morg's dbs god knight
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Build summary title tells all
Recommended starting class(es) temple knight
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 30
Strength 41
Dexterity 12
Magic 10
Faith 41
Luck 7
Recommended equipment


Black leather



Herculean strength and sincere prayer


Cling and sincere

R1 Dragon Bone Smasher (Dbs) 5

R2 Blessed or crushing knight sword 5

L1 Dark silver shield 5 or cracked Talisman of beast (for curse weapon)

L2 Talisman of god ( for gods wrath )


  • any grass
  • any grass
  • Fresh spice
  • Old spice
Recommended spells/miracles


Curse weapon


Second chance and gods wrath

Gameplay tips and progression

Stat explanation

40 Vit gives you a good amount of Hp

18 Int gives you the ability to use Curse weapon

30 End allows you to get a few hits of with the Dbs

41 Str gives you decent damage with the Dbs

12 Dex is base

10 Mag so you can get spells and use cracked ToB for curse weapon

41 Faith gives decent damage with both the blessed knight sword and gods wrath

7 Luck base

Weapon and item locations

The black leather armor is located in the tower of Latria ( 3-1 ) inside a iron maiden

You can get the herculean ring by giving Thomas the jade hair ornament which is obtained by breaking the chains on you way to the cling ring

The cling ring is found past the first blue eyed knight down the stairs in boletarian palace ( 1-1 )

The ring of sincere prayer is obtained by touching the archstone after you kill maiden Astrea in the dirty colossus archstone ( 5-3 )

The Dbs is found in the dragon god's boss area but you can only obtain it if the world tendency is pure white so you might have to kill the dragon god first and leave then come back

You can get the knight sword by either buying it in ( 1-3 ) from the dregling merchent for 20,000 souls or you can find it in ( 1-4 ) by where the blue dragon is after you get him to move and you are where he was to your right theres acending stairs going to where he moved to but to your left theres decending stairs go down them and pick it up it is also dropped by the red eye knights in ( 1-4 )

You get the ToB by killing the black phantom Scirver located in 2-2 going the shortcut way to the flamelurker if you have pure black world tendency get it after you have the Dbs


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