Pureblood Knight
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Build summary A faith/bbs hybrid that uses poison and plague
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 14 (15 if you do not want to use the silver coronet)
Endurance 30 (i bump this up to 35 at expense of luck)
Strength 18 (15 if only using 2 hands, add 3 to end or faith pr even better, luck)
Dexterity 18
Magic 18
Faith 40
Luck 27 (22 if you want 35 endurance at SL 125, 21 if you want 15 int)
Recommended equipment


Right Hand 1

  • Blue Blood Sword

This should be your main weapon unless you are going for a death cloud 3 hit kill combo.
Does amazing damage with light weapon over death cloud

  • Blessed Greatsword +5

fun to use, has a built in 3 hit kill combo with death cloud.

  • Blessed Mirdan Hammer +5

Harder to win with most of the time but that stunlock is nice

Right Hand 2

  • Blessed Greataxe +5

This moveset is generally more useful when not running main-hand BGS+5 and also not using death cloud. This moveset alone surprised me to find out not only did it do the same damage as the GS but was also infinitly more useful, I run this with main hand BBS any day.

  • Sticky Compound Longbow +5 (keep this handy for PvE, bring lots of arrows)

Left Hand 1

  • Talisman of Beasts, this allows you to use all of your spell/miracle library without bumbling around.
  • Talisman of God (if you want the max damage output for gods wrath and want to forgo enchant/poison cloud)

Left Hand 2

  • Adjudicators shield +5 (to look pretty and be a medic lodged in your back)
  • Dark Silver shield +5 (keep this handy to block those pesky spells)

Other Weapons

  • Supplement whatever is comfortable when you want to.



  • Silver Coronet, for the use of second chance without 15 int, also looks cool


  • Venerable Sages Hood
  • Ancient Kings Mask
  • Official's Cap
  • Assassin's Mask


  • Ancient Kings Mail


  • Mirdan Scale Mail (looks cool and has good defences)
  • Brushwood Armor (It is usable while still maintaining the ability to roll with this setup)
  • Gloom Mail (When you want the resistances I guess, its outdone by the above 3 but looks cool)
  • Dark Silver Mail (looks legit and makes for some good magic defenses)


  • Fluted Greaves (they look better than the Ancient King Greaves and provide better defence at a slight stamina penalty)


  • Gloom Greaves (look great but not as good as some options out there)
  • Plate Greaves (less defence for more carrying capacity)
  • Ancient King Greaves (for no stamina penalties)
  • Venerable Sages Pants (no stamina penalty, looks sweet, light wieght, good magic defense. Me gusta)


  • Ancient Kings Gauntlets (I use this in my latest setup due to it having more defence at a lower wieght than other gauntlets while outperforming black leather)


  • Black Leather gloves
  • Gloom Gauntlets
  • Mirdan Scale Gauntlets
  • Venerable Sages Gloves
  • Leather Gloves


Soul Form

  • Cling Ring (standard, because health is important ya'know)
  • Ring of Great Strength (for rolling in the heavier gear)

Body Form

Any of these will work

  • Regenerators Ring
  • Eternal Warriors Ring
  • Ring of Great Strength (almost a must)



  • Dark Moon Grass, this is almost a must and is indispensable when you are hit with a status effect due to it being a million Times More Convenient than lotuses
  • New Moon Grass, not as convenient as dark moon but it gets the job done and done good.
  • Full Moon Grass, this is the lowest grass I usually go into battle with, it restores about half my health so it would be used to keep you up at 100% for as long as possible.


  • Old Spice vs. Fresh Spice, Old spice alone can bring you from 0 to 100 for another second chance cast while fresh spice is less expensive and requires two. When I'm not pvping or not expecting an invasion I usually use Fresh Spice, while when I'm weary I use Old Spice.


  • Kunai Knives, an odd choice but its a great heckling device to both punish Grassers and to inflict poison.
Recommended spells/miracles

Spells and Miracles

Recommended Spells

  • Death Cloud, realizing that this build would be a bit lackluster in some departments I though I might as well add DoT that messes with stamina regeneration, and turns out, it works beautifully. Use this if running mirdan hammer or greatsword.
  • Light Weapon, when you want to maximize BBS damage. I suggest running this over death cloud as you can poison with kunais anyways. Use this if running great axe.

