The PyroKnightsman
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Build summary A swordsman that uses blessed Knights'sword in dealing good backstab and critical hit damage with the fuse of a hot ignite blast to the face of opponent
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 30
Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Magic 30
Faith 50
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Equipment/Weapons: Blessed Knights Sword, TOB, Kris Blade, and Adjudicator's, DSS, or Knight's Shield.
Be sure that you always have your spell catalyst on same side as your DSS shield, since if this particular shield is out while casting a spell, the damage you deal decreases.
Buckler Shield is another shield you can use instead of Knight's if you like to parry.
Knights is more durable oveall, and has much better defense.

Rings: Soul Form
Black/Red(eye stone) phantoms: Foe's?Cling
Blue: Friends/Cling

Body: Eternal/Regen, Eternal/Regen Eternal/Flame resistance.
Here's an odd setup. Flame resistance DOES NOT lower fire spell damage you deal.
While ring of magical sharpness would lower your magic defense, defeating purpose of investing stats into faith, I recommend usin gthis build in soul form. Reasons why this build is better in soul form:

-Within the perfect PVP range for one vs one duels against another phantom.
-If you play as a blue, with pure white CT, great SL range for getting summoned to co-op worlds with host.
-30 magic in soul form as black/blue/red phantom has huge boost in damage plus does not lose magic defense. While in body form, the ring of magical sharpness would decrease mag defense dramatically, defeating reasons for investing points into faith, the foe's or friends ring does the same amount of damage as the sharpness ring without any loss of magic defense.

While I don't recommend serious PVP duels as host, should you decide to do so:
Rings: Eternal/Regen, Eternal/Ring of Magical Sharpness(lowers mag defense considerably, increases spell damage), and….Regen or Eternal with//Ring of Flame Resistance.

The reason I added ring of flame resistance is due to the fact that unlike the magic sharpness ring, using ring of flame resistance DOES not effect fire spell damage.
Interesting isn't it? Not too get too into details as there isn't much to it, but when you calculate how much damage fire spells do on another PVP player, it goes by there endurance. Still with 30 magic, stacked with all the other equipment even with someone having 40 endurance along with old Kind Doran's armor, you will do great damage!
Flame resistance however, is a good option against other mag's who tend to use fire spells.
While it doesn't completely make you immuned to fire damage by any means, it could potentially be the difference between getting hit four times by a strong fire spell instead of three.

Armor: Speaking of endurance, 30 isn't too much to brag about.
It's the minimum any melee build should ever has.
In actuality, smaller weapons work wonders with high endurance do to multiple hits and fast swings.
However to get it at the popular PVP range, I had to sacrifice endurance out of all others to make this build competitive.
Hence, with 30 just be careful and watch your stamina. Multi task baby! have to keep your eye on your opponent too since you definitely don't want to be caught in a nice MH stunlock baby babe.

Recommended Armor: Females: Rogue, Binding
Men: Old Doran's(chest and legs) along with any of the following suit well: black Leather, Venerable Sages', or Shamans.
Silver Coronet for a tiny whiny bit more of MP. Personally I like Freke's hood;)

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles: Second Chance, God's Wrath

Spells: Fireball or Ignite with Firespray, Soul Ray, Demon's Prank, hot and sexy water veil, and any other oddball one slot spell you can equip. YOu get three slots with 18 intelligence.
Personally, I recommend just sticking with either Fireball or Ignit. Wanted to take it to 18 so Ihad that extra bit of two, three more fireballs, ignite until fully draining MP bar.

If for some dumb reason you are prefer using warding instead of either of these two fire spells: THEN :DON"T USE THIS BUILD,haha!!!!

Gameplay tips and progression

May be thinking this build's Intelligence is wayyyy too low to be considered at all a true PVP build.
If you think in terms of just mixing it up, not caring, strategizing, understanding each and every opponents moves as well as trying to predict their next steps and when a good time to set up a nice running R1 knight's slash in combo with R2 than wham bam ignite or fireball splash IN YOUR FACE!! IN YOUR FACE!!! Nyyyaaaa…
Back on topic, this build uses strategy. Melee with a vicoius Kanish fire spell.

While you can tweak this build up and give it a nice trim off faith to add a few points to vit, this is the way I allocated them according to what I deem as most appropriate.
A blessed build that uses fast smaller weapno versus the heavy hitting Blessed but slow and common GAXE. I like using the most non-intimidating builds as many of times it catches those off guard. You don't have to use a DBS mag to do anything FTW-Shout out to those yeahh!!!Can take five points from faith and put in vitality if you prefer having a bit more

Blessed Knight has good critical hit, backstab damage and fast swings.
Just keep an eye out for stamina as you have 30 which isn't 40 which isn't 20 either.
Get it? Decent stamina using knight's but because you're also usin gfire spells, this is not what I deem a complete melee build. So, slow your roll. You can do plenty of damaage and gain the upper hand in battles.
Speaking of the DBS(Sorry can't help myself) should you see anyone using it buffing Bturp as the cherry on top, can be a bit of an issue as the DBS not only has grond pound Giant vs. Goliath Phantom range but Mother FUCKKLRFDFD has a ton of fire defense along with it.
Ahhhaaaaa, Ahhaaaaaaaa..

but that is the deceving part.
IF you are good at critical hits, and backstabs, this little fast swiping sword can do plenty of damage. Add on ignite or fireball both in phantom form using foe's and Kris blade do great damage. I recommend using Ignite if you prefer aggressive close up combat and are good with lock off casting. Fireball can be upclose and personal locked on or off, mid range and from distance recommend only lock on. Sometimes lock on while running to opponent, than lock off and casting fireball will cause good splash damage.
This isn't the easiest build to use, and will fight against many of great players on yoru journey:) Be conffdient, young Jedi. For you are the next Demon Souls slayer!!hahhaa


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