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Build summary A Fatal archer build that deals fatal backstabs and targets enemies with a fine eye.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 35
Strength 16
Dexterity 60
Magic 6
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Armor: Shaman's(looks actually cool when using dex weapons, Old Doran's, Black Leather.

Shields: DSS, Buckleys, and Knights
Reason I do NOT mention Adjudicators is because this build is better using one handed fatal and shield(blocking and parrying)
By using adjudicators, with no other regen based ring or weapon, it has no pupose. IT is weak i blocking and thus much better shields as mentioned above are recommened.

Rings:Phantom form(Build recommend using as an invader or blue phantom)
Invader, or Red phantom(red stone duels) Foe's, Cling
Blue dueling red/balck or co-op play with host-Friends, Cling
PVE-Cling, thiefs, or any ring you desire
Body form PVE or as PVP hosting/dueling-Eternal with any Ring you like.

Weapons; While this build can obviously be used strictly using sharp weapons, as main, or backup to fatal, I recommend always trying new things and techniques out. For that reason, I recommend using fatal upgraded weapons using the following: Estoc, winged spear,, Secret Dagger,
Second Right Slot; Compound Long Bow +5 to use in shooting danerously vicious kanishes white arrows right in the face of your opponent. "got youuuuuuuu"-Kill Bill

Other options to substitutte for long bow: Mercury upgraded and tearing dex weapons; Can come in handy if you get a critical or normal hit when opp. HP is rather low.

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles: Second Chance(Use TOB)

Spells: Use TOB-Warding.
Because of the increasing amount of trolls if you decide to leave warding just where it is with Yuria, and equip acid/poison cloud, be my guest. Whether these jumpers can repair there equipment by duping their souls isn't important. Blinding them, backstabbing and using acid bombs is extremely irritating even for jumpers!
I do not promote jumping, but I do expect to pay my respects back to them.
Acid/poison is a great combo for this.
Other option instead of any of these spells, is death cloud(take up two slots)
This will impede an opponents stamina in half, and while these days like repairing a weapon it's easy to just puill out a duped Dark Moon Grass, the key thing with this build is to put pressure on your enemy(against a troll if using dealth cloud:) and going for the backstab when they do try to grass.
Always play aggressive with this build, keep someone on their toes.

-If you also want to use cloak with a cloud against uchummmm..trolls, jumpers, turn this build into a sneaky backstabbing machine.

Gameplay tips and progression

While there are your typical dex thief builds out there, I wanted this to be one that is an actual fair, competitive PVP one.
With 60 dex, fatal weapons(even mercury, tearing, and ofcourse sharp:) increase in their damage past 50 in dex. The difference? Because these babies are used for explosive backstabbing damage, the difference between breaking a 50 vit hosts SC, versus a 60 vit one. is the extra invested points I put in dex.
Using the bow and in close range especially pulling it out just in time to smack a duel kat in the face with a niiice white arrow, will keep opponents on their toes. Getting hit by a white arrow with 60 dex using compound long bow +5 is no joke. Does over 400 in damage.

Could you take vit up to 70, dex to 40 and still use this build effectively? Sure, except your fatal damage will be low enought to potentially not break a hosts 50 vit SC, decrease in oveall damage from sharp weapons, as well as white arrows that hit targets.
Other than that, it's your choice.
Personally, 60 dex, 50 vit is a great PVP invader build. Increase in damage using foe's ring, phantom form stack with CT(have pure black character Tendency)


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