(A thanks to Riem0027 for this, it really helped bring this build to the next level!)

Recommended Miracles

  • Second Chance, this keeps you alive for a decent amount of time. Don't EVER forget this!
  • Gods Wrath, a nice little spell that when used properly deals 800+ damage.
Gameplay tips and progression

Make sure you start as a temple knight or any class that suits you but can actually meet this goal.

Work through 5-1 and bring any fire weapon, whether it be firebombs, dragon longsword +2 from 2-2, whatever. Kill Leechmonger, get mirdan hammer. Go through 5-2 and kill dirty collosus, start farming faintstone. Get the hammer to +5 after getting 20 faith so you can get the pure faithstone.
Then kille garl vinland, take maiden astreas souls, make blue blood sword. Take the game as normal just make sure to pick up the spells and items listed.

In pvp, this build is mobile, bulky with good defences, has some hard hitting weaponry that is fast, can induce stacked poison and plague, has health regen (or stamina regen), and has second chance. So if your invaded make sure to get to a place thats advantageous to you and plague then poison them or poison then plague, if you dont get death cloud, poison them with kunais then enchant/curse weapon and punish with your BBs. If they carry no restoratives then get second chance up, if you havnt already and start punishing him and attacking him with no mercy with mirdan hammer or bbs, it doesnt matter which, any blessed weapon works for this but mirdan hammer is just too good to pass up for me.

When invading, same strategy but with some phantoms around you really need to be careful and try your best to just out smart and out power and out meveuver them. You have the tools.

1-1 pvp, dont fight here unless you get to the dragon flame brige or the red eyed knight bridge, any tower is nice too for strategy. But otherwise if your hosting thier is no reason to be here. But if you must and you fear getting backstabbed on the way to those locations, simply wait for them to come near, plague, poison, tank.

1-2, also a dumb idea, but once again if you must, i would suggest trying to get them killed in the fire breath of the dragon or better yet have that knock them down then cast gods wrath.

1-3, you can get a lot of battles here, i would suggest ambushing them right before the penetrator boss room if they havnt already killed everything, if they did, then just plague, poison, tank. This whole area is on your side mostly just because you can lead them around in circles and get them killed by enviroment hazards and enemies. The 5 red eyed knights are a pain in the ass to deal with.

1-4, also kind of fun, points if you kill them with the blue dragon, same as the 1-1 kind of deal except the enemies are a threat to them. So definitly use them to your advantage, if they havnt killed the 3 bp's yet then take them in as your party members and go crazy. Backstabs do rediculous damage.

2-1, you have an aura about you so the darkness does not help. But the narrow corridors and high falls do. Also the lifts. You can just wait while they futilely try and kill you on them. Bonus points if they die from fall damage.

2-2, kind of dumb, but for teh lulz get them blown up form a cart, otherwise lead them to the huge pit on the right side leading to the boss for mazimum lulz and strategy. Lead them down, push them off. If you cant, then plague, poison, tank. You can move fast. If you can't though make sure you can keep yourself away from being backed into the many corners this stage has. Enemies are your friend once again.

2-3, its a corridor, you have the advantage, they cant dodge death cloud too well and mirdan hammer is like a spear but better. But multiple party members whilest invading and you will die.

3-1, this place is nice because it is so narrow, and treacherous, plus death cloud cant be seen usually. Its like 2-1 but more in your favor. Also, get the cthulu faces to eat thier faces for fun.

3-2, better to a degree, because now you can push them off an instant death pit everywhere. Btw, get the high ground on stairs. Push them off the elevators. If not, then plague poison and tank

3-3, your the boss. Its an even battle on an even playing field. So use your status advantages and the yellow balls of doom to it too. You can wreak havoc this way because and just because you can outwit, outmeneuver, and out damage your opponent with your high defenses, maneuverability, and damage output.

4-1, same as 3-3. but for the lulz lead them to the skeletons or the black skeleton. Even the storm beasts are your friends here. While hosting though, ya, stay in the first area unless you cleared out that place like a baws. A good idea is to stay away from the ledges yourself unless your opponent is between you and it.

