Dragon Knight
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Build summary Tough, menoverable, strong spellsword build with a focus on fire
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 40+

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20+
Will/Intelligence 15+
Endurance 15+
Strength 25+
Dexterity **
Magic 15+
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Fluted armor set or Gloom if you get it from Yurt.

Dragon Long Sword +5 (you can get it from 4-2)

Adjudicator's Shield or Tower Shield

Recommended spells/miracles

Flame Toss, Firestorm, Fire Spray, Fireball, Ignite.

Gameplay tips and progression

Keep your enemies at range with your fire spells and poke them with your sword if they get close. Your armor and shield will keep you protected but at the same time keep you menoverable (like a flying dragon).

Be warned, though, while this build may be great for taking on bosses who are weak to fire like in the Valley of Defilement or enemies who are weak to magic like in the Shrine of Storms, bosses in Stonefang Tunnel will be resistant to it.


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