challenging build
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Build summary If you do not like a challenge don't use this build if you do like a challenge youll get alot of souls and stuff
Recommended starting class(es) thief
Recommended Soul Level 110

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 15
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance **
Strength 18
Dexterity **
Magic 11
Faith 10
Luck 99
Recommended equipment

Note if you want it really hard don't upgrade

R1 mercury dagger 5

R2 quality short sword 5

L1 baby's nail 5

L2 ToB

Armour ( if any) black leather

Items crescent moon grass, half moon grass, fresh spice

you don't have to where any rings but if you do here they are

Soulform rings cling ring and ring of herculean strength since you'll be getting alot

Fullform rings herculean strength and ring of great strength only if you chose to use some of the bps weapons which will usually make game play easier if you don't ring of averace

Recommended spells/miracles

Spell poison or death cloud

Miracle recovery

Gameplay tips and progression

Ok before things get hard you have to beat 1-1 get shards of archstone after that's all done go to 3-1 and kill the bp by the boss get her stuff and enter the fog get the baby's nail and if your in full form die if not try to kill her
Now normally I wouldn't recommend this but its alot easier use the Thomas and Boldwin duplication glitch to get alot of emphemeral eyes and go to every world and die in full form 8-9 times making it pure black tendency note that after you kill a demon die so it stays pure black plus when you kill any of the five key black phantoms (Miralda, Scirver, Rydell, Satsuki, Selen Vinland) you must die three times.Start back at 1-1 and kill Miralda then continue untill you kill the tower knight then go to 3-1 and kill Rydell and beat the demon if you haven't yet now finish off the world getting everything especially mercury stone found there and in the 5th world after that go to 2-1 and play untill you get blacksmith Ed make sure to upgrade dagger next kill the spider and flamelurker but before you kill the flamelurker kill Skirver which can be found by taking shortcut he's tough so let him deplete his mp then block and counter pick up ToB now go and kill the flamelurker and bring his soul to Ed so you can upgrade babys nail by now you should be able to plus 2 if you went every where and got everything I the worlds I told you to do now all that's left is to level up kill bps and remember to die when needed just buy the shortsword you could use the knight sword instead if you want.


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