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Build summary A new ,sexy version of the pushed TOB build that uses blessed weapons and casting deadly spells.
Recommended starting class(es) Royal
Recommended Soul Level 126

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 30
Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Magic 40
Faith 40
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Armor: Males: Old Doran's, Black Leather, Sage Freke's
Females: Rogues, pieces of Dull Armor, Binding, Old raggedy(has high plague defense)

Rings: Body Form(only recommend for PVE or co-op play as host beating level)
Regen/ROMS, Eternal/ROMS

Red Stone duel: Make sure you have PBCT since you are in soul form being summoned. Foes/Cling
Blue: Friends/Cling

Recommended Equipment/Weapons:
-Blessed Weapons: Blessed Knight's, Mace, or Mirdan Hammer.
Fatal Estoc as a backup weapon in place of Kris Blade for backstabs only(bonus from fatal upgraded weapons is Dex free when used for backstabbing only! Bonus comes from weapon not stat!!!!
Kris Blade: Catalyst used with TOB in increasing spell damage when casted. Can also do decent backstabbing damage against a non-faith build. Pure and utter magic damage.
Pushed TOB-For casting all spells and offensive miracle(god's wrath)

Shields: Adjudicators when two handing blessed weapon. DSS+5 is great to use with straight swords. Highly recommended using with Knight's sword. Great combo that can lead into a nice ignite or up close fireball. From distance has a good running thrust move, which can lead to instant cast.

While 40 faith is not the same as having 50, blessed weapons still deal good enough damage, have great stunlocks and increases magic defense, which is a huge advantage this build has over other magic oriented ones.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Four Slots:
Recommend following combinations: Soul Ray/Fireball, Soul Ray/Ignite, Firespray/Fireball, FiresprayIgnite.

Miracles: Second Chance, God's Wrath(Can use TOB for offensive miracles. While I do not believe you deal as much damage as you would using TOG, having pushed TOB allows you to effectively cast both miracle and spells!

Gameplay tips and progression

Wanted to add some sexiness to a cookie cutter pushed TOB build. While I am not the one to come up with the original and credit whoever did, the great thing about creating builds, is taking some of the basics from others that have been used in the past, and tweak them towards your liking. If 30 endurance is plenty for someone, take advantage of using those five other points and putting it towards other stats.
Fun PVP and PVE build that centers around using both spells with ability, high enough endurance to use Fatal Estoc for backstabbing.
While some may think that in order for fatal weapnos to do damage, dex has to be high, this is not true.
While I do not recommend using the fatal weapon for just straight up hits. While some may think using fatal with a pushed TOB is absolutey ridiculous, I disagree. IMO, when using this caliber of build, and having enough endurance to take advantage of melee action, the great thing about a Fatal weapon is it's DEX FREE bacikstab 100% bonus! You can having extremely low Dex, and still do devastating damage by backstabbing an opponent. Great mix up with casting.

Some advantages of this build versus a pure magic that use high intelligence with IKAT
-While a pure mag gets the option of using more spells, I do not feel it is a disadvantage using pushed TOB, with almost equal magic damage as the IKAT, while having much more MP to play around with. It is all about how you use this build. Using fireball or Ignite with Soulray or firespray can be deadly in combinatino with a nice blessed weapon or even fatal upgraded for backstabbing.

-Provides much more physical and magic defense. Unlike pure mags, who sacrific a great deal of magic defense, do to having good faith, which cancels out poor mag def, this gives you much more flexibility to be evasive, block a blessed weapons hit, and have blessed weapons to deliver damage. Not to mention, with high endurance, allows you to wear good armor such as Old Doran's with ability to roll quickly. Ability to use instant run, charges, pivot casting, lock and lock off backstabs, rolling backstabs into a spell, are all advantages of having endurance at 35.

Finally, I strongly recommend using this build in phantom form, as blue, black, or red in PVP. PVE not a big deal. Body have more Vit, while in Soul form, stronger spells.
This build, especially when referring to those that revolve around any spell casting, dish more damage in soul form/phantom, stack with foe's, friends, and with right CT adds additional 30% more damage you deal versus a body form host. While ring of mag sharpness increases your spell damage around the same as friends or foes does, a huge downside to this is that the ROMS takes a huge chunk of magic defense away. Foes, or friends' does equal damage, even more considering you're in phantom form, while not decreasing any mag defense. While you can still do decent damage in body form using kris blade with TOB, I recommend tornado hat to add that extra bit of damage. Ofcourse, doing so , not only hurts your peripheral vision,causing timing and space issues, but decreases another huge chunk of whateve magic defense is left.
I don't recommend using Tornado hat as invader ,or blue phantom. While it will increase your magic damage, the benefits to that do not outweigh the consequences(decreasing magic damage) Since you already have powreful damage to your spells, it is't worth it. At least IMO. Maybe others will feel differently. Again, it's all about your preference. Enjoy!
Please PM me with any questions you have:)


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