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Build summary My version of a str build that is made to not use/need curse weapon.
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level 126

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 45
Strength 45
Dexterity **
Magic 16
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Armor: You can basically use any armor set. It'll come down to if you want to use great ring or strength. At 45 end your item burden will be 74.0 with out ring of great strength. With ring of great strength adding an extra 37.0 to you you'll have 111.0 pounds to play in that full brush wood set you like and such, while using heavy weapons.

Male: Black Leather Armor Set, Old King, and Shaman's Armor sets.

I personally use the Shaman's Armor set due to decent defense with the assassins mask for only 3.8 pounds total. You can use Silver Cornet if you want less defense more mp.

Female: Binded Set (Only Armor set I use for all my female characters.)

Like a stated above use what ever you want but I like Binded because of excellent protection and only 15.1 which is manageable.

Weapons: You can use any weapon that can become a crushing weapon, or a weapon like Dragon Bone Smasher/Meat Cleaver because you can enchant it. The reason I use crushing is because you can still enchant them to get around warding and even after your enchantment runs out there is no real need to recast. Most people at the point your enchantment runs out will start rushing you and in this build you'll make them pay for it.

Right Hand Slot:

Large Hammer: Meat Cleaver, Bramd( I have not used this weapon but have seen people use it to some success online so its on here.)

Axes: Crushing Guillotine Axe + 5, Crushing Battle Axe + 5, Crushing Great Axe + 5, Crushing Crescent Axe +5.

Hammer: Crushing Morning Star + 5, Crushing Mace +5.

Pole: Crushing Mirdan Hammer + 5, Crushing Halberd + 5.

Straight Sword: Crushing Long Sword + 5, Crushing Knight Sword + 5, Crushing Short Sword + 5.

Large Sword: Crushing Bastard Sword + 5, Crushing Claymore + 5.

Extra Large Sword: Dragon Bone Smasher + 5, Crushing Great Sword + 5.

Now you probably will not make all of these weapons, but you see the options you have and because of it you will not get bored as easily as if you were restricted to 1 weapon. Out of these I use a Crushing Great Axe + 5, Crushing Mirdan Hammer + 5, Crushing Claymore + 5, and Dragon Bone Smasher + 5.

Left Hand Slot:

Talisman/ Catalyst: God's Talisman, Insanity Catalyst, Silver Catalyst.

Large Sword: Morion Blade.

Shield: Dark Silver Shield + 5.

This hand is pretty straight forward, God's Talisman for Second Chance then you can remove it and put Morion Blade or Dark Silver Shield + 5 in its place. The Insanity Catalyst I use to cast Light Weapon, but you can use silver catalyst if more mp over power is your thing.


Soul: Friend's Ring, Foe's Ring, and Cling Ring.

Body: Clever Rat's Ring, Dull Rat's Ring, Eternal Warrior's Ring, Ring of Great Strength, and Ring of Herculean Strength( collecting).

I tend to just stick with Friend's Ring/ Foe's Ring and Cling ring in soul, and in body I use clever rat's ring and either dull rat's ring or eternal warrior's ring.


New Moon Grass, Dark Moon Grass, Old Spice, Fresh Spice.

Weapon Buff's: Sticky White Stuff, and Black Turpentine.

Other Item: Ed's Grindstone

On my short cut list I have Dark moon grass, fresh spice and old spice for pvp.

In between battles I use Ed's Grind stone to repair my weapons.

For pve sticky white stuff and black turpentine will power through most bosses and enemies easy.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Warding, Death Cloud, Poison Cloud, Enchant Weapon, Light Weapon. Light Weapon is what I mainly use but you can use what ever you prefer.

Miracles: Second Chance, and Evacuate for farming/getting items. Second Chance I on you 99% of the time as you only have 2 miracle slots, but some times after I beat a level evacuate helps me get in and get out if I missed something.

Gameplay tips and progression

Opening: My making behind this build is I get bored with having a limited supply of weapons to use, and also all I ever face is curse weapon builds. This build makes use of light weapon however I've used just enchant weapon to win as well if you want that slot open for something else.


You can go any where you want, but this is how I do it. (Female will do all the same as male only after 1 -1 we are going to get the ring of great strength and kill Executioner Miralda for her armor, I'll post a guide how to do that too.)


Get through 1- 1 getting the cling ring and making your choice now to kill Ostrava, of Boletaria or wait till later to get the Mausoleum Key then just finish the level. After 1 - 1 I go right to 5 - 1 and clear out that level getting the god's talisman. Next go to 5-2 getting mirdan's hammer, and shaman's armor set. By this point I have enchant weapon which I put on in place of soul arrow to use on mirdan's hammer. Now that thats done I knock out 5 -3 for the dark silver shield. Next I power through 4 -1 and 4 - 2 to get old hero's soul, Patches, the Hyena for grasses, and Saint Urbain for second chance. Then finish off 4 -3 for storm king's soul to make the Morion Blade later on. Now I go to 2 -1 to really just open the door to Edd and kill armored spider. 2-2 I make two trips, first I take the falling short cut by where Scirvir, the Wanderer is located ( be-careful not to die in body form here as we need pure white) and kill flame lurker. I give his soul to edd and try to upgrade my weapons as far as possible. After this point I drop most gear off with stock pile Tomas and replay 2 -2 getting all the ore here and thegreat axe. After word I kill Dragon God in 2-3 and then come back to 2-3 to get the Dragon bone smasher. We have to back track to were Scirvir is in 2 -2 and show him the Dragon bone smasher for the pure gray stone. At this point you can either farm gray stone or head on over to 3 -1. (For this guides purpose were going to 3-1) Go through 3 -1 getting old spices, picking up the clever rat's ring, black leather armor set, and freeing Sage Freke. You can also pick up that second silver catalyst if you going make the insanity catalyst but want to keep the one you have. It also saves you a trip to 1-2 to get the wooden one. Start and finish 3-2, and then decide whether you want to do 3-3 online or offline. After 3-3 you can go make some more weapon upgrades, or get poison cloud from Freke and go kill king (If you have key)( Not a necessity as I waited a bit and killed him with a lighted dragon bone smasher + 5 but it'll make it a ton easier.) If you go to kill king also make sure to get the ring of great strength by the dragon area if still pure white, and kill Miralda while your at it. This will give you old kings armor, eternal warrior's ring, and get you a colorless demon soul.( Key items for me, tho I rarely use kings armor) After word do 1-2 getting the claymore from the merchant for 6000 souls. Now after dropping some stuff off, do 1-3 getting Penetrator's soul and getting light weapon from sage freke. Now just get pure white character tendency and pure black character tendency for friends ring and foes ring. At this point if you use only the weapons, armors, rings, spells, and miracles I use your done. Just farm gray stones and get color less souls and levels to max out your weapons and get ready for pvp.

Female: You will do the same as a Male character with only 1 major difference right after 1-1 you are getting the ring of great strength and killing Executioner Miralda right after.) Now you may be thinking that Miralda would be too hard to face low leveled but its not true. I killed her level 1 so any level can face her. The trick is to lead her out of her little hole and back to the arch stone, attack her with soul arrow as after she starts chasing you, when you get to the arch stone run in circles around the arch stone and she will eventually back away from it, the goal is to get her constantly walking back against the wooden barricade as then you can just pelt her with out fear of her attacking back. After that just follow the male guide.

Tips: You have a huge weapon selection compared to most builds, use it! Do not pick a weapon just because its powerful, pick a weapon that you know its move set and you enjoy using it!


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