Large Moon shines bright using the sword of a knights
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Build summary Fun PVE, and PVP(phantom form recommended) that used LSOM and blessed Kngiht's sword in combo.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 11
Endurance 36
Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Magic 6
Faith 69-70
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Males: Old Doran's Sage Freke's, Black Leather
Females: Rogue, Binding, Dull Armor

RINGS:: Body Form: Eternal/Regen, Magic Ring of Dullness/Regen, Ring of Fire Resistance(against the influx of mags' currently in the game using fire spells)/with any of the above rings.
-While Ring of Disease Resistance is hardly used, it could come in hand if stacked with Regen or Eternal against someone using status ailments(Death Cloud, Baby's Nail….)
Phantom Form as invader or dropping red stone: Foes, Cling
As blue for co-op or dueling against another phantom:Friend's, Cling

WEAPONS: Large Sword Of Moonlight. Back up weapons: Blessed Knight's(highly recommend if you are an experienced knight's sword user:) . Other options: Blessed Mirdan Hammer, Mace, or Istarelle Spear. Even though you do not meet the Dex requirements of Istarelle, because this spear does 99.9% magical damage, it is not an issue. This is due to the fact that this spear does 99.9% magic damage. Only issue may be that if it hits a certain part of opponents shield, may be more susceptible to breaking. Another reason why having Ed's Grindstones at all times is important.
SHIELDS: For blocking, always go with Dark Silver Shield. increases Magic Defense, used for blocking, throwing on back when two handing a weapon, or for parrying.
Knight's Shield is a good choice against pure physical weapons with or without buffed with curse.
Against any BTurp, SWS or Light Spell buffed weapons, only shield you should be using is the DSS

Dark Moon Grass(Always comes in handy for PVE, and against grass munchers in PVP, or when hit by negative status(clouds, baby's nail)

Firebombs(For distracting opponent during mid duel, be used as a strategic method in setting up an attack, as well as slightly stun opponent if it connects.
Also good to sue against 5-1 plague rats, and 1-1 dredlings PVE. .
If dueling against spell casters, and have "quick hands" plus time on your side, equip daggars in place of firebombs. While these tiny things do relatively ZERO damage to your opponents HP, they come in handy for two major occasions:temporarily stuns oppoment's from grassing(great against spammers), and interupts opponents cast. casting of a spell. Could be a good time to go in for the backstab!

Old Spice: obvious reasons

Ed's Grindstones.Recommend having 25+ equipped in an item slot at all times. Comes in handy against scraping spear or acid users. Also can be helpful if you are on a winning streak, playing in the same hosts world. Your weapon can deteriorate even after one fight. Using a grindstone gets rid of any damage your weapon took.

Archstone: Great if you are in body form, because it will become darkened, giving you an inkling that you are about to become invaded. Similar to evacuation miracle, except archtones can be equipped in the item slot. If in phantom form, recommend equipping daggars,keeping firebombs in other slot. While they do basically zero damage even if your opponent has a sliver of HP left. These little things can come in handy however for two major reasons: Interupts casting of spells, and prevents(temporarily stuns opponent from grassing) good time to go in for the backstab!!

Other items you can use in the five slots: Kunais, and any other type of grass(Crescent, Half or Full Moon…)

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles: (4 slots available)
Second Chance-Do not leave the Nexus without it!

Anti-Magic Field: Good for PVE especially in world 3 against medussa head.
Not recommended for using online under any circumstances. Can cause terrible lag issues, and possibly even disconnect your internet connection. ONLY USE THIS OFFLINE!!!

God's Wrath; With 70 in faith, strong offensive miracle. Good for PVE(world 5 and 1 especially!) and PVP. Only time you should try casting God's Wrath against another player is if they are behind a wall, or are at a distance but close enough where AOE will hit opponent. Good time to use this is…against grassers:):)
Excellent Choice for both PVE and PVP. PVE wise, this miracle causes destruction in world 1-1, and 5-1. PVP against other players, this miracle should be used only under specific conditions: Post backstab, opp hiding behind wall, or grassing. Always try to judge distance between your opponent and you before trying to cast this miracle. Because God's wrath has slow casting time, if your opponent is able to reach you before it goes off, you will most likely be eating a backstab and taking damage from it!

If you prefer not to equip God's Wrath, or Anti-Magic, the following miracles only take up one slot each. Any two of these can be equipped with Second Chance; Regen, Antidote, Evacuation, or Cure(If you do not have DMG, great miracle to use in 5-3 plauge baby area. Gets rid of all status ailments(bleed, poison, and the worst of them, plague)

Spells: Recommend taking magic to 10 early in game, than de-leveling back to 6 once you acquired warding, clouds from Sage Freke. (Look at tips and gameplay for further information)

Gameplay tips and progression

Feel free to PM me. I will definitely take the time to respond to any questions you have:)


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