Pure Faith and Variants
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Build summary A higher vitality Faith build that doesn't loose any power, plus some alternative Faith builds.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 61
Will/Intelligence 11
Endurance 40
Strength 18
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith 50
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Left Hand

  • Adjuticator +5
  • Talisman of God

Right Hand

  • Any Blessed +5 weapon you want
  • Swap out Silver Catalyst once Second Chance is cast
  • I prefer using these weapons (pick 2): Claymore, Great Axe, Mirdan Hammer, and Large Sword of Moonlight +5 (for Turtles). My default is Clay and Mirdan. I will adjust my weapon choice based on what my opponent is holding (weapons, shields, Mages, etc).


  • Female: entire Binded Set
  • Male: Doran's Armor, mixed with Black Leather, based on your equipment weight
  • Silver Coronet for casting Second Chance (then swap back to your your mask or hood)


  • Cling and Friend's/Foe's (if in soul form)
  • Regenerator's/Eternal Warrior (if in body form)

Quick slots:

  • Dark Moon Grass
  • Black/Blue stone
  • Red stone
  • White stone

I don't have Old Spice here since it is not feasible to recast Second Chance, and there are no other magic/miracles to cast. I put it at the top of my launch menu (so I can rapidly access it when I need to cast Second Chance at the start).

Basically, once I am summoned, I go to my DMG slot and leave it there, for when I need it.

Alternate builds:
65/11/40/18/12/6/45/7 - some trade off of power (not a large amount) for extra vitality.
58/14/40/18/12/6/50/7 - add warding for cursed weapons defense, no silver catalyst.
61/14/40/18/12/6/47/7 - add warding for cursed weapons defense, no silver catalyst.
Also, can decrease endurance to 35, and add the 5 extra points into intelligence (for warding), vitality, or both. Just manage your endurance very well, especially with a Great Axe.

Recommended spells/miracles

Second Chance
God's Wrath

Regeneration, for when SC gets cracked. This will massively increase your regeneration, especially when stacked with regen ring, blessed weapon, and adjuticator's shield. But, it is bound to piss people off. Especially when doing pvp and being in full body form.

Gameplay tips and progression

First, read Ilkar's Faith build. He does a perfect job describing Faith builds and how to use them. I started off with that build, and tweaked it into one that works for me. Since his description was very thorough, I'm only going to discuss the differences and reasons for them.

Second, this build relies on the Thomas Dupe. It makes creating this build very quick.

  • 11 Intelligence. Save 4 points (from the standard 15 needed to cast SC) and a total of 7 points from Ilkar's build. Since the Thomas dupe is so well-known, most people are maxed out with Dark Moon Grass. Therefore, those spells weren't really worth it. I put those 7 points into Vitality. The only thing I cast is Second Chance. God's Wrath s mainly for fun, and for clearing out 4-1 for dueling (works great on the archers above you at the fog gate, and can kill the DK BS from below).
  • 18 Strength. I pretty much only use 2H with weapons. So, I put it at 18 so I can still use the Great Axe, or Great Sword.

Advantages of this build:

  • Very versatile. Great for Turtles (LSOM), Mages (high magic defense), and Warders (weapons deal magic damage). It laughs at poison, plague, and bleeding.
  • High Vitality. It can withstand most Cursed backstabs without cracking your Second Chance. But, you don't sacrifice power for vitality.
  • Read Ilkar's build for general advantages of Faith Builds.


  • Limited to 2H the Claymore. This is not a real disadvantage. The 1H Clay has the same moveset and swings slower. Also, the 1H claymore does more damage than the LSOM (since the magic damage is still maxed out).
  • To cast Second Chance, you need to equip the Silver Coronet, equip the silver Catalyst, and eat spice. Then, you need to swap those out for your regular equipment. This can be a real pain and time-consuming (until you get the swap down - then it is very fast). But, most PvPers will let you do this before attacking.
  • Can't recast SC during the fight easily (if at all). This doesn't bother me, since I don't recast. If my opponent grasses heavily, I'll use Dark Moon Grass.
  • No warding. I don't use it anyway. It takes time, makes you vulnerable, and is generally a pain in my ass.
  • Read Ilkar's build for general disadvantages of Faith Builds.

