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Build summary An extremely powerful magic oriented build that uses firespray in it's deadliest form.
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 24
Endurance 22
Strength 9
Dexterity 12
Magic 65
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Males: Very light armor-Black Leather, Shamans, Wizards
Females: Rogues, Black Leather

Rings: Body form-Ring of Magic Sharpness, Eternal Warriors
Phantom form; Invader or red stone duel: Foe's, Cling
Blue Phantom-Friend's, Cling

For PVE While using the thiefs ring in both body and soul form is a wise choice, especially for those just starting out on their journey of DS:), I recommend equipping your other free ring slot with;
Soul form: Cling

Body:Ring of Magic Sharpness

Weapons and Setup:
Regardless if in body or Soul/Phantom, highly recommend setting up your four equipment slots with the following:

2 Right Hand Slots: Crescent Estoc +5, Kris Blade +5

2 Left Hand Slots; Always remember, whether it's when you start a level, just invade anothers world or summoned as blue, always have TOB, or TOG equipped for casting Second Chance. Once casted, unequip for Insanity to catalyst.
Crescent Estoc and firespray make a great couple at 65 magic. With 24 Int, a relativelely low number for a build that relys on spell casting using IKAT, the one exception you can get away with is casting firespray. Each cast takes very little off your MP bar, allowing you to cast multiple times with the Ikat before having to respice.

Second Left Hand Slot: Shield: Dark Buckler+5,(when fighting other PVPers using blessed, moon upgraded weapons or spells.
Against physical weapons, cursed buff, Buckler +10.
The great thing about buckler shield it requires low strength, hence you do not need to raise stats in this deparment. Can also parry with this light weight shield.

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles; Regen(recommend using before acquiring Second Chance)

Spells: Firespray, Firespray, Firespray
Because Firespray takes up only one slot, recommend poison cloud for the other one.
Other slot, I recommend using Poison cloud. Even with the DMG duping these days, Clouds while causing slight lag at times, can still be useful. An example is against grass spammers. Post cloud, using firespray, or a backstab with crescent estoc is a great way to finish off opp.

This goes for all you kids out there; Surgeon Humps Warning: Don't DO GRASS. It isn't good for your health

Gameplay tips and progression

Any questions, always feel free to PM me. I will take the time in getting back to you!


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