4-2, lead them into a reaper ambush and plague them to interrupt any attacks as a fun strategy, if hosting, kill the reaper in the first room and stay there. A really fun idea is to wait for an invader behind the corner near blidge then as they walk in the reaper room looking for you, cast gods wrath and they get hit fro 700-900 damage. Then finish them off. Its hilarious.

4-3, not gonna happen. Way too small. but an Ideal gods wrath + finisher place as they invade.

5-1, this is your area, i mean this build has a special nickname to me, "Astreas new boyfriend"
Poison them, plague them push them off bridges use your reach tank thier spells and lead them into demise. This is your domain. If hosting though. It only gets a bit tougher. But if invading then your basically killing them in your own home.

5-2, in body form and soul form you can tank poison and keep your health at even. If you invade, you dont even need to worry, use all your advantages and laugh at how hard they try.

5-3, push them down the hole? Is that the only thing you can do. Im not sure you can even fight here.

So the general strategy is to screw them up with status then just go crazy with your weapons. Fall back and heal, lead them into traps, use your knowledge to your advantage. Because your not going to go down easily at all. They need a tank and one that shoots firestorm at that.

PvE is easy, second chance, kill heal repeat.
Phalanx, laugh at him
Tower Knight, laugh at how slow he moves
Penetrator, PANIC!!!!!! Oh wait, Biorr is here. Thank the old one. But if you choose not to use biorr, then prepare for a hard as hell battle.
King Allant, take him like a PvP battle and you should be fine.
Armored Spider, d.silver shield, 1 hand a weapon, go to town
Flamelurker, I suggest cheating and bring along soul ray or HSA
Dragon God, more or less easy but take a bow so you can always stay safe
Adjudicator, laugh at his fatness
Old Hero, thieves ring, soul form. Take light armor and dont get hit. TR and soul form make him slightly retarded.
Storm king, storm ruler, nuff said.
False Idol, ouch. This bitch hurts, bad. Take out the "not helping" dregling then go crazy with melee.
Maneater. Even more ouch. I find that mirdan hammer does decent damage, just run away when you need to.
Old Monk, pvp fight, treat it as one.
Leechmonger, laugh again
Dirty Colossus, laugh again
Garl Vinland, Wait till he drops his guard, hit, retreat, or om nom his defences with the BBs then retreat.
Blob of Goo, laugh at him.

when thier knocked down use r2 with the mirdan hammer to screw up thier dodge
gods wrath followed by a melee combo is a death sentance to most charecters
gods wrath DOES go through walls
Plague and poison stacked does about 30-50 damage per tick and with your damage output they wont be happy, keep the heat on them.
And enemies are your friend, invading, makes sure to always have an enemy by your side.
As a host the best idea is to get a few friends and makes sure the invader never tries again. Even so you have the advantages as a host. You have hp regen, some bulk, mobility, a lot of utility. They will have a shitty time.

Notes, in a recent fight that I won using this build I tanked running firestorm in 4-2. It was hilarious.
This set can tank spells easier than most people think, my friend, a veteran player named ianGthegreat stares at this charecter in disbelief as this is my first build ever. I just made it out of the blue.
This whole build itself is a bit wishy washy. You need to be 90% perfect with things to do very well. only making mistakes about 15-20% of the time is not ideal, not too safe, but you can still win. This set punishes mistakes like a baws.
Playing as a blue phantom with this set is also fun. Just because you can basically screw around while the host does most of the work and you can just be an asshole to any enemy you see.
Gods Wrath can instant kill people with this set if thier magic defense is sub-par, if it is par then they will usually be 1 hit away from death. Time this spell right and you can bring the hammer down on a match in seconds.
I, with this set, have trouble against stealth builds just because with this build you are easy as hell to spot. With near constant auras and effects. But since they are squishy if you do catch them expect victory.
Backstab glitchers are NOT your friends. Even though it took one wielding 2 uchis about 5 backstabs to kill me.
Stunlock is survivable, especially if you go circlet, brushwood, black glove, plate leggings which I use. Which also allows for rolling and dark silver shield use, because at this point your bulk can let you have some leeway with your mistakes.

Thanks to "TheSpaceships" for the name


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