercury weapons in combo with the clouds, recover, repeat, recovery, repeat, and so forth.
Try not to finish them early on. Make them suffer, and even they could care less, it's still fun to troll trolls.

Miracles: None!!

Gameplay tips and progression

Although this is a dex build, I wanted to give you a great setup that is not used for sneaky around, hiding behind corners trolling. Nah. this build used in deadly hands is an Assasin one, competitive PVP invader one on one dueling.


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