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Build summary Pure faith/magic build that uses blessed and crescent weapons together in combat
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 140

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 11
Endurance 36
Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Magic 45
Faith 50
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Recommended Weapon setup: Blessed Knight's, Crescent and Moon Uchigantas, Crescent Estoc

Armor for men: Old Doran's, Sage Freke's, Shamans, Black Leather
Females: Binding, Rogues, pieces of Dull gear

Rings: Body form: Eternal/Regen, Eternal/Ring of Magical Dullness(does not effect damage of crescent or moon upgraded weapons!!)
Soul form: Blue-Friends/Cling, Cling/Regen
Invader, or Red duel phantom:Foes'/Cling, Regen/Cling

Shields: Adjudicator, Knight's, DSS, Buckley
Left Hand weapons: Crescent, or Moon Uchi(you can equip one of the shields with a uchi, and blessed knight sword if wearing full shamans, black leather, or chest and legs of King Dorans. Females; I apologize as I have never created a female character but I suppose full Binding, and Rogues while still being able to roll fast equipping shield, uchi, and blessed Knights???

TOG-Cast God's Wrath
TOB-Casting Basically unless you want to use ring of magical nature in body form to get one extra slot and be able to equip warding(not recommended) the only spell you can equip in PVP that's even worth using are Acid against troller, and Poision against troller. I don't like using either unlesss….It's against trollers. Just My Opinion….
Because you only have 11 in Intelligence since I sacrificed that stat in order to increase more important ones, , you always have to use Silver Cat and SIlver Coronet for that extra MP to be able to cast Second Chance. Don't leave the Nexus without them. If possible, going through multiple Playthroughs bring along multiple Coronets, Silver Cat especially if broken by Scraping Spear. This is a reason and good one why SS should be considered a troll weapon!!!!

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Useful for PVE that only take up one slot: Water spell(very useful against that beast of a flamelurker but only in NG wearing ring of flame resistance, Especially useful on lava pits too!!!
Other options: Poision, Acid as mentioned, Cloak for temporarily making you invisible.
Finally warding, in case you want to equip in body ring of magical nature. This may actually be useful against Maneater if not used to fighting him. In fact, using thiefs ring and ring of magical nature I highly recommend for new comers!!:)

Miracles:Second Chance, and for offensive Miracle always use Talisman of God, not the TOB for casting Gold's wrath!!!

Gameplay tips and progression

I think using a left hand crescent uchi while as main hand a blessed knight's sword is a pretty smooth set up. Along with the adjudi shield for added regen, or one like Knight's for parrying.

Crescent at 45 does a bit more physical damage and may be the overall better option in combining the physical with it's magic than moon. Maybe it's 50, but at 45, crescent nevetheless does damage especially against non-faith buiild. Very good actually against dex and crushing that aren't hybrids with faith.

Again play around, tweak the build to your desire. Like using Estoc, Kilijs instead of Uchi's> Use the Estoc as backup weapon to blessed knights in second Righ hand slot. You can then lower your strength hence either taking the extra stats and adding them to magic, blessed, or even vit. Other option, lower endurance as well a tiny bit and you can get down to the SL 130 arena. Not as strong of build but nevertheless just as fun!!

Have fun!!


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