Gameplay progression:

  1. 1-1. Make your way through and get the Firebombs, Archstone shards, Ring of Great Strength, the Full Moon Grass, Old Spice, and the Hardstone shard, and rescue Ostrava. You'll die getting the Ring of Great Strength, so get the others first. Dupe the bombs, shards, stones, spice, and grass. Use the Soldier's souls you collected. That should give you enough to upgrade your Halberd to level 3. Go back, recover your souls and beat the level. Use the Firebombs to make short work of the Phalynx. I also use the Ring of Great Strength (instead of the Thief's Ring) so I can have more armor.
  2. Use your souls to upgrade your Endurance (so you can wear the entire armor and roll)
  3. Dupe the E. Eyes you get near the Monumental, get the Sticky White Stuff from 2-1 and Dupe that.
  4. 1-2. I do this next to get Large Hardstone from the mini phalynxes and the Crystal Lizard. When I get to the Lizard, I kill him, then reload (he'll respawn again). Kill Tower Knight, reload and kill the Crystal Lizard again. Hopefully, you have a Large Shard (sometimes a chunk) after this. Don't forget to rescue Ostrava to get the Dark Moon Grass.
  5. Dupe the DMG, ditch the LMG. Dupe the Large Shards and upgrade your Halberd to level 6 (9 if you have a chunk). Use the souls to upgrade Vitality.
  6. 4-1. Get the Talisman of God, trade it for a Colorless Demon's Soul, Adjudicator Shield, Regenerator's Ring, and Soul Remains. Beat the Adjudicator.
  7. Equip the Regenerator's Ring
  8. Dupe the Colorless Demon's Souls and Soul Remains.
  9. Dupe the Adjudicator soul and upgrade your build how you see fit. I personally do Vitality and Endurance first. Don't spend too much time here. You'll get the Pureblood Soul soon, and that will give you many more souls.
  10. Do all of 5. Get the a Faintstone shard from a Crystal Lizard. Beat the Meat Cleaver Black Phantom to get your chunks. Get the Mirdan Hammer and Large Sword of Moonlight.
  11. Dupe the Pureblood Soul and max out your stats.
  12. Get the pure Faintstone from Worshiper of God.
  13. 2-1. Go down to Blacksmith Ed when you start the stair elevator. Upgrade your Mirdan to Blessed +5. You don't need the Red Hot Demon's Soul to do that. Finish 2-1.
  14. 2-2 and 2-3. Get the Great Axe and take the shortcut to the Flamelurker. He should fall quickly to the Blessed Mirdan. Go right through and beat 2-3.
  15. Go back to Blacksmith Ed. Upgrade your Adj Shield to +5, LSOM to +5, and Great Axe to Blessed +5.
  16. 3-1. Don't forget the Silver Coronet and Silver Catalyst
  17. 4-2. Rescue Urbain and kill Old Hero
  18. Learn and Remember Second Chance
  19. 1-3. Get the Claymore from the Dredgling, and the Great Sword. Rescue Biorr (just for fun with the boss). Kill Ostrava to get the Mausoleum Key. Rescue Yuria if you want the Foe's Ring.
  20. Upgrade the Claymore and Great Sword to Blessed +5
  21. 1-4. Kill the three Black Phantoms. Don't forget to use the LSOM on the Tower Shield BP.
  22. 1-1. Kill Miralda and get your binded set (if you are female).
  23. 1-1. Kill Doran. I love to use the Great Sword. Just keep knocking him down as he charges you. Fun, and you shouldn't get hurt. Get the Warrior's Ring and Armor.
  24. Get to Pure White if you want the Friend's Ring (kill BPs as a Blue).
  25. If you want the Foe's, then do 3-2, free Yurt, get to Pure Black (killing the apprentices in the nexus will get you to black in a hurry, and you need to kill them anyway for the ring). Do the Mephistopheles quests.
  26. Finish the game.

Damage done, in real life. Tested with Neutral World Tendency, Pure Black Character Tendency, Foe's Ring, against Ancient King's Armor (Doran).

  1. Claymore
    1. Backstab: 1022
    2. R1, rolling R1: 325
    3. R2: 476
  2. Great Axe
    1. Backstab: 1132
    2. R1, rolling R1 555
    3. R2: 691

I love this build. I have a mirror of it too. A PWCT and a PBCT for being a blue or red. It fits well with my playing style and is quick and easy to make.

I'm not perfect, so if I've made mistakes (or forgotten something), in here, let me know and I'll correct them.


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