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Build summary Phantom form Build that uses the powerful sharp Estoc using a cracked TOB to curse it up alongside a potent version of fast casting soul ray
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 28
Endurance 27
Strength 16
Dexterity 30
Magic 30
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Weapons; Main: Sharp Estoc
Backup: Fatal upgraded weapon: Winged Spear, Estoc, Secret Daggar…
-Optional: instead of using a shield, can always use a sharp parry daggar in your left hand slot for repos…

Shields: Knight's, or DSS

Armor: Males: Old Doran's, Freke's Hood, Black Leather Boots.
Females: Binding, Rogues.

Rings;PVE body form: ring of Magical Sharpness, Thief's
Soul form: Cling, Ring of Magical Sharpness/Thiefs

PVP :Blue Phantom: Cling, Friends
Red(red stone drop) Black phantom(invader)-Cling, Foe's

Catalyst Start off using Wooden Catalyst. Once you get the Yellow boss soul from Old Monk go to Blacksmith in 1-1 and convert into Insanity Cat.

Cracked TOB-For casting cursed weapon. While some say the higher your magic stat is, the more HP will be drained from your vitality when using, this is not true. Regardless of the amount of magic versus faith, if one doesn't meet the requirement, it is still considered cracked, therefore drains less HP than it would if you met the requirements(18 mag, 18 faith) .
In order to use, must pre-buff before PVP fight, immediately unequip and take out your Insanity Catalyst for casting soul ray.
On another note, hopefully there are not too many trolls/jumpers out there in hiding on your journey of exploration. This build is great if you are fighting a fair host, blue or invader. Able to pre buff, than immediately unequip TOB and take out insanity catalyst.
There is no downfall to this. I do not expect others to re-buff during a duel(unless they want to get the Fuc___ backstabbed. Hence, I expect same from me. The TOB has it's purpose and that is to buff your weapon once, using fatal as a backup if necessary once curse wears off.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Cursed, and Soul Ray

Miracles: Second Chance

Gameplay tips and progression

With 30 in dex, using sharp estoc dipped with curse spell, you will do damage, especially in phantom form using foe's or friends.
I'm at work, hence the reason why what you're about to read is a sloppy joe mess of important information!!!! Please forgive me:)

Because this build only has four slots(could have done five, either boosting SL to 128, or deducting few points from endurance, but feel there is no need to) soul Ray is the preferred spell to use.
The fact that your weapon will be cursed,hence unable to swtich between estoc and kris Blade, be sure to keep a fatal +5 secret daggar as a backup weapon.
Left hand slots consist of a shield(either DSS or Knight's, even the parry daggar, along with the insanity Catalyst.
Once you buff(hopefully you are fighting hosts, or blues that don't like gangbanging but rather something called "respectful duels" that let you get ready.
Buff up your curse, respice so you can use the mighty Soul ray and off you go.
Some tips: When using Soul ray, there are many tricks you can do. For one thing, when opponent is down, rather than do this "wake up" turn around unlocked than hit target, I have a much easier method. It's called Dan the Man's instant non-glitch spell cast. I am telling players this because I want everyone to be able to learn, get the chance to compete against top notch players.
This is how you truly cast a fast spell. Ready: Instead of having to turn back away from opp, than right away swticharoo unlocked and cast, simply press back analogue stick away from the direction you are looking at, and immediately while still holding down analogue press R1 or R2(whichever your catalyst is in) This does an immediate hit, as if you're about to turn around, but instead, the spell is casted. ,You know you are doing it correctly if your characters head twitches slightly, than cast the spell.
While I will not say other's do not know how to do this, I usually only have heard about unlocked turn around wake up hits. BTW-Remember one thing when doing this method. Never ever ever ever ever be locked on your target.
Talking about other methods, because this build offers this particular one, I will discuss another.
Dan's Surprise push lock escape method. Ever try to escape a noobs knuckle sandwich push. Now you can my friends. I don't expect those who are fair duelers to consider push knuckles a fair or fun build to use. Therefore, I am teaching you how to escape. I hoep there are people looking at this build because it will begin a fair and competitive new era of getting rid of glitchers who claim that what they are doing is skil which it isn't. Pushlocks are irritating, they are annoying, they are not glitches, but they are troll moves.
My answer after doing numerous testing my fellow players; How about unlock whenthey start pushing, use the same exact method as the one above(hold down analogue opposite of direction you are facing in this case looking at your opponents ugly fugly face:) and immediately press R1 or R2. Only thing with this is once you do that, roll out immediately. Same as you DO WHEN A nice F'in DBS BoNE Crusher with googey disgusting icky wicky stuff eeewhhweewer hits you, haha.
On ground always be ready the minute you go flying to press the roll out button while in air.
This helps because rather than pressing button once you already are on the ground, if you press it prior to that, it immediatley will allow you(hopefully if there isn't too much lag on either one's side) to roll escape and potentially get the better of a DBS hitter by unlocking and parrying(I dare ya, if you succeed whichi is possible you the man/woman,hehe) or go for a instant backstab.
I am providing the fruit of your hard working tired exhausted of losing labor.
Let's review.
WIth this build you can:
Instant cast by simply pressing back analogue(direction you are not facing) immediately while sitll holding down analogue stick pressing R1 or R2(which one h as catalyst in) It takes some time and patience to get it right. Occasionally, even if you do it correctly, it will not go off. Most of the time, however, you will be successful young jedi's.
An example of how to use this method in combo with cursed estoc: Roll R1 hit target, roll back or dash backwards, lock off if you were not already, press back analogue, immed R1 and there ya go.
From there on in, you will learn the wonders' of a build like this and the devastating damage it can do.
Remember, use foe's or friends, since this build is strongest in phantom form> Body does not do nearly as much damage as a phantom with right character tendency will do casting spells.

Finally, the second Method: Escaping a push: This is going to take a ton of practive, but be patient and you will see:) Timing has to be prescise. When the pushing begins, or by baiting them into pushing, lock off, as soon as the push begins, press back analogue, holding it down still click R1 or R1 and roll out!!!! Better than having to switch your Right hand weapon which costs you your buff. This is a reason I've always felt why scraping spear should be used under these circumstances.
An eye for an eye. A pushlock from uchi takes your buff away, you have the right without being called a troll to break their weapon. I don't understand how that isn't a legit tactic.
Instead of getting hate mail, try the methods I mentioned above. It requires mroe skill and therefore, for anyone who is looking to gain rather than just stay at the same level they are, always take the tougher road into battle:)

If you do want to take it to SL 130 , recommend taking five extra points and dumping it in only one stat: whether it be endurance for extra stamina, magic for more spell damage, Intelligence(instead of four slots, now have five) or even dex(pumping it to 35 never hurts)
Difficult choice to make since all stats named have reasons to adding additional points into!


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