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Build summary A fun co-op as a blue phantom build in helping hosts complete levels using the expllooosiveness of God's wrath
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 30
Strength 15
Dexterity 12
Magic 6
Faith 75
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Armor-Quite honestly-Any.

RINGS: Well, since I suggest using in PVP, as a blue phantom.
Any one of these combinations with cling-Friends, Regen, RofMDullness, Ring of Sincere Prayer. Dull's(Good when used with warding)
If you like, you could always use this build for PVE in body or PVP in completing levels.

Body form: Thiefs, Regen, Ring of Magic Dullness, Eternal Warriors, Sincere Prayer.
Basically any ring can be useful for certain levels. For example, ring of flame resistance used with water spell works wonders in NG against Flamelurker and always good when walking on lava swamps in 2-2.
Another example a limited ring comes in handy is Ring of Poison resistance in the creepy 5-2 swamps. Frightmare!
Istarelle is a sexy stack with this ring. Using Istarelle +5 as main and Istarelle +4 on your back (two +5 of same special items do not stack, for some reason but when they are different levels of colorless soul upgrades such as a +5 and +4, you bet they do!
Don't worry about Istarelle's not meeting it's dex req. It is a faith based weapon with crap physical damage to begin with. Only time it is an issue is in PVP hitting one's shield. It will break and bounce off as it already is a pretty delicate weapon. Since I recommend you do not use this as a PVP invader or host build, have no fear:) . In 5-2 with two Istarelle's and ring of p. resistance this sexy combination nets you over 3000K in resistance. Wear black leather and ya get even a bit more

Weapons: As mentioned already, Istarelle. Also, aside from the blessed weapns listed right below, Large Sword Of Moonlight is a great weapon to use with high faith.
Blessed weapons: Any that only needs 15 two one hand; Knights, Long sword, Mace, Morning Star. Try the dreaded Battle Axe. May be good in sooting that ego of yours while you take a break from PVP.
Due to not meeting strength requirements, have to use two handed: MH, Claymore, and Guillotine Axe.

Shields: Knight's, Buckley(good for parries), and Adjudicators to put on back when two handing weapon.
DSS shield-Due to not meeting strength req for blocking, nevertheless, when put on back, it gives a boost in magic defense. Good with the LSOM.

DSS+5,(on back since you need 16 to use one handed for blocking) and Adjudicators.

Fun Items that come in handy-Firebombs used in 5-1 against those nasty rats, and dredglings in 1-1 in the staircase that leads down to the lever that opens gate to get the cling ring.

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles; Second Chance, God's Wrath
Always use TOG for God's wrath. Even if you took magic up to 18, the TOB still will have puny damage compared to the powerhouse damage the TOG will do.

Spells: Warding, or for what it's worth, even acid cloud. IN 1-4, using it against the red knight's could be a lifesaver. Not only that, but be sure to always have soul remains on you.
Perfect for dealing with those fellas. You think when it comes to chasing soul remains these enemies give two SH—s about us? It's like trying to focus in what a friend is saying when a sexy long legged….you get the point…That's what Soul remains is to them.

Gameplay tips and progression

Start with why I said any armor is doable:
Being this is not a competitive build used for invading 4-1, but rather a fun, interesting one not only for PVEing but as a blue in helping hosts beat a level.
SL 125 is a great range to get summoned alot. Make sure you have pure whte CT and friends ring. If you want, use Ring of Sincere Prayer for faster, more bone crushing miracle action instead. Beauty of this build is it's a stress free one!!!
Just one thing….No matter how heavy the armor, make sure with the weapons equipped, even if over the burden, that it isn't to the point you are fatfatrolling. that's not just annoying my fine fellow friends, but no one likes to play with another(no pun intended) while they are at the end of the level, looking back at you, no where in sight, since you haven't even left the beginning, LOL>..
In all seriousnes, relax, have a COOLATTAAAA!! CHIILLLLLL!!!!>
You may be thinking why the hell waste points in intelligence when it is a faith based build. My answer to that is; because you get to do a DUEL WRATHHHH! blast one god's wrath, one right after the other!
A perfect time to also use this would be against medussa face in 3-1. Ever use soul remains after first fog gate, and right where you need a key to open the gate that leads to where the medussa is roaming about?
Throw a soul remain at the gate, wait…all of a sudden she pops out. Just make sure that if she happens to spot you, you are far enough from the gate that you don't get blasted by her magic thing majig. Once she sees the soul remains, she'll slowly creep up to the gate. Bam wham thank you mam!!! Blast h er with a god's wrath, or even a MH through the gate for the kill! Yes!!! Touche. Now that some funky crap I learned while playing exhaustive countless hours of PVE. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve. One other thing you can do with god's wrath in 3-1. After getting PWWT, you know where you get the rogue's clothes?
Go all the way down the isle to the last jail cell. Open it up, blast god's wrath, and guess who is under that cell? That disgusting looking ball of human bonessssssss.
Ahaaaaaa…Ahhaaaaaaaaaaa….Ah what do you know ya…


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