H3LLs BBS Build
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Build summary My Variation and setup upon request (last edidited 8/14/11)
Recommended starting class(es) I started as a Royal, tho im not sure starting as a Wanderer might not be better.
Recommended Soul Level 135

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 42
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 24
Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Magic 30
Faith 18
Luck 50
Recommended equipment
  • Yes, I'm even posting a BBS Build lol I know we are all tired of seeing these things, but after i finally built my first variation I'm not against saying i know why EVERYONE has one lol.
  • Some reasons why i posted this:

1. the BBS builds posted left luck stat unspecified or i thought it was to low. (not saying there crappy builds at all)
2. A friend watched me pwn in body form with my BBS and asked what my AR was and said WOW I want that.
3. I want to be the one to post this because i think its understood to do this with your BBS but everyone is keeping it to themselves. >_<
4. I'm not a new kid on the block I have played DS for a long time, just lots of accounts. So take what i say with at least a little more salt than usual please. HERE WE GO

  • Weapons BBS Build equals DUH

1. But if you want to be creative you can use Moon Utchis in your 2H slot.

1. a.. duh. DSS

1. Leather set
2. Black leather set
3. Mix the two
4. Ancient king set (sub in #s 1 and 2 wherever needed)


  • body

1. Eternal Warriors Ring
2.Regenerators Ring or Ring of Magical Dullness

  • Soul Form

1. Cling Ring
2. Foe/Friend's Ring

1. its good to have sws or btp with so you can have some AR after your LW gives out on your BBS.
2. any grass…. i don't care.. YOU COW. (no really any grass will do.)

Recommended spells/miracles

1. as if i need to tell you, LIGHT WEAPON


1. k now i want y'all to be creative with this…
(just use SECOND CHANCE)

Gameplay tips and progression
  • K so now I'm going to give the ARs for my variation in this build.
LUCK 1H Act Dam 2H Act Dam ADD LW 1H Act Dam 2H Act Dam
50 374 384 617 627
  • Now, adding in some percentage boosts from your Character Tendency or World Tendency, your Foe/Friend's ring, and you will get a more exact damage out put when you are player vs. player "ing" online. Its pretty sick damage.
  • Even the infamous faith builds wont offer up too much protection against your Actual Damage.
  • K, now those who have read my other builds know pretty much what I'm going to say next.

1. Yes I'm using this build, yes it does kill.
2. No, i will not go into tips on how best to go about getting this build finished.
3. No build regardless is the best. 1/3rd of your chances at success is the build, the other 2/3rds comes down to skill and skill alone.
4. I do not mean to upstage anyone's version of this build, this is just what has worked best for me.
5. If you do comment please ask smart questions not "Why is endurance so low" because the answer is obvious you need the stat points for luck and Vit